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Outdoor Heating

At Trade Tested, we proudly offer all customers affordable heating solutions. Shop online or visit us at our Auckland location to explore our popular range of large and small heaters, heat pumps, air conditioners, fans and more. You’ll find high-quality heating & cooling products from top brands to help create an indoor oasis and the perfect outdoor climate no matter what the weather is doing.

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Enhance the Comfort of your Home and Backyard All Year Round

We have everything you need to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter with our heating & cooling products. If you’re staying inside this winter, our range of heating options and firewood storage equipment ensures the house stays warm and toasty for the whole family to enjoy. Choose from energy-efficient panel heaters or sleek radiant heaters with heat settings designed to bring the temperature of any space in your home to perfection. For the in-between months, fire pits, patio heaters and compact infrared radiant heaters are ideal options to keep comfort under control matter how cool the temperature gets.

Indoor Heating

An efficient Trade Tested heating system will quickly create a warm and cosy environment in NZ homes. Install our robust indoor heating equipment in any of your rooms, and quickly turn it on to stay warm regardless of the number of windows and walls. And we don’t just take care of the rooms in your house - beat the cold and keep the air quality high with any of our workshop heating solutions.

Convection Heaters vs Heat Pumps

A heat pump or central heating system uses a heat exchanger and sometimes an air handler. This requires more energy and greater financial expense when installed compared to convection heaters. Plus, the heat pump unit loses efficiency as temperatures drop. Convection heat systems gently warm the air near the heater. The heated air then circulates the room due to natural convection airflow. Convection heater installation is easier than for a heat pump and is one of the most energy-efficient forms of keeping your home warm. Choosing an appropriate heater appliance type and size to install in your house, as well as setting the right temperature, makes a big difference to your comfort and energy consumption.

Outdoor Heaters

Explore our outdoor range that perfectly balances style and functionality. On those cool nights, you’ll still maintain comfort even when the temperature continues to drop. Whether you enjoy chilling on our comfy outdoor furniture or you prefer barbecuing up a storm with any of our BBQ solutions, our high-performance outdoor heating systems are a great option.

Air Conditioning

Stay cool and beat the heat during the summer months with Trade Tested’s air conditioning and cooling solutions, including ice makers and chest freezers. Our industrial portable air conditioner range features adjustable fan speeds - no installation required. Dehumidifying systems are effective in removing excess moisture from the air, helping maintain a fresh, dry and healthy environment. Our dehumidifiers feature a moisture removal capacity of 50L or 90L per day.

Shop Heating and Cooling Appliances NZ-Wide Today

Create a comfortable work or home environment that suits the season with Trade Tested’s heating & cooling products by big-name brands. Shop online or visit our Auckland location for the best solution to suit your comfort needs, space and budget. Find a lower price elsewhere and ask us to beat it! Contact our friendly New Zealand team by phone or online email enquiry for help with any heating and cooling system.