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Whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or starting your first project, New Zealand-owned Trade Tested is your ultimate destination for quality scaffolding and height access solutions. Say goodbye to wobbly ladders and makeshift setups. View our product range today and discover the perfect scaffolding solution to transform your home improvement projects.

What is a Scaffold Tower?

A scaffold tower is a versatile and portable work platform. Designed with stable materials, this equipment provides a safe and robust structure, allowing easy access to elevated areas for minor building, painting, maintenance tasks and more. Scaffold towers are simple to assemble, adjust and dismantle. They eliminate the need to carry extra ladders and tools, reducing build time. Scaffold towers are typically manufactured from heavy-duty steel. Optional add-on product safety features include guardrails and outriggers.

Our High-Quality Mobile Scaffold Tower Range

At Trade Tested, we offer a comprehensive selection of reliable scaffolding products. Our adjustable and lightweight mobile scaffold towers are easy-to-assemble and collapse, so you can pack them away when you’re done. Our taller scaffolds are perfect to install in a narrow-access worksite. Each scaffolding unit features lockable castors and non-slip platforms for a secure setup. Our tower scaffolding products are recommended for domestic use.

What is the Maximum Height of Tower Scaffolding for Sale from Trade Tested?

Our scaffold towers are available in recommended heights of 3.5m and 5.25m, or opt for an access system with outriggers, reaching a maximum working height of 6.25m. Our mobile scaffold tower, at a 1.8m height, is ideal for smaller-scale projects.

Order your Scaffold Towers Today

We deliver ladder and scaffolding products NZ-wide. Explore our selection of portable height access products online or at our Auckland store to discover the perfect system for your projects. Our reliable tower scaffolding options prioritise safety, stability, durability and convenience. Also, view our power tools, ladders, plate compactors, trailers and other hardware to elevate your home and garden projects in New Zealand. Contact our team for professional advice on any product.