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Garden Edging

What makes a garden look brilliant? It’s not just the flowers - it’s how you frame it. Trade Tested’s versatile range of garden borders helps separate your garden from your lawn, creating beautiful edging and a professional-quality landscape. Shop our garden edging today and let your plants thrive neat and tidily.

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The benefits of garden edges

Trade Tested’s garden edging products provide both functionality and style to your field. They help separate different sections of your greenery, preventing unappealing grass and weeds from growing on your flower beds. Apart from gardens, they can also be used to clearly define paths and driveways. Our strong garden dividers are maintenance-free and won’t break, lasting you a lifetime - plus, they support areas of all sizes.

What is the best kind of edging for your garden?

To choose the best garden liner for your New Zealand landscape, consider your desired aesthetic and available resources. Plastic garden edging creates a subtle edge and allows for flexible curves. It includes all the necessary parts to get started. On the other hand, garden stakes can be installed to build rustic, straight wooden borders but require purchasing timber separately.

How to install garden edging

Measure where you want your edging to go and dig out a trench in the soil for that length. For plastic edging, line the product in place and trim off the excess with scissors. Install it by hammering metal stakes at flexible curved points. Fill any exposed parts of the trench with the dug-up soil. For metal stakes, lay your wood planks in place, then drive the stake into the ground. Nail or screw through the pre-drilled holes to secure your border with extra strength.

Order your garden edger NZ-wide online today

Order Trade Tested’s garden edging today and build yourself a beautiful raised garden bed! Check out our other landscaping products, including pavers, retaining, and artificial grass, to make your next project installation easy. For more support and info on any of our products, contact us.