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Firing up the BBQ and throwing on some steaks and burgers is a great way to bring families and friends together on the weekends. Do you prefer a gas burner, charcoal grill or a smoker? At Trade Tested, we stock Weber and Longhorn barbecues with unmatched craftsmanship, accessories and a range of versatile surfaces to suit your cooking style.

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Outdoor Burners and Cookers

Our gas BBQs are ready to start cooking when you are - just turn on the gas and go. Longhorn 5 and 6-burner barbecues are designed for Kiwi backyards, decks and patios. These 100% stainless steel cookers are built to withstand heat and rain. Reaching temperatures up to 205°C, your grilled masterpieces will be cooked to perfection in no time. Add a frying pan or pot to the stainless steel side burner to enhance your backyard BBQ experience. The 8-burner models include 6 main burners, an infrared rear plate, and a cast iron hot plate. Transform your barbecue into a rotisserie-style grill with the included accessories.


Charcoal BBQs burn hotter than gas cookers. Compact, portable and available in various sizes, our charcoal BBQ range has NZ barbecuers grilling like professionals. The Weber models feature a porcelain-enamelled bowl and lid with a heat-protected handle and removable aluminium ash collector for easy clean up. Weber’s Performer charcoal grill includes a built-in lid thermometer, a backlit LCD timer and tool hooks.


Digital smokers are a great way to add a mouthwatering smoky flavour to meat, poultry and vegetables under controlled temperatures. Our Bradley smoke houses come with either 4 or 6 racks and a smoke generator to create stabilised temperatures for clean-tasting smoky flavours. Browse our Bradley bisquette wood flavours to add variety to your smoked meats. Shop for barbecues for sale at NZ’s Trade Tested. Email or call our friendly and experienced team, or drop in for a chat at our Auckland store.