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Cooler Box

Nothing’s more relaxing than cracking open an ice-cold drink on a hot afternoon. Keep it cool this summer with Trade Tested’s range of bottles, cooler bags, portable fridges, and chilly bins for sale in NZ. Our products maximise ice retention so your refreshments stay cold for hours (or even days!) on end. Shop cooler boxes and more online today.
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Our range of chilly bins, coolers and ice boxes

At Trade Tested, we have a large range of thermally insulated products to keep your food and drinks chill in any temperature.

Ice boxes

Our heavy-duty ice boxes come in a variety of sizes and dimensions ranging from 13L to a whopping 111L. Each cool box is equipped with high-quality stainless steel hinges and a fully insulated lid. With their ample ability to store plenty of refreshments and keep ice longer, these air-tight cooler boxes are perfect for big events in the hot summer sun.

Cooler bags

Ideal for a seaside adventure with the family, our waterproof cooler bags are tough yet easy to transport. They allow you to keep chilled cans ice cold for up to 24-72 hours, depending on the model.

Portable fridges

Get the maximum ice retention on the go with our battery-powered portable fridges and freezers. These minifridges come in various models with heaps of options, including LED displays, remote mobile app control, ice makers, portable phone charging, temperature recording, and more.

Bottles and flasks

Enjoy your favourite home-brewed beverage with our thermal steel bottles. Not only do they keep cold drinks cold but they also make sure hot drinks stay hot - making them a must-have product all year round.

Choosing the right cooler box

When considering which ice box cooler to buy, you want to consider the size, durability, and insulation ability - how many drinks do you need to keep cold, and for how long? You may also want to look at portable fridges for extra functionality or cooler bags for hands-free transportation.

Cleaning and maintaining your chill box

Regularly clean your ice cooler with soap and warm water. Fully dry it afterwards to reduce the risk of mould, keeping it hygienic and food-safe. Be sure to leave your cooler box indoors when not in use to avoid any damage from the sun.

Shop the perfect cooler box for your next outdoor adventure

Chill out this summer with Trade Tested’s range of ice boxes in NZ. For extra ways to make the season as fun as can be, check out our sports and outdoor equipment, including awesome beach carts and handy non-slip flooring.