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Infrared Heaters

Picture family gatherings outside, BBQ nights under the stars, or solo moments on your patio, all made cosier and more inviting with an infrared heater. Infrared heating appliances add immediate warmth to outdoor areas, making time spent outdoors more enjoyable during the colder months. Browse our range of radiant heaters online or in-store.

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Add instant warmth to your outdoor space with infrared radiant heat

Infrared radiant heaters are designed to help you stay warm and enjoy your patio year-round. Their sleek designs seamlessly blend with home decor while warming your space efficiently. Infrared wall heaters come with adjustable heat settings and a remote control for instant and customised comfort. If portability is your priority, infrared tower heaters are compact and easy to move. Portable heater types are perfect for heating smaller spaces without the need for ceiling or wall mounting.

Does infrared radiant heating use much electricity?

Infrared radiant heaters are one of the best heating solutions available. Unlike traditional heaters that warm the air around them, radiant heaters emit infrared rays in a way that warms objects and people in their path. This targeted heating approach minimises heat loss, ensuring you get the most out of every watt consumed.

What are the pros and cons of infrared heaters?

Besides its exceptional energy efficiency, one of the notable advantages of a radiant heater is its ability to provide instant warmth. When you turn on the heater, it heats the room immediately. Infrared heaters can also be strategically placed, allowing you to heat only the spaces around the house that need it. As they don’t have a fan, they’re quiet and they don't change the humidity or oxygen level of the room. Infrared heaters are also safe and eco-friendly, as they don't emit harmful gases or pollutants. However, a radiant heater may not be suitable for open, drafty areas.

Why buy from Trade Tested?

At Trade Tested, we pride ourselves on offering great prices and the highest quality on all our outdoor and indoor radiant heaters online and in-store. Plus, we offer a price guarantee - if you’ve seen a product we carry at a lower price, ask us to beat it. Enjoy New Zealand-wide shipping.

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Turn up the heat this winter with a Trade Tested infrared radiant heater. Explore our range of energy-efficient portable heaters or shop infrared and halogen heaters with mounting brackets. Don't let the cold weather hold you back from enjoying the outdoors—shop for more outdoor heating solutions, including electric heaters, patio heaters and tower heaters. Don’t hesitate to contact our team to discuss the features of any of our products.