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Spa Pools

Love the idea of sliding into your dream spa pool right outside your own house but not too keen on purchasing an expensive home spa? Trade Tested has a range of inflatable spa pool options so you can let your worries bubble away as you relax in refreshing, warm water. Order your portable spa NZ-wide online today.

Keep out the cold with our portable spas

Spend quality time with loved ones relaxing in your very own private spa pool. Our convenient portable spa pools provide an amazing spa experience for the family and guests to unwind and improve their well-being, whether it’s winter or summer. Enjoy a little slice of luxury on the deck or in the backyard, with the massage system featuring 120 soothing jets providing ultimate relaxation for the body. Our spas are made to meet the highest standards; the energy-efficient system means low running costs, saving you more on your power bill. Plus, you’ll enjoy effortless operation using the accessible soft-touch control panel to adjust the hot water temperature. Other features included with our portable spas include an integrated water filter pump, an inflatable cover with a built-in air chamber for extra heating insulation, and an automatic timer.

Spa accessories

Maintenance of your new spa is easy, so you and your family can sit back and soak the night away hassle-free. We stock a huge range of high-performance filters and filter cartridges to eliminate unwanted dirt and grime, optimise heat pump performance, and increase the pool, pump, and heater lifespan.

How long do inflatable spas last?

How long your inflatable spa model will last is dependent on factors like usage and maintenance. Typically, with proper care, they can last around 5 to 7 years. Doing the following can help prolong their lifespan:

• Clean the spa once a week
• Change the filter regularly
• Monitor the water to maintain proper chlorine levels
• Protect the spa against harsh weather
• Avoid overinflation

Why choose a Trade Tested inflatable spa pool?

Here at Trade Tested, we pride ourselves on offering top-quality products and excellent service at an affordable price. Our spas are easy to fill and operate thanks to their fast-acting pump and intuitive control box. With a fine variety of models, you can find a spa that’s a great size to fit your space. Check out our reviews to learn how our spas have enhanced the daily lives of our New Zealand customers.

Order your inflatable hot tub New Zealand-wide today

Pampering yourself, friends, and large families has never been easier. Purchase the perfect power-saving spa today and make your lifestyle feel luxurious. Stay relaxed this summer with our selection of swimming pools, pool toys, stand up paddle boards, and more, all available with delivery throughout New Zealand. Our friendly team are happy to help with any questions about finding a suitable product. Contact us today to talk about our pool and spa range.