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Creating a professional-looking landscape is easier than you’d think. Using Trade Tested’s range of sturdy posts for retaining walls in a range of sizes, you can construct beautiful raised gardens and paths right at home. Transform your backyard and enjoy the elegance your timber retaining walls provide. Purchase retaining wall posts New Zealand-wide today.
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Take control of your garden, lawn or paths with our retaining range

Featuring robust steel construction, our retaining wall post options suit anyone looking to assemble strong, timber-lined spaces for their backyard. They’re perfect for building custom-raised beds or levelling off areas to make a flat lawn. With timber boards being the only additional materials you need, it’s easy to form unique features around the house with the products in our store.

Installing and maintaining retaining wall posts

To install SureWall Sleeper Stakes, simply lay out your timber boards, drive the stake into the ground, and screw it into place to secure it. To install SureWall Retaining Posts, plan your timber retaining wall by marking the suitable spacing length. Dig holes at each of these points, and put your posts in, securing them with concrete. Slide in

How deep should posts be for a retaining wall?

The hole depth should generally be as deep as 50% of the total height of your post for maximum strength and support.

What size posts do I need for a retaining wall?

For small raised garden beds, use the short 450mm SureWall Sleeper Stakes. For bigger projects, SureWall Retaining Posts come in 65mm x 450mm, 65mm x 750mm, 65mm x 1100mm, and 65mm x 2100mm diameter options. Remember that 50% of the post should be buried in the ground, so the wall height will be half the size.

How far apart should retaining posts be?

The space between your retaining posts will depend on how tall your wall is - taller walls will require tighter spacing to support the load pressing against it.

Transform your backyard with Trade Tested today

Create a beautiful timber retaining wall for your backyard today with Trade Tested’s building products. Choose from our range of other great-value products for your property, including landscaping supplies, pavers, edging, polycarbonate greenhouses, and mini greenhouses.