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Professional WiFi Colour Weather Centre

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Be your own weatherman with one of these awesome wireless professional weather centres.

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Product overview

Product overview

Be your own weatherman with one of these awesome wireless professional weather centres.

Thanks to built-in WiFi, all data is automatically uploaded to your choice of 3 weather station networks (, or, so you can use nearby weather stations as well as your own to build a comprehensive picture of any weather coming your way.

With a U-Bolt and mounting clamps included, you pick where to install your weather centre receiver. (see manual below)

The outdoor sensor suite data is instantly synched with the base station to show you up-to-the-minute weather conditions. You can also view reports on weather patterns and changes, including rainfall statistics from the past 24 hours and time-stamped minimum and maximum recorded values of other weather parameters. It even features an integrated solar panel to keep the batteries topped up.

The indoor sensor monitors temperature, humidity and barometric pressure, with changes in barometric pressure used to calculate predictions of future weather conditions.

The weather forecast icons displayed on your base station help you plan in advance around anticipated weather events – whether that be scheduling farm work or gardening, planning outdoor recreation or organising a function. You can also set up to 8 weather alarms to alert you of specific weather events, such as a storm approaching, so that you don’t get caught out.

The backlit LED base station presents all the data in a clear concise format, giving you all the following information and more at your fingertips:

• Rainfall
• Outdoor temperature
• Wind direction, speed and chill
• Outdoor humidity
• Dew point
• Light index
• Heat index
• Barometric pressure

Order yours today and plan your afternoon, day, week or month worth of work and play with confidence and accuracy.

• Integrated indoor and outdoor sensor suites
• Solar recharging on the outdoor sensor array
• WiFi connection – upload to, or
• iOS and Android app available
• LCD colour display base station
• 5V DC adaptor
• 1 Year Trade Tested Warranty

Outdoor temperature range: -25.0°C to 60.0°C
Indoor temperature range: -10.0°C to 60.0°C
Humidity range: 10% to 99%
Transmission range: up to 100m
Transmission frequency: 433/868/915MHz
Outdoor data accuracy: +/-10%
Indoor data accuracy: +/-3hPa under 700-1100hPa
U-bolt mount width: 50mm
Weight: 3.8kg
Base station dimensions: 170 x 120 x 32mm
Packed dimensions: 410 x 170 x 370mm

Base station: 5V DC or 3 x AA batteries (not included)
Sensor array: Solar charging panel, 3 x AA rechargeable batteries (not included)

