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Tower Heaters

Trade Tested’s sleek tower heaters provide unparalleled warmth while delivering exceptional value. Experience advanced features that ease the chill out of the air, making these heaters a cost-effective addition to warm your outdoor space. Shop now to find the perfect product for your home and enjoy a cosy ambience all year round.

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Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of an outdoor tower heater

Shop our portable 800W infrared heaters that provide instant, efficient heat. Extend your outdoor enjoyment with our stainless steel gas patio heaters, combining power and style. Enjoy adjustable heat settings for the perfect outdoor dining and entertaining space. All models feature a safety tip-over switch for peace of mind.

Infrared vs. ceramic heaters

When it comes to tower heaters, infrared heaters offer various benefits that ceramic heaters do not. Ceramic heaters operate by circulating air across heated surfaces and then dispersing it around the room. However, it takes time for the heating element to reach an adequate temperature.

In contrast, infrared tower heaters offer instantaneous, targeted heating, directly warming people and objects rather than the surrounding air. This results in a faster, more efficient heating process, making them ideal for large rooms or outdoor spaces. The most significant advantage of an infrared heater is that it can consume 30 to 40% less energy than a ceramic tower heater as it heats a space, which translates to substantial savings on utility bills.

What makes Trade Tested different?

At Trade Tested, we pride ourselves on offering great value and the highest quality on our entire product range. Plus, we offer a price guarantee - if you’ve seen an item we stock at a lower price elsewhere, ask us to beat it. Enjoy easy installation and New Zealand-wide shipping.

Order your tower heater online or in-store today

Don't let the winter chill stop you from enjoying your outdoor space. Shop our high-quality heating and cooling solutions. Elevate your comfort, save money, and make outdoor gatherings a pleasure. Browse our other types of high-quality outdoor heaters, including patio heaters, infrared heaters and fire pits. Contact our friendly team for advice on any of our products.