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Trampoline NZ

Superfly Trampolines are designed in NZ for Kiwi kids of all ages. With oversized springs for bigger bounce and tough safety nets, your kids will love this healthy gift for years to come. Perfect for some free fitness or just getting maximum air time, the hardest part will be getting them off it. Get bouncing today!
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Let your Kiwi Kids Bounce the Days Away!

Looking for the best trampoline in NZ? Look no further than Trade Tested. Constructed with a sturdy galvanised steel frame and a super safe jumping mat, our tramps are easy to assemble with a size to suit almost any New Zealand backyard. Trade Tested is the place to go for trampolines in New Zealand. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect trampoline for your family of bouncers, designed for maximum safety, bounce, and durability at the best trampoline prices. Shop our range of cheap trampolines for sale in NZ today.

Our Range of Sizes

Find the ideal product to fit your space and buy your trampoline NZ-wide today.

8ft Trampolines

Our 8ft trampoline is great for smaller outdoor spaces or younger jumpers at the lowest trampoline costs.

10ft Trampolines

Our 10ft trampoline guarantees hours of safe family fun, whatever your space requirements.

12ft Trampolines

Buy a 12ft trampoline for fantastic bounce in small to medium-sized backyards.

14ft Trampolines

Our 14ft trampoline provides endless bounce entertainment for older kids in larger outdoor areas.

15ft Trampolines

Shop a 15ft trampoline for the ultimate jump experience. Our biggest trampoline product will bring the whole family hours of happiness and excitement.

Designed in NZ

Each high-quality trampoline at Trade Tested is designed in New Zealand for Kiwi kids of all sizes, aged 4 to 94.

Super Sized Springs

The galvanised super-sized trampoline springs feature a tapered design for long-lasting bouncing fun as your child plays to their heart’s content.

Durable Safety Pads

The high-quality PVC padding features a reversible design so that you can choose between a classy matte black design or a cool Digi-camo pattern.

Safety Nets Built to Last

A super-fine but rugged mesh wraps tightly around the trampoline poles to ensure it stays taut for years. The seamless net and jump mat connection keeps bouncers safe as they play.

How to assemble your trampoline

Start by choosing a level and well-drained area in your yard to stand the trampoline. Make sure there’s at least an 8-metre clearance from trees, powerlines, or obstacles above, and a 1-metre clearance on all sides. Next, read our easy trampoline installation instructions.

Which trampoline should you buy?

When choosing the perfect Superfly X trampoline, consider the space available in your backyard and the age of your kids. If you’ve got a sprawling yard and more experienced bouncers, you can go all out with our Superfly X 15 ft tramp. For those with a more compact space or small children, the Superfly X 8ft or 10ft trampolines offer just as much bounce but with a smaller footprint.

What size trampoline is best for 2 children?

Our 12, 14, or 15 ft trampolines are large and safe enough for two children to play comfortably without bumping into each other.

How often should you clean your trampoline?

Cleaning your trampoline helps ensure safety and longevity. We recommend cleaning your tramp every month with mild detergent and water. However, if you’re in an area with a lot of dust, pollen, or other harsh environmental factors, you may need to clean it more frequently.

How can you make your trampoline last longer?

Read our easy assembly and safety guidelines carefully before setting up your trampoline to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. A trampoline cover is a great idea for shielding it from the elements when not in use. Regularly inspect it for damage or loose parts and springs.

Trampoline accessories

Looking to add some great trampoline accessories to ramp up the fun and keep your children happy for longer? Our range of fun trampoline accessories will suit any of our Superfly X trampolines. Kids love a good game of trampoline basketball. Attach a Superfly X Basketball Hoop to any of the trampoline poles. The adjustable sideboards cater to beginners or experts, while the soft backboard and padded hoop ensure injury-free slam-dunks. Our lightweight trick scooter will keep the kiddos happy for hours. The soft, stable board ensures comfortable landings without harming your trampoline.

Order the perfect trampoline NZ-wide today

Ready to purchase a great trampoline to match the boundless energy of your growing children and the available space in your yard? Look no further than New Zealand-owned Trade Tested. We take pride in offering the best products to provide Kiwi families endless joy and entertainment. Make the most of sun-filled days and check out our range of outdoor sports equipment, kids’ playgrounds & playhouses, mini-quad bikes, and basketball hoops.