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Customer questions

Questions and answers

3 votes
q: I see that this unit is identical to the Ambient Weather WS-2902C WiFi Smart Weather Station. However the Ambient app supports IFTTT, Google Home and Alexa. When will you be adding support for these services to the WS View App? With out this I cannot automate my irrigation system based on the weather data.
a: No there are no current plans to add this to the app.
By Trade Tested on October 20, 2020
2 votes
q: What is the maximum distance the base can be from the outdoor unit?
a: Up to 100m with a clear line of sight.
By Trade Tested on July 9, 2020
2 votes
q: Where is this unit made?
a: This is made in China.
By Trade Tested on November 27, 2019
3 votes
q: Hi, Are there instructions on how to install the outside sensor suite; ie is it supplied with a pole, how high should it be, can it be mounted against a building (perhaps on an extender arm), etc, etc.
a: It's not supplied with a pole, it does come with u-bolts for easy mounting to poles or brackets. There are good instructions, however it doesn't go into specific mounting instructions, as this is dependent on where you are installing it. Generally temperature sensors should be 1.2 to 2.0 metres above the surface, and 9 metres for wind. There is lots of good information available on the web, which should help you figure out a good mounting method for your location.
By Trade Tested on January 13, 2019
3 votes
q: Hi Can you please advise the name of the app so I can download and look at it?
a: The app is called 'WS Tool', search this on Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
By Trade Tested on November 26, 2018
2 votes
q: Can you access the current wheather remotely on your phone?
a: Yes as it is uploading to (for example) in real time, so this data is shown in the app or on your wunderground (or, or account.
By Trade Tested on September 8, 2019
2 votes
q: Can the base unit be powered exclusively using batteries only, I.e. without using the power adapter at all?
a: Yes it will run, however to use the wifi feature to upload data it must be connected using the power adapter due to the power needs.
By Trade Tested on July 7, 2019
1 vote
q: what size is the lcd and do you have to pay for the connection to wunderground etc?
a: It's 170 x 120mm, no there is no sign up fee.
By Trade Tested on June 8, 2020
2 votes
q: Do you have to use App , want to know if can input/ store data direct to home desk top computer?
a: You need to use the app to connect the station to Wifi, once it is connected the data is uploaded to your choice of, or (you will need to set up an account on one of these). This means your weather data can be viewed on any device with a web browser once you have set it up. Give our sales team a call on 0800 800 880 or [email protected] and they'll be happy to send you the manual to you for a closer look.
By Trade Tested on January 10, 2019
2 votes
q: Hi, Do you have to empty the rain gauge? What is the maximum wind strength? Is there a display or is it only on your phone or tablet?
a: No you don't, however we recommend cleaning it out every 3 months. The max wind speed is 50m/s, the display screen shown in the pictures above is included.
By Trade Tested on January 8, 2019
1 vote
q: Hello, would this unit be suitable to be mounted on top of a vehicle? Does it only have to be connected to wifi to upload to the website? The remote will work full time without wifi? Cheers
a: Good question! It's definitely outside what it is designed for, plus the there is no real internal storage beyond that used for processing, so yes it needs to be online for accurate data tracking, beyond info being shown in real time, wind speed, temp, barometric etc etc which shows on the remote. Feel free to give our sales team a call for a copy of the manual which may help you make up your mind.
By Trade Tested on November 11, 2019
0 votes
q: Hi there, how long does the weather data get stored? Can you go back from the begging of when you first started collecting?
a: This unit does not store the data internally, so your accessible data is only what is uploaded to the site you have synced to - Weather Underground etc.
By Trade Tested on August 10, 2020
1 vote
q: So can you set an alarm for when the temperature reaches 0.5 degees (eg) so I can turn on sprinkers for frost fighting?
a: Yes you can do this.
By Trade Tested on September 16, 2019
1 vote
q: Does the wind gauge show strengh of gust or the average wind speed over time?
a: It shows both! Give our sales team a call if you would like to have a look at all the functions in the manual before purchasing.
By Trade Tested on July 1, 2019
-2 votes
q: Can you please tell me what brand this is? Thanks
a: This is our own.
By Trade Tested on June 8, 2020
-2 votes
q: What brand and model is this unit? Or is it a generic no name unit?
a: This is our own model.
By Trade Tested on June 9, 2020
0 votes
q: I live in Gisborne, New Zealand. Where is the best direction to face my weather center?
a: It just needs to be exposed to the weather really, so find a clear spot where it's unobstructed.
By Trade Tested on June 8, 2020
1 vote
q: Can this weather station be erected in a location without onsite wifi and still be capable of uploading to one of the storage sites?
a: No it needs to be connected to the internet,
By Trade Tested on May 2, 2019
1 vote
q: How do you clean the rain gauge?
a: Nothing complicated, just give a it a scrub with some soapy water.
By Trade Tested on May 2, 2019
0 votes
q: Hi there, is it possible to install a webcam to this unit somehow to show live images?
a: No it doesn't have this option.
By Trade Tested on March 30, 2020
-2 votes
q: Is the base station hard wired to the outside unit, or does it also utilise the wifi?
a: No it's not, you're correct it's wireless.
By Trade Tested on March 19, 2020
0 votes
q: Hi. Do I need to download any software in order to connect with WOW?
a: Yes you'll need to download the app to connect it to WiFi - you can view the manual using the link at the end of the description.
By Trade Tested on February 18, 2020
0 votes
q: Does the unit also work in 24 hour clock and celsius degrees?
a: Yes it does.
By Trade Tested on January 15, 2020
0 votes
q: Is the rain sensor a "see saw" Twin Bucket type. Are the sensor rechargeable batteries to be 1.2v Nmh or 1.5v Alkaline
a: No its a single collector. The sensor requires any 3 x AA rechargeable batteries, alkaline is a good choice for the sensor as they have a wider temperature range.
By Trade Tested on December 17, 2019
-1 votes
q: You show 3 RF frequencies. Can I manually select 1 of the 3 to avoid interference, or does transmit on all 3 at once.
a: It switches automatically.
By Trade Tested on December 16, 2019
0 votes
q: Can you pull the data from the system to use in analysis with other home metrics? Eg. Correlation with the data from our ducted heat pump and electricity bills?
a: Possibly, you can investigate on, or (whichever one you wish to use) to find out more about whats possible. This is where your data is logged, the unit has no internal storage beyond that needed for processing.
By Trade Tested on November 15, 2019
0 votes
q: If you don't connect to the internet at all. Will the unit connect to the base unit and show current real time data? In other words is it stand alone?
a: Yes it will show real time.
By Trade Tested on September 23, 2019
0 votes
q: If the unit isn't always connected to the internet, will it connect automatically when mobile wifi is in range, like once a day to download the last 24 hours data?
a: This unit has very minimal internal storage, so no it needs to be connected permanently for all data to be uploaded.
By Trade Tested on September 18, 2019
0 votes
q: Hi, is this unit spider proof as my last station failed due to an infestation of spiders?
a: Yes, as far as we know!
By Trade Tested on June 18, 2019
0 votes
q: How many days data will it store before it needs to be connected to wifi to upload or does it have to connected to wifi all the time?
a: This only has minimal internal storage of basic parameters for 24 hours, it's really optimised for use with online weather networks and apps.
By Trade Tested on May 9, 2019
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.8 out of 5 stars from 112 reviews
Rod Manawatu

