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Ready to enjoy some authentic BBQ cooking? Trade Tested has the smokers you need to make your favorite recipes all season.

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Wood Pellet Smoker

We offer a range of new age smoker BBQ product options, like the wood pellet smoker. It’s easy to use and clean so that every night can be a grill night!

Original Smoker

This is a great meat smoker. It has numerous settings, so your food comes out right every time. Whether you like fish, beef, or poultry, our products can do it all.

Digital Smoker

Smokers and grills have evolved, and the digital grill has taken smoking pork, chicken, and more to the next level. Our model is 50% larger than the four rack model, roasts up to 130 degrees Celsius, and includes a 2-year warranty, so it will meet all your needs.


Bisquettes are great accessories to a grill that make your food taste that much better. They help you smoke food with a flavour you’ll love. We have a large selection, so no matter what’s on the menu, you’ll have a bisquette to match.

How to Choose a Smoker for Cooking

When you’re on the search for a new grill, it can be a bit daunting. Learning about fuel, rubs, grease, and fire levels is crucial to finding the right fit. Understanding what your priorities are will make your decision easier.

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