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Bestway Aquarover

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Bestway's AquaRover robot relieves you of the task of cleaning the pool by keeping it always clean while you enjoy the sun by the water.

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Product overview

Bestway's AquaRover robot relieves you of the task of cleaning the pool by keeping it always clean while you enjoy the sun by the water.

Bestway's AquaRover robot automatically and efficiently cleans the bottom of your pool. It is a formidable robot conceived with a wireless design to allow you to move freely on the bottom of the tank, without the constraint the filter pump.

The motorization is electric, in fact the robot features a rechargeable lithium battery which guarantees an autonomy of 90 minutes and is suitable for both above ground and inground pools, provided that these have a flat bottom floor. .

The movement of the AquaRover robot is managed by a water propeller located at the base of the rotating head. This system requires the water to be sucked in from the nozzle in the lower part of the robot, through the filter screen in the internal compartment, and then to be expelled by the engine. The jet produced moves the robot forward which at the same time carefully collects the impurities that have accumulated on the bottom of the tank, storing them inside the debris compartment.

The robot's trajectory varies according to the rotations of the head to allow it to cover the entire surface of the pool bottom; when the robot reaches the walls of the pool or encounters large obstacles, the fins rotate the mobile head which will automatically restart it in the other direction.

This Bestway patented directional jet operation provides maximum cleaning efficiency and the non-slip wheels ensure the robot does not accidentally tip over. Very easy to use, all you have to do is submerge the robot in water to start the cleaning cycle, an integrated sensor will automatically activate the robot and deactivate it when the water level is too low to protect the motor.

The large internal compartment where the impurities are stored has a volume of 4 liters, enough capacity not to have to empty it during the cleaning cycle. Furthermore, the filter screen is made of stainless steel so it ensures great durability. When you feel that the cleaning is satisfactory or if the cleaning cycle is completed, simply use the supplied recovery kit to lift the robot to the surface and remove it from the tank. The integrated sensor will stop the robot as soon as it is out of the water, preventing the motor from overheating.

AquaRover combines great reliability and versatility with a value for money that is hard to beat. It is a compact, fully autonomous robot cleaner with excellent performance, ideal for both above ground and inground pools.

The AquaRover robot vacuum is one of the many pool accessories in the Flowclear line designed to make cleaning and maintenance of your above ground pool as simple and convenient as possible. The range also includes water purifiers, pool ladders and other essentials for above ground pools.

• Autonomous robot cleaner for above ground and inground pools
• For flat bottom pools
• Wireless design
• Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
• Recovery / Release Kit
• Waterproof magnetic switch
• Automatic aquatic on / off sensor
• Head locking flap for 180 ° turns
• Stainless steel filter screen (4L)
• Patented directional jet system
• Cleaning brush
• Non-slip wheels
• Carrying handle
• Adjustable wheel axle
• Locking clip

Autonomy: 90 minutes
Water flow rate: 4,260 L / hr
Charging time: 5-6 hours
Suitable for round pools up to 7.32m in diameter or 45m² area
Suitable for rectangular pools up to 9.56m in length or 43m² area

Product code: 58622


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