Weather Station

20 days ago


Excellent product which was easy to set up, haven't connected to website yet.

Mick Bay of Plenty

Weather gauge

about 1 month ago


Great product, rain gauge very handy and superior to previous weather instruments which failed (well known brand) because of Bluetooth connectivity from roof unit!

Rob Auckland

Professional WIFI Colour Weather Centre

about 1 month ago


The unit was easy to install and operates well. My only criticism is that the wind speed and direction indicator is fairly small.

Clive Northland

Professional WiFi Colour weather centre

about 1 month ago


Does what it says it will do. Very easy to install and set up. Very pleased.

Browny NZ


about 1 month ago


Well worth every cent this weather station, easy to assemble and very informative.

Ramjet Auckland

Weather Station

about 1 month ago


Great product easy to set up. Works well.

Jackobi Hamilton

WIFI colour weather station.

2 months ago


This weather station is the bees knees. It is easy to assemble but the programming to see it on your Cellphone needs a bit of knowledges but is working fine. You can see everywhere what the weather is like at home. Really recommend this product. My Son in law has one already for 4 years and is still working fine.

Aaron Canterbury

Great weather station

2 months ago


Very happy with weather station. Easy to setup, and have connected to and Weather underground no problem.

Phillipo NZ

Professional WiFi Colour Weather Centre

2 months ago


The unit came with good instructions for assembly and this process took about 30 minutes however it does not come with a stand or metal pipe to locate the unit but fortunately I had something suitable to do complete installation. Wi-Fi unit operates as stated and is positioned upstairs some distance away from the display board. Lots of other features for reporting are available.

Gob New Plymouth NZ

Great gadget

2 months ago


Lovely to be able to check weather at home from anywhere in the world. Only minor quibble is rainfall predicted is often above what actually happens, but possibly I’m in a mini rain shadow.

Mike Canterbury

Wifi weather station

4 months ago


Great weather station and with it able to connect with weather underground or similar sites its great to able to see what's happening with my weather station when I'm not home.

Bill Manawatu

Weather Station

5 months ago


Easy to put together and set-up. Just watch out for the wifi default link settings.

Steve Bay of Plenty

Excellent product

6 months ago


This weather station was simple to assemble and put in place. The data it provides is accurate, interesting and useful. I’m enjoying monitoring the different aspects of the weather.

Rhys Whakatane

Weather station at Whakatane

6 months ago


Excellent weather station. Was easy to setup and works well. I like being able to turn down the light level on the screen.

