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Scaffolding Tower Safety Guide

Before you use a Trade Tested scaffolding tower, here are some important tips to make sure you remain safe and the tower unit stays in peak condition for years to come.

Be aware our 5.25m/6.25m Worksafe for further information.

Safety Rules

  • Check that the ground on which the tower is to be erected is capable of supporting the maximum load of the tower.
  • Check that you have the correct equipment and that it is in working order before you erect the tower.
  • Do not use any part of the scaffolding that is showing signs of rust or corrosion.
  • During erection, use a spirit level to check tower for level and plumb.
  • The maximum working load is 90kg per platform plank uniformly distributed – max. concentrated load is 270kg per deck (3 x planks).
  • Lock all castors by pushing down the brake levers. The brake levers should only be released for moving the mobile scaffold tower.
  • When using the mobile scaffold tower outside or in open buildings at a wind force over 6 (on the Beaufort scale), move it to an area sheltered from the wind or secure it against tipping over with other suitable means (e.g. anchors, stabilisers).
  • Do not brace yourself against the side guards when working.
  • Do not jump on the platform.
  • Do not use scaffolding that is only partially assembled.
  • Beware of horizontal forces (e.g. power tools) which could generate instability.
  • Before using the mobile scaffold tower, check tower is plumb and level, correcting it if necessary. Furthermore, inspect the mobile scaffold tower for proper and complete assembly. Also check there are no environmental changes influencing the safety of the mobile scaffold tower.
  • Identify any electrical risks in the work area, such as overhead lines or other exposed electrical equipment.
  • Do not attach hoists or similar devices to the mobile scaffold tower to lift loads.
  • Always climb the tower from the inside and never stand or climb on the straight or diagonal braces (they are designed for bracing only not for load carrying).
  • Do not connect mobile scaffold towers to buildings with planks, etc.
  • Do not use ladders, boxes or other devices to increase the height of the platform.
  • Tools and materials may only be handed up. Always taking the weight of the tools and materials into consideration so as not to overload the working platform.
  • Adjustable legs should only be used for levelling.
  • Stabilisers should always be fitted when specified.

Storage and Maintenance

  • Ensure your scaffolding is stored under cover when not in use.
  • Touch up and areas affected by surface rust as soon possible with cold galvanising spray (this can be purchased from you local hardware store).
  • If you are using and storing the scaffolding in a marine environment ensure you wash the individual components regularly.

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