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Concrete Mixers

Concrete mixers, also known as cement mixers, have a reputation for not being consumer products, but that’s not true. Trade Tested offers versatile and convenient portable concrete mixers in various sizes to suit every project. Discover our concrete mixer range online today.

Electric Concrete Mixer

An electric concrete mixer is a machine that can move any DIYer up to a near concrete professional. These mixers come equipped with durable features that can stand any construction job and deliver high-quality performance. They come in various sizes, so capacity will never be an issue. Even our largest mixers are eligible for our one-load delivery service straight to your suburb!

Petrol Concrete Mixer

A petrol concrete mixer is an excellent piece of equipment to mix a full barrow load of concrete, featuring tools and specifications for easy storage and low maintenance requirements. This mixer is suitable for smaller projects, making it great for every DIYer to use. Be sure to find someone to demonstrate how to use it before operating if unsure.

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If you need more than just a concrete mixer, you’ve come to the right place! No need to worry about availability. We have plenty of mixers and all things construction: power trowels, jackhammers, generators, and more. You can find items in-store and online, plus they’re all eligible for delivery to a safe area NZ-wide. If you have questions or concerns about our complete range of products, availability, and pricing, or if you need to switch a product out, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re here to help.