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Beach Carts

A beach cart makes light work of carrying your shopping bags for a picnic at the park, equipment for kids’ sporting activities, or supplies for your next camping trip. Suitable for all types of family activities, a cart can be folded for storing in your car or garage until your next outing. Review our product options and get a great deal today.

Eliminate the Need for Multiple Trips

Say goodbye to the shoulder-straining duffel bag - a foldable beach trolley makes it easy to load all your gear from your vehicle and transport it from the car to the beach. Featuring a wide wheel size, pull handle for easy steering, and 80kg maximum weight capacity, you can carry chairs, umbrellas and towels by just loading up your folding trolley. Each cart easily folds for compact storage. Make sure you review the product instructions before use.

Durable Canvas and Powder-Coated Steel Frame

Each excellent value Mighty Cart beach cart is made with sturdy wheels and a metal frame to move heavy loads across soft sand.

Why Buy Your Beach Cart from Trade Tested?

Get your collapsible trolley at a great value from Trade Tested. Check out our foldable trolley review pages to see what other customers have to say. Review our store’s warranty and return policy before buying.

Buy Your Beach Trolley from Trade Tested Today!

Purchase your beach wagon in our online store, and it will arrive in no time at all! Browse sports and outdoor equipment, basketball hoops and stands, pool toys, and ice makers to collect everything you need for summer. Check our product reviews and contact us with any questions you have.