Chris Levin

Fabulous Instruent

6 months ago


Very happy with the accuracy, ease of set up and working of this appliance. Especially like the ability to upload to the web and the range of data types that are recorded.

Paul Canterbury

Excellent Weather Station

6 months ago


Works really well. Is easy to setup and link to the WIFI. Can access its info from my phone anywhere. Next step is to put it online.

Titannz Taupo

Weather station

6 months ago


Awesome weather station

Tim new zealand

great weather station

7 months ago


Great product and works how it should.

Mac Nelson

Professional weather centre

7 months ago


The weather centre was easy to put together with clear instructions. It is strong and robust and straightforward to attach to an outside point.

Hamish Nelson

Professional wifi weather station

7 months ago


Great weather station, nice clear screen. Nice to know what the weather is doing.

Cam Masterton

Great product

8 months ago


Works well.

Cob Methven


9 months ago


Best weather station I've had. No problems with assembly or operating functions. Home screen requires 240V for operation.

Jordy Henderson

WiFi Weather Centrw

9 months ago


Great little unit easy to setup.

Bruce Blenheim

Professional WiFi weather station

9 months ago


Great unit, easy to setup. Love having the weather data available on my phone. The Weather Underground link also works well and is great for planning and access to historical data.

Gaylene Christchurch

Great little weather station

9 months ago


Love this so easy to setup and tells us all we need to know . Lovely clear monitor. Would recommend this as a cool present for those with a weather interest .

Kris Auckland

Works well

9 months ago


It's surprising how good this weather station is, particularly for the price. Having the data live on Wunderground, where I can monitor it anywhere, is the real value. Very happy with this unit.

Darryl Auckland

Weather Station

9 months ago


Absolutely fantastic, just what I had expected and easy to set up.

Harry Canterbury

Professional WiFi Colour Weather Centre

9 months ago


Awesome weather station.

Baz Auckland

Arrived next day

10 months ago


Great product recommended. Just having trouble getting data on to my iPad have followed instructions but keeps saying complete stage 2 pg 45 on

Bruce Bay of Plenty

Professional Weather Station

10 months ago


Great weather station for home use works well. Set up OK a little trouble with internet side. Early days but working well . Very happy.

Melody & Mike Auckland

Awesome Weather Station

10 months ago


My husband loves to watch the weather and we've had a couple of weather stations over the years but this one is just way better than anything else we have seen. The options for measurement are great and being able to check via your smart phone/device means we can see whats going on back home. The only thing we felt would have been an improvement would be the ability to purchase a pole to mount it as an accessory.

Scan Dunedin

weather station

11 months ago


I have found this weather station easy to set up to wifi with a variety of web sites to join.

Marty Wellington

Personal Weather Station

11 months ago


Great product. Easy set up and nice and accurate readings.

Sancho Marqez Hawkes Bay

Works well

11 months ago


Great little weather station, setup was easy, good value for the money if you want a serious question get it.

Mike Swift Northland

cool set up - color weather centre

11 months ago


Yep, the wife and I are very happy with this Weather Centre. Reasonably easy to setup and we particularly like the color monitor.

Keith Masterton

Weather station

11 months ago


Great weather station. Easy to install and set up. Would recommend.

Roo Porirua

Fantastic weather centre

11 months ago


This is an awesome weather centre that can be viewed remotely and we're happy that we got one.

Bill Morrinsville

Early days

12 months ago


As I have just set this Weather Centre up its too early for me to comment on its reliability but so far so good. Easy to setup - but I have had problems with the power supply cable popping out of its jack on the indoor unit. In the end I had to tape over it to keep it in place. Also I feel the screen is a bit small and crowded but it does have good resolution.

Mez Southland

Weather station

12 months ago


Awesome weather station, no problems easy to install

Bpcater Otago

Weather Centre

12 months ago


This unit is fantastic. So easy to install and set up. The colour display unit gives me all the info I need at a glance. Highly recommend this equipment.

Barnacle Bill Havelock North

Great weather station

about 1 year ago


Connects to all sorts of web sites and very easy to set up.

BoxerGirl Christchurch

Weather Station

about 1 year ago


Bought 1 for myself and 1 for Dad. We love them. Very easy to use and easy to read.

