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Want to know more about how a product performs? Check out our customer reviews! We openly publish all our customer reviews, so you get honest information from your fellow shoppers. There is no need for hours of google searches to find the right review; they’re all here when you shop our website. We’ve got all the good stuff for your house, garage or yard, at prices you’ll love.

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Our most reviewed products

We’ve independently selected our most-reviewed items, and they include some of our most popular sellers, including garden chairs, sun shades, solar powered lights—even a portable hot tub to relax in! Time to upgrade the pool or barbecue for summer? You’ll save money when you purchase our outdoor products. These Bestway pool sets will be a backyard favourite with the kids this summer.

Popular outdoor products

Turn your yard into an outdoor room with a fire pit, string lights or a sturdy bench seat. We specialise in outdoor products for the backyard. Keep cool this summer with a patio umbrella and stand - perfect for outdoor dining. How about a garden arch for your climbing plants? Attract the local birdlife to your backyard with bird feeders. Enjoy the great outdoors safely with our waterproof shade sails. Easy to attach to the house—they protect you from the sun and create a pleasant space on the porch or patio.

Helping you purchase with confidence

Our customers say reviews help them make an informed decision. When you shop for a new chair for the back porch, you want to be sure it’s waterproof, fade resistant and can handle the weather. Our company services include a nationwide support network for repairs and returns. It’s important to know that these product reviews are not independently selected or filtered. We display all reviews, so you get honest information you can trust. We make it a lot easier to leave your own review too. That's why we're NZ’s top online home improvement store.