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Shade Sail Square 3.6m x 3.6m Graphite

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Don’t spend the summer getting burnt. Give your family and friends some shade with one of these awesome shade sails. At 3.6 x 3.6m it’s the perfect size for a small patio, deck or backyard.

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Product overview

Product overview

Don’t spend the summer getting burnt. Give your family and friends some shade with one of these awesome shade sails. At 3.6 x 3.6m it’s the perfect size for a small patio, deck or backyard. Each sail is made from a heavy 280gsm marine grade fabric, proven to block out over 90% of those harmful UV rays.

These sails are super easy to put up and just as easy to move around if you need to do a bit of rearranging. With a 10 year warranty, you can be sure they’ll provide you and your friends sunny but safe good times all summer long.

• Blocks more than 90% of UV rays
• Neutral graphite colour
• 10 year fabric warranty against UV degradation

Dimensions: 3.6m x 3.6m (corner ring to corner ring)
Material: 100% Polyester waterproof fabric with polyurethane coating
Weight: 280g/m²
Webbing: 25mm polyester webbing
Corner ring: 5mm Stainless steel D-ring

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Customer questions

Questions and answers

1 vote
q: Can the shade sails be left up all year round?
a: Yes you can, that's not to say they won't last longer if you take them in for the worst of the winter.
By Trade Tested on November 12, 2020
0 votes
q: How difficult is it to put up and take down? Would someone need to climb a ladder to detach it?
a: Yes if you've installed at a height that is practical for walking under then you'll need a ladder - these need to be properly tensioned to allow water runoff, so it'll will definitely take more time to re-install than putting up an umbrella.
By Trade Tested on January 17, 2021
3 votes
q: When you say waterproof, do you mean they can be left out in the rain? Or they will stop rain from getting through to the the deck below?
a: They prevent rain getting through, so make sure it is as taut as possible and installed with sufficient angle for the water to run off.
By Trade Tested on February 7, 2019
-2 votes
q: I want a 2.0 x 2.4 with a grommet midway on the long side. Can you do a custom for a Motorhome?
a: No we don't do custom sizing.
By Trade Tested on December 4, 2020
1 vote
q: Are the shade sails waterproof?
a: Yes they are.
By Trade Tested on January 15, 2019
0 votes
q: How is it attached when up?
a: It depends where you are putting it up really, we sell a general fixing kit with pad eyes and tensioner turnbuckles, however you may need a more specialised solution.
By Trade Tested on January 6, 2020
0 votes
q: Are the measurements correct 3.6 x 3.6 x 3.6 x 3.6?
a: Yes that's correct, each side is 3.6m.
By Trade Tested on October 30, 2019
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.3 out of 5 stars from 67 reviews
Andrew Christchurch


2 months ago


The image shows a darker shade than actual product shade (we viewed this across a number of monitors) 'graphite' is a long bow to draw give the actual sail is a actually a light grey shade rather than graphite.

Nothappy Waikato

Too bad if it rains

3 months ago


There is nowhere for the rain to go so it just sunk in the middle breaking the shakles

Reply from Trade Tested

This unit had a fault and we have refunded the customer.
Hoey Northland

Shade sail

4 months ago


Very nice

Very happy customer. Taradale Napier

Shade sail and fiings.

4 months ago


Just as described. Not the first time I have bought from Trade Tested Highly recommend.

Jan Tauranga


4 months ago


Their products are just as wonderful and my latest purchase of the shade sail is absolutely perfect for what I required. Very good quality. Jan

Magic mike Auckland

shade sail

4 months ago


Very disappointed in the quality and make of this product, I am very dubious how long the trade tested one will last.

None Auckland

Accurate description

4 months ago


Good looking sail with strong attachment rings. I was pleased it was supplied with four ropes to enable me to install it straight away.

Gaza Manawatu

Shade Sail

5 months ago


We wanted a right angle triangle shade sail and the best way to do it was to get a square and fold it to make it a triangle. It works great.

Feeling Greatful Bay of Plenty

Shade Sail Square 3.6 m x 3.6 m Graphite

5 months ago


Shade sail completely waterproof and provides lovely shade cover. Works well against sun.

Jen Coromandel

Shade sail

5 months ago


This is great quality for the price and looks awesome up.

Lynn Central Hawkes Bay

Shade sail

5 months ago


We are stoked with our sail, easy to install and does what it's meant to do, highly recommend.

Wayne Waihi Beach

Great buy

6 months ago


Very pleased with price and quality.

Tasiwi Wellington

Great Value

6 months ago


The Shade sail is very robustly made and sets up well especially if you purchase the pad eyes and snap shackles. Looking forward to some sunny days to test it out. The Wairarapa is a bit wet at present!

Kerry Sinclair Norrhland

shade sail

6 months ago


Very happy with our 3.6m x 3.6m shade sail, it is waterproof, in fact I'm sitting under it at the moment and it's raining.

Craig Te Aroha

ticks all the boxes

7 months ago


Just what I needed, covers the area needed and looks great.

Shy Auckland

Good product for the price

8 months ago


Over all good product for the price you pay. I installed this for my Deck cover and pleased with the result expect the water pocket that form during rain. I did give good 30cm fall between the front and back of the sale. The sail is not totally water proof - heavery rain and poor install design does affect. Just a note to follow DIY's - there is better design to get rid of this issue - "hypar sail twist" do look up on google for more details - this creates a twist in your sail and is better during rain and wind.

Collins Hawke's Bay

shade sail

8 months ago


happy as


SHADE SAIL 3.6M x 3.6M

11 months ago



JT Hamilton

Square shade sail 3.6m×3.6m

about 1 year ago


Awesome quality product.