Tom Auckland

Great product

about 1 year ago


Exceeded my expectations - good value for money

TrevR Green Island, Dunedin

Professional WiFi Colour Weather Centre

about 1 year ago


Works really well, very happy with it. See its feeds on

Shazza Hawke's Bay

Wifi colour weather station

about 1 year ago


I love this product, I did struggle to set it up mostly because I didn’t understand some of the features. But it’s going now and it’s awesome. I’m just waiting for some rain to see how that feature works out. I downloaded the app but don’t really use it.

John Canterbury

Weather Station

about 1 year ago


Set up easy and good strong radio signal - internet setup needed a bit of a go round to connect to phone and wifi. But all well in the end. Working well right now.

Avocados Upper Pitone

Very happy

about 1 year ago


All good, good and accurate readings

JB Papakura

Well featured but bare bones setup

about 1 year ago


Great little unit for the price but can be a little tricky to configure if your wifi system is any more complex than a simple single access point. Viewing angle of the screen dictates mounting or positioning it low and the app to configure it is very bare bones. When it is up and running via one of the online aggregation sites like weather underground it is great. Wind direction is a bit hit and miss as the sensor requires quite a gust to get it to move to the actual wind direction. Overall it does the job well once setup.

Rob Greenmeadows Napier

Professional WiFi weather station

about 1 year ago


Purchased this unit recently after having 3 previous models of other brands. The range is excellent. The unit operates on 433 Mhz and has far superior range than other brands using 915 Mhz ( where there is a power restriction of 1mW ) The display is clear and easy to read, the range gauge is accurate. A great unit, recommend

Weather Beaten Otago

WiFi Colour Weather Station

about 1 year ago


Good informative readings, easy enough to put up and get a hang of how to scroll each function through, just don't continue holding buttons when pressed as they go into delete mode. Find colour screen abit gawdy, black figures on white back ground is easier to read especially at a distance.

Steve Hawke's Bay

Most excellent

about 1 year ago


I love this weather station so easy to set up and i can access it anywhere.

Grandad Waihi


about 1 year ago


Great unit. Were worried when the box arrived rattling , but all safely packed inside. Self emptying rain gauge, great ability to see high low, week , month etc. whole family interested in the data . Any too technical challenge solved by the younger generation. Perfect , ideal Christmas present with great technology for enthusiasts

Nakigirl Taranaki

Professional Wifi Colour Weather Centre

about 1 year ago


Excellent product very happy with purchase would highly recommend

Crystal Rotorua


about 1 year ago


We love this weather station, it’s easy enough for all the kids to look at and understand, and was very simple to set up

Mountie Papamoa

Weather Station

about 1 year ago


Very easy to setup. Good app makes it easy to check conditions from anywhere. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in the weather.

Gavin Taranaki

Excellent Unit

about 1 year ago


I'm really happy with this unit although I had some issues setting up the WiFi connection using the app on my phone. Spent some time working on this with a couple of knowledgeable family members and the failure to connect issue was resolved by loading the app onto another Android device (a Samsung tablet). It seems the system may have issues connecting to some versions of Android so if you are having this problem then I suggest you try a different device. That said, the app is well worth having. When I set up the remote station in my kitchen the temperature readings for this and the base station were identical down to the decimal place. The remote station is located approx 30m from the display console and bolted to a piece of milking machine pipe fastened to a gate post for best exposure where we live. Also, as noted in another review, the remote station uses standard AA alkaline batteries, not rechargeable. Lastly, the 5V plug doesn't stay put in the socket on the display, but it will be a permanent installation so has been secured with some hot glue. Really a minor issue.

Bradley Papamoa

Great weather station

about 1 year ago


Very happy with this weather station. It was easy to assemble and set up. It only took couple minutes to connect once batteries were installed. I have it mounted on the fascia of my house with screen about 7m away inside and have full signal. All data reads correctly and updates every 16 seconds. Screen is easy to read but like everyone else says you have to be a the right angle. As long as you are looking down at the screen and not up then there is no problem reading it. Batteries recommended in the outside unit are normal and not rechargeable as it states on the website. You don't have to connect to 1 of the weather websites which I haven't as I only require the info for myself.

