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Karcher WD6 Premium Wet and Dry Vacuum

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The high-end WD 6 P Premium multi-purpose vacuum cleaner impresses with its extremely high suction performance of 2000 watts, with an actual power consumption of only 1300 watts.

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Product overview

Product overview

The high-end WD 6 P Premium multi-purpose vacuum cleaner impresses with its extremely high suction performance of 2000 watts, with an actual power consumption of only 1300 watts.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with innovative filter removal technology, with the flat fold filter contained in a removable cartridge in the device head. By folding out this cartridge, the filter can be removed in seconds without any contact with dirt. Dry and wet dirt can be vacuumed without having to change the filter. Thanks to the integrated filter cleaning function, the dirty filter can be efficiently cleaned by pressing the clean-out button, quickly restoring the suction performance. The socket with automatic on/off switch allows you to work with connected power tools. Dirt resulting from planing, sawing or grinding work is vacuumed directly.

The suction performance can be adapted to requirements, both for standard vacuuming operations and for use with power tools. Other highlights: 30-litre stainless steel container, newly developed accessories for the best cleaning results, removable handle with protection against static, drain screw for large water volumes, parking position and much more.

• Suction hose, 2.2 m, 35 mm
• Removable handle with electrostatic protection
• Suction tubes, 2 piece(s), 0.5m, 35mm
• Wet and dry floor nozzle, switchable floor nozzle with 2 rubber & 2 brush strips
• Flat pleated filter, in removable filter cartridge
• Fleece filter bag, 1 piece(s)
• Blower function
• Parking position
• Filter cleaning
• Drain screw
• Accessory storage on the device
• Adapter for connecting power tools
• Flexible tool hose, 1 m, 35 mm
• Automatic on/off switch
• Sturdy bumper
• Performance regulation
• Comfortable 3-in-1 carrying handle
• Turn switch (On/Off)
• Storage compartment for keeping small parts
• 2 Year Warranty

Real suction power (Air Watt): 260
Energy use (W): 1300
Container capacity (l): 30
Container material: Stainless steel
Power cable (m): 6
Standard accessory ID (mm): 35
Voltage (V): 220 / 240
Weight without accessories (kg): 10.5
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 418 x 382 x 694

Product code: 1.348-275.0

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Customer questions

Questions and answers

2 votes
q: What is the general recombination concerning dust bags... Should you use them or it can operate long term with out them with no lasting damage.
a: Generally Kärcher would always recommend the use of bags; Extra filtration meaning minimal risk to the filter becoming blocked (blocked filters is the biggest killer of vacuums and is NOT a warranty issue) No bag means the filter is the one and only level of protection – bags are filtered with 2 or 3 ply. The waste is dealt with and doesn’t become airborne when the bag is removed. No bag means the container has to be tipped out and the dust has the risk of being airborne when being emptied and if it’s in an outdoor skip then also has the risk of the wind collecting it and moving it around the site. Ultimately it depends what you are planning to vacuum up to whether there will be longer-term issues caused by not using a bag. Bag optional materials; Water / liquid waste – DO NOT USE BAG Large particle waste (untreated wood chip) Household dust (general household vacuuming) Bag essential materials; Finer dusts (cement, plaster) Carcinogenic material; Treated timber Ply MDF Silica product (all masonry product) Gib Plaster If you are a commercial user then you MUST follow the material manufactures Safety Data Sheet (SDS) which will give instructions on how to manage the dust / waste. If you decide against a bag and vacuum finer dusts then the vacuum will have a shorter lifespan as well as filter will need to be changed regularly (should never clean a filter as the worst of the worst is trapped in it). If the filter is not changed then this will likely be the killer of the vacuum as less air will pass through the filter which in turn means less air cooling the motor (as well as loss of performance of the vacuum). The reduction in air sees the motor temperatures increase until either the motor or bearing is cooked. This is not a warranty issue. So basically always use a bag where you can.
By Trade Tested on May 4, 2020
1 vote
q: Would this model cope with sucking up water on a floor - approx 6 litres max at a time?
a: Yes definitely.
By Trade Tested on July 7, 2020
1 vote
q: Is this ideal for carpet or would you recommend another one?
a: This would be great on carpet.
By Trade Tested on March 16, 2020
1 vote
q: Would this unit work in a frozen environment , at say -25 degrees ?
a: On paper this should be fine, however if it is a moisture rich environment then the machine could freeze. Plus you might be better with a plastic waste container instead of the S/S.
By Trade Tested on September 16, 2019
0 votes
q: Can I use this for my home carpets and loung suit
a: Yes you can definitely.
By Trade Tested on March 31, 2020
0 votes
q: If a power tool is over 1000W----What happens.---Thanks for info.
a: It will cut out.
By Trade Tested on January 6, 2020
0 votes
q: Does the powertool switch the vacuum on and off when the powertool is switched on and off ?
a: Yes it does.
By Trade Tested on August 29, 2019
0 votes
q: How big items can be sucked by this vacum cleaner? I am just doing some renovation in my house where small stone size jib board particles need to be vacumed. Will this vacum cleaner suit this?
a: Yes this would work great for something like that.
By Trade Tested on July 1, 2019
0 votes
q: Morning can you tell me what the power tool out rating is in watts and can this be used with out bags for dust extraction
a: It's 1000W, yes you can use it without bags.
By Trade Tested on March 25, 2019
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.9 out of 5 stars from 16 reviews
Basil Dunedin

