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Jack Hammers

Looking to demolish material with ease? Jack hammers are an essential concrete work tool that can power through even the most demanding jobs. When breaking concrete is required in a project, a jack hammer from Trade Tested can finish the task in no time.

Our Range of Hammers & Breakers

We create and offer access to some of the best products on the market. Explore our jack hammer range below.

Flash HD Demolition Hammer 1700W

This breaker is not just a concrete tool. It’s a machine that’s performance is more than good; it’s outstanding. The power of the 1700W motor allows for extreme impact energy. Once it turns on and comes to life, your task is almost finished. The soft-grip rear handle and lock-on switch prevent fatigue, and it chisels through even the most stubborn concrete slabs without you breaking a sweat.

Demolition Breaker Heavy Duty 52CC

The Demolition Breaker lives up to its name. If your operation has a development assignment or other task that includes cutting through large amounts of rock, this is the jackhammer for you. It can even handle extensive weight materials like rocks and gravel. Always follow the instructions and handle your jackhammer with care, as the unit can heat up during use. Additionally, always check that demolition is allowed in your area before commencing.

Order your Jack Hammer Online Today

Find the perfect item at Trade Tested online or in-store now. We offer hardware tools for any challenging job at great prices. Compressors? Check. Compactors? Check. Scaffolding? Check. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us! We’re happy to help with anything you might need.