Yve Rutland Northland

Weather station

about 1 year ago


Overall it works well. Easy to assemble and get connected. The only minor problem is that the rain collection cup is a loose fit and blows off in high winds. We have taped it on and attached a tether.

Bobb Kapiti Coast

Excellent product

about 1 year ago


The Pro. weather station was relatively east to set up and get working to my satisfaction. I particularly like the easy to read display and the calibration mode. I checked the rainfall calibration with a rainfall funnel and found it overhead quite a lot but this was easy to rectify. I have several Pro. weather stations from various makers and the Trade Tested one is the best.

Franz Waikato

Love it

about 1 year ago


Great helper and my husband love it. Size is perfect

Rolf Kratz Northland

WiFi colour weather station

about 1 year ago


Good product, easy to install and to connect to the router and a weather station website to upload the data. Great base station with a big colour screen with all the sensor data displayed and updating every few seconds. Highly recommended.

Don Bay of Plenty

Great Weather Station

about 1 year ago


Recommend this product. Easy to read screen, lots of great data. Easy to put together

CMD Welcome Bay

Great weather station

about 1 year ago


Replacement of a previous weather station from Tradetested (died after lightning storm). Easy to read and app works well.

Bruce Auckland

Weather atation

about 1 year ago


Great little weather station and easy to set up if you follow the instructions. Highly recommended

PowerMike Waiheke

Weather Station

about 1 year ago


Very pleased with this so far - much better that a product from elsewhere which lasted only 18 months - great to be able to monitor it remotely. Only criticism is that the remote keeps reverting to imperial units.

Paul Northland

Good Weather Station

about 1 year ago


Weather station is very good, works well and easy to install. Only issue is connecting to Wunderground. Other sites are easy to connect to.

Denodan Canterbury

Great weather Station

about 1 year ago


I have a Davis Vantage Vue also which are known to be accurate. This wifi weather station has a nice colour screen and as accurate as my Vue and will connect to Weather Underground also. Love it and well worth the money. There is also if you go to the app store and type in Ecowitt will get listed the ws tool and ws view which will show the weather. Or go to and will transmit your data to their website.

Dynacam Manawatu

Great weather station

about 1 year ago


It was easy to get going and set up, connected to weather underground so a great buy

Adam666 Wellington


about 1 year ago


Sensor and setup is ok, screen is very average for an expensive package like this Very difficult to view display unless you are almost directly in front of it

NZ Weather Tracker Auckland

Excellent mid-range weather station

about 1 year ago


This is a simple to set up, easy to use weather station with a wide range of features. I have owned several stations in the past and this one ranks very highly. It was simple to set up and pair with the display and has been providing trouble free reporting ever since. Hooking up Wunderground was also easy (I already had an account so it is just a case of adding the new weather station ID). The display is clear but has a slightly limited field of view so make sure it is mounted at the best angle to see. The values displayed are the ones you need and the UV index is especially useful. The only slight negative is the pressure is not shown as a historic graph of values so it is not as easy to see the pressure trend at a glance (it is available in Wunderground) but an indicator is included so not really a big problem at all. Overall I would recommend this for anyone interested in understanding their local weather behavior (and anyone who wants to know how much it rained last night and should they use extra sunscreen).

Jeff Otago

Weather Centre

about 1 year ago


Great weather station, easy to set up.

B1GGAL Timaru, Canterbury

Good so far

about 1 year ago


Great service from Trade Tested, weather station arrived quickly, well packaged. Put it up in weekend, easy to install, transmits to base station well, has an indicator that shows signal strength from sensor unit to base station, brilliant idea. Easy to read screen Only niggle is the Wi fi signal drops out regulary when sending data to Wunderground. Replaces a weather station that stopped working after six years

Chiremba Taranaki


over 2 years ago


You need to assemble then hook up to WiFi and the net, but then you can look at home weather from anywhere in the world!