Great Product

11 days ago


Very versatile, gives you that "good" quality feel. Extremely powerful suction and even though it is recommended for commercial use we use it for domestic especially with having two in-house dogs. This machine has no problem picking up ALL dog hair. Highly recommend.

Woody Waikato

Worth it

about 1 month ago


Ideal for vacuuming on building site work, garage, vehicles and out door patio areas etc. strong construction and suction. Worth the cost.

DHam Te Awamutu

Excellent vacuum

4 months ago


Purchased 2 of these for our motel where they are used every day. Lightweight and easy to move around, adjustable suction is great - turn it up for more suction or keep on low - medium for standard cleaning. Haven't used as a wet vac yet but having that option is great. Note it is quite loud on full suction.

Skelly Blenheim


5 months ago


Great product at a great price.

Neat and tidy Auckland

a true sucker

7 months ago


I purchased a Karcher vacuum cleaner for our house in France. I was so impressed with the Karcher, I looked for one here in NZ. After I quick search online, I found one at Trade Tested. The Karcher WD6 Premium Wet and Dry Vacuum is the most powerful and efficient vacuum cleaner I have ever used. Where had it been all my 'housecleaning' life I wondered.... I have previously owned other brands and paid double for those vacuum cleaners compared to the cost of the Karcher. Not only were the others brands expensive, they were like hoovering up sucking through a straw compared to the very powerful Karcher. If every household was offered a Karcher...their other vacuum cleaners wouldn't get used again. There's certainly no going back for me!

Karl Auckland

Best vac I ever had

7 months ago


Had mine for about 5 years onsite and at home it’s incredible just keeps going Might have to get another as there are fights over it at site at cleanup time.

Shane Auckland

Karcher Vac

7 months ago


Great strong vac and been very handy with the extra attachments to connect to sanders and saw to keep the dust down. Only thing missing would be a smaller bush for the Vac.

Julie Auckland

Good workhorse

8 months ago


We use these vacuum cleaners in some fairly harsh conditions on a daily basis and they work really well.

Sam Manson Hamilton

Home and Renovation Capable

11 months ago


I am in love with this vacuum! I purchased the home-use head as well and it is the most amazing vacuum for the house. I have used it for sanding fine dust from plaster with the attachment to connect the sander directly to the vacuum and it is the most spectacular design. I rate this vacuum very highly!

The Basu Wellington

Excellent Wet & Dry Vacuum

about 1 year ago


Another gem from Karcher ... the WD6 Premium Wet & Dry Vacuum is really an excellent product ... it does what Karcher says it will. A+++++++

Mowog Wellington

Great suction and features

about 1 year ago


Bought for workshop, and first task was to suck up dust from grinding concrete floor. The vacuum was impressive, albeit the amount of concrete dust meant frequent clearing of the flat filter. I vacuumed the workshop window sills and frames - its sucked the paint off! (was on MAX; you can dial the machine down). Attached it to electric sander on timber - excellent. Easily sucks up gravel, and dust in timber floor gaps untouched by household type vacuum. Overall, really impressed; recommended.

Chrissy Manawatu


about 1 year ago


I purchased this vacuum cleaner as I had just killed two others! I have been renovating my home, and trying to vacuum up all the plaster dust and grime from sanding, and the other vacuum cleaners couldn't handle it. I appreciated the variable speed, as it means I can vacuum the dust, without taking off the protective coverings. I'm also looking forward to using it with my tools, another reason I bought it. I have been using it successfully without bags, and love the large container in which everything gets sucked into. :) It's making my life so much easier, for which I am most grateful!

Chrissy Otorohanga


about 1 year ago


Very happy with this purchase. Good suction and blower function a bonus.

Art Auckland

great product

over 3 years ago


great product, fast delivery, totally recommend. Its also a well designed aesthetic product too when usually most vacuums are far more utility than look.

Thisisangusyo Auckland

Very strong and versatile product

over 3 years ago


No issues so far, very powerful and meets expectations.

Barnzie Auckland

WD6 Wet and Dry Vacuum

over 4 years ago


We were ill prepared for the first storm that hit Auckland and decided to arm ourselves with something that could cope in the event of a further storm. Two weeks later Cyclone Debbie struck. Our machine was turned on and it just ran almost continuous ( apart from small stop to empty contents) cleaning up everything that was put in front of it....... I have no hesitation what so ever to give this machine a 15 point rating out of 10 ......Well done Karcher

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