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Steam Cleaners

An upright steam mop keeps homes looking clean, even in those hard-to-reach places. We offer an extensive range of steam cleaners that help remove stubborn stains, grease, and grime from hard surfaces with high-temperature steam power. Make cleaning a breeze with a great steam mop from Trade Tested online or in-store.

Our efficient steam mops and cleaning accessories

Our lightweight Kärcher steam cleaner range can smoothly sanitise your carpets, walls, ovens, curtains, and other parts of your house with only water - no harsh chemicals needed. These versatile cleaner machines heat up in just 30 seconds and feature two-stage steam settings so you can increase the pressure to tackle stubborn dirt and stains. Their built-in swivel head lets you deep clean around tight spots on hard floors.

What is the purpose of a steam cleaner in your home?

By using high temperatures to force grease and grime out of surfaces, steam cleaning leaves your home feeling hygienic and looking spotless without trouble. It has the power to effortlessly freshen your stove top, oven, windows, upholstery, bathroom mirrors, shower screens… the list is endless. Steam mops go beyond vacuuming by sanitising surfaces and killing dust mites, germs, viruses, and household bacteria.

Is steam cleaning suitable for hardwood flooring?

A steam mop services many needs using pressurised steam from its water tank. However, some types of floors can’t take the heat. You should only steam clean on solid, sealed hard floor surfaces, including hardwood, tiles, and concrete. Steam cleaning will damage laminate or faux wood styles.

Keep every corner of your home clean with a Kärcher steam cleaner NZ-wide

Free your floors from bacteria and dirt with the natural power of water using Trade Tested’s range of eco-friendly steam mops. Have a stained carpet you want fixed or a surface in need of sparkling? Shop our stock of cleaning tools today so you can get the job done right. Check out our collections of storage and shelving and heating and cooling products to further elevate your home. Don’t hesitate to contact the Trade Tested team for more advice on the best option for you and your home.