Smithy Lower Hutt

Fantastic, but a couple of frustrations

over 2 years ago


Bright, clear screen. Accurate sensors. Robust and strong connection between base station and sensor station and easy to connect the two. But, frustrating process to set up for Weather Underground, and deeply irritating that it cannot keep daylight savings time (so always an hour behind during daylight savings). A great unit at a very good price, and its actual weather sensing is excellent. But the internet connectivity - which is really what you're paying for - isn't so flash so you might get what you want out of a cheaper, not-internet-enabled, alternative.

B Nelson


over 2 years ago


Great product. Easy to set up and use. Highly Recommend.

Weatherwatcher Auckland

Excellant product

over 2 years ago


purchased for my husband - who said the set up and installation was easy

Robert Wellington

Great unit and value for money

over 2 years ago


I've only had this running for a month so far, so can't attest to how well it holds up to the NZ climate, but so far it has been great. It is easy to assemble and feels solid. It is designed to mount to the top of a fat pole but worked fine on my TV ariel pole. It has been through all weather now and repots on everything as expected. The app that works with it is pretty ugly but actually does the job. Plus, if you hook it into Weather Underground you can use their app which is better. Make sure you use the latest app as the old one was rubbish.

Mares Otago Luggate

Weather centre

over 2 years ago


My husband loves it. He works outdoors and find the weather station more reliable than the TVs forecast.

Holdensweetie Canterbury

Professional WiFi Colour Weather Centre

over 2 years ago


So far so good. Especially with the accuracy of predicting the upcoming weather

Taita Wellington

Very good weather station

over 2 years ago


Easy to setup and connect to the internet. A whole heap of sensors which I have found are very accurate Only one small issue is the time on the LCD display does not account for Daylight savings time however having it an hour out during summer does not affect the web reporting at all.

Waimaunga West Coast

WH2900 Weather Station

over 2 years ago


Great PWS. Prompt delivery.Easy to setup.

Gerriandy Taranaki

Fantastic weather station

over 2 years ago


Brilliant. Absolutely love all the features this weather station offers. Would definitely recommend.

Joe Waikato

Doesn't work

over 2 years ago


You need to be a rocket scientist to work it.

Brownie Taranaki

Prefessional WiFi Colour Weather Centre

over 2 years ago


I bought this to replace another weather station that had failed after 5 years. The difference between this station and the old one is huge. More information and we're sure it is more the rainfall is the same as our rain gauge.

Straw Hawke's Bay

Weather Station

over 2 years ago


Great weather station, but cant hook up to the app on my phone, which is a bit of a pain

Baza. ( Timon ) Katikati Bay of Plenty

wifi weather station

over 2 years ago


A very good weather station 10/10 ,set up with the underground app allows me to view the weather on other stations around helping me manage my orchard. Great service trade tested l thoroughly recommend one.

Kerry Auckland

Colour wireless weather station

over 2 years ago


Great unit, easy to setup (the hardest part was deciding where to put the outside sensor.

Boatie68 Tauranga

Weather Centre

over 2 years ago


Everything that the write up said it would be. Easy to set up and works with no hassles

JOHN New Plymouth, Taranaki

Professional WiFi Colour Weather Centre

over 2 years ago


Dear Trade Tested, I found the Professional Weather Centre very easy to both assemble and to set up the communication between the outdoor sensors and the indoor display console. I mounted the sensors on my lifting elevator arrangement in place of an "analog" rain gauge that had been there for years. The elevator lifts the sensors well above gutter height and will allow the sensors to be easily lowered for maintenance. Connecting to my WiFi network was simple and to set up the account with went without a problem. It has worked faultlessly right from the start. The console provides me with immediate weather information. On my PC I stay logged into my wunderground page to follow the trend of the weather through the day. Friends are impressed when I show them the weather statistics on my smartphone when away from home. My son in Harrogate, UK and daughter in Brisbane have the link to read my weather at any time. They are also very impressed. I highly recommend this excellent WiFi weather station. The attached photos shows the sensor unit installed on the lifting device with Mt Taranaki behind it in the distance across the valley. Cheers, John

Enok Waikato

Great all round weather station for a reasonable price

over 2 years ago


This weather station provides a comprehensive set of weather parameters. It uploads its data to Weather Underground and other sites with minimum fuss. Easy to set up and has worked reliably.

Rob Ohakune

Weather Station

over 2 years ago


A great weather station. easy to set up and appears to be very accurate. Really good buy. Highly recommend this product

Roddo Southland

Great weather station

over 2 years ago


Quick easy set up Have it positioned just over 100 M from base and works perfectly

Pete in Hawkes Bay Hawke%27s Bay

Colour Weather Station

over 2 years ago


Great service from Trade Tested and delivered within 3 days. Weather centre is very good, I'm very pleased with the product and easy to set up.

Steffannz Wellington

Great product

over 2 years ago


Does take some effort to set up properly, esp erecting and calibrating, but once set up it's a great station and wunderground connection means easy access to historical data. Highly recommended.

Alexandra 21 Alexandra

Easy to Install and reliable

over 2 years ago


Set up as home weather station. Was easy to set up. I have it on Wi-Fi and sending to weather underground.(Alexandra 21) Display is clear and simple.

Jon Hawkes bay

Good weather station kit

over 3 years ago


Good kit for the price. Once hooked up to weather underground you can pretty much not bother looking at the display it comes with. Does what it's meant to do well

Beryl Wellington

Weather centre

over 3 years ago


We are thrilled with our new weather station it is bigger & better than our last one. It is interesting seeing the info & changes

Sam Bay of Plenty

Professional weather station

over 3 years ago


Have enjoyed it very much, the weather station is pretty accurate, alarms are easy to operate Visually easy to read

Jono Porirua

Great Weather Station

over 3 years ago


Great service from Trade Tested - the unit was delivered sooner than expected. The station was easy to set up, although the Weather Underground setup instructions could be made clearer. Overall, the system works really well.

Bluevo Canterbury

Excellent unit

over 3 years ago


Got my unit fast and got it up 2 test it out on cyclone gita.worked excellent

The2js Bay of Plenty

Professional WiFi Colour Weather Centre

over 3 years ago


So far this weather station has displayed all that it said it would and is easy to read at a glance. I have not connected to the net yet.

Peter Canterbury

Great Weather Station

over 3 years ago


Good service from Trade Tested. Weather station was relatively easy to setup and I fumbled with Wunderground connection but think that was my fault. Instructions could be a bit more descriptive for those of us who are technically slow. Weather station works very well.

Robbie Canterbury

Weather Centre

over 3 years ago


It is an awesome product & also very good serve as it was down to me in a bout 3 days from Auckland .

Mike Auckland

Good product!

over 3 years ago


Works well and easy to set up! Connected to the Wunderground network with no bother at all. Very pleased with the product!

Deano Tauranga


over 3 years ago


Awesome product.Easy to set up & to connect up to the internet.Its better than the Met.service @ predicting the weather & current conditions for our area.Fast delivery.It arrived well before their suggested delivery date,witch was awesome.Very happy customer.

Rogey Auckland

Weather Station

over 3 years ago


Great product and easy to set up, I now have my own published weather site on the internet that anyone can view.

Jo West Coast

Weather Station

over 3 years ago


Great weather station, very easy to setup.

StuHayden Auckland

Fun and easy

over 3 years ago


Great little weather station to start out with. Easy to set up as I am no tech wizard! Connected to the app and able to see all the variations locally in the neighborhood with other like minded people. Fun little unit, very pleased.

Homsey Canterbury

Weather station

over 3 years ago


A very good unit easy to put to together and a good instructions book I find the weather down under web the best has a grate cover and can see stations all ever nz

Rolf Northland

wifi colour weather centre

over 3 years ago


good product, well designed with a one-piece body, not like the usual weather stations with their several separate sensors for wind, rain etc. Setting up and installation is easy, it connects without problems to the base station and the display of this station is very colourful and well readable. Connecting to the router and a weatherstation website like Wunderground is also easy provided you have an Android or Apple phone and can download the app.

ChaoticIan Auckland

Great weather station

over 3 years ago


Nice and easy to setup and connected to Weather Underground website without any problems. Nice unit.

Nomed Canterbury

Weather centre

over 3 years ago


Easy to set up, works well with pleased with it overall, thanks Tradetested.

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