Shanick Bay of Plenty

Shade sail

about 1 year ago


Well made and versatile product, 100% waterproof as expected, great product

Charlie Auckland

All Good

about 1 year ago


null Worked as designed

Sy Palmerston north

Shade sail square

about 1 year ago


It is perfect for where I wanted it.

Jaye Hawkes Bay


about 1 year ago


This sail blocks the sun but literally catches rain. The fabric doesn't let any water through it and it sags terribly under the weight of the water it collects.

Robyn Waikato

3.6m square shade sail

about 1 year ago


Once we'd got this fixed right (using the fixing kit sold by Trade Tested) this has worked well. Initially the shade sail ponded when it rained but we adjusted it so 3 of the corners are at the same height with the 4th corner 800 mm lower. Then we tightened it to the max - this is the secret, I believe. It has withstood strong winds and heavy rain.

Gil Auckland

square sail

about 1 year ago


fitted as measured, ans works extemely well, colour suited our palate, fixings very simple

Jack Auckland

Sail sags in middle and holds water

about 1 year ago


The shade sail does provide good shade, but seems to be very loose through the middle. Despite using tie-down ratchets to tighten it when installing, the middle fills up with water when it rains. I have the low end about 600mm lower than the high end, but it obviously needs a more extreme angle. Based on a single story fascia height, this means the low side would have to be uncomfortably low.

Pete Auckland

Shade sail excellent

about 1 year ago


I got one a couple of years ago and it is still great. The thing to remember is to get it at the right slope angle so it does not fill with water. I found using a ratchet tie to pull the corners tight before hooking them on to the "D" rings was the best. Also get at least one corner lower than the rest and that is where your water will run to. Mine runs to a garden bed beside the drive. These are great and I'm after another one.

BJ Hawke's Bay

Shade Sail #.6 x 3.6

about 1 year ago


Excellent recommend it

Blacknz13 Auckland

Excellent Shade Sail

about 1 year ago


Great quality, sturdy and excellent value for money when comparing to those sold in the hardware stores. Highly recommended.

Cat Auckland

Good shade

about 1 year ago


The sail gives really good shade and is nice looking, but it is virtually impossible to hang without it sagging in the middle so when it rains, it fills up with water despite one corner being on the required slope and lower than the other corners. Hence I have had to mickey one corner and slacken the tension so that I can quickly undo it when it rains. Overall, I am not very happy with it and would rather have one that is not waterproof.

Arbo Bay of Plenty

Not bad for the price

about 1 year ago


Good quality, delivered quickly. However, found that even with the corners tensioned very tightly, the centre sags down quite low. Extremely waterproof, as we found, when it rained and filled up with water!

DK Auckland


about 1 year ago


After installing a 5x5, I declined to install my 3.6x3.6 because: These sails look great BUT, unless you take them down for rainy days, they STRETCH, water pools and that only causes them to stretch more! Retensioning is a PITA and will require frequent adjusting of corner tie-downs as conditions deteriorate. Creating a steep-sided "tent" seems to ease this problem but is an "ugly" semi-solution.

Me South Canterbury

Product fine

about 1 year ago


This product is of good quality. But found it was not right for my space. Have given it to my son

D Sánchez mount


about 1 year ago


Product is not the size mentioned, the shade area is approximately 3.1 by 3.1. Delivery good, a bit of a shame

Dee Auckland

My shelter

about 1 year ago


Excellent buy. Does exactly what I wanted it to do

Temanu Waikato

Shade Sail Square 3.6m x 3.6m Graphite

about 1 year ago


As advertised. Superbly packaged and prompt delivery. Can't expect anything else!

Lankylad Bay of Plenty

Shade Sail Square 3.6m x 3.6m Graphite

over 2 years ago


The purchasing process was easy, product arrived in quick time. Excellent product, looks great on our batch deck.

Yvette Otago

Shade Sail review

over 2 years ago


Fantastic product. Its certainly done its job this summer!!

Wayno Manawatu

Shade sail

over 2 years ago


Haven't installed yet, but, on the basis of price. The shade sail was better priced than similar ones at other shops.

Karen Roberts Hamilton

Shade Sail Square 3.6m x 3.6m Graphite

over 2 years ago


Great Shade Sail. Easy to erect. Very good quality and reasonably priced. I would certainly shop Trade Tested first again

Mark Auckland

Simple shelter

over 2 years ago


We used this to create a quick shelter for our horses, but it turned out to be great quality and we will get more for ourselves.

X Waikato


over 2 years ago


Good quality, works well in both sun and rain

J Nelson

Value for money

over 2 years ago


The sail is generally well constructed and, for the price, it effectively serves its purpose. The D-rings are quite a light grade but seem to do the job. Webbing connections are thinner than ideal but again seem to do the job. The sail shape isn't great for properly tensioning the whole sail, but is still close enough to be usable. Overall, this is the cheapest sail I found in this shape and size and it does what it's meant to. Unsure yet what life it will get. Highly recommend this sail for a budget buyer.

Wazza Waikato

Shade sail

over 2 years ago


Great product, very strong and gives excellent shade

Romeo Southland

Excellent Product

over 2 years ago


We've been so happy with this shade sail that we've purchased another. Excellent quality and colour to product advertised.

Notideal Auckland

Shade Sail Square 3.6m x 3.6m Beige

over 2 years ago


Worked fine and looked good until it rained. I had over a 1 meter drop-off between the top and the bottom but this was obviously not enough as it still filled with water and has stretched the sail. I pulled it down after 24 hours. I am sure it would work fine but needs a bigger drop-off than 1m.The measurements are also not as specified as the 3.6m is a bit more than the corner measurements only so the actual coverage for shade from the sail is quite a bit less than specified. Maybe this should be added into the specifications as I needed the full 3.6m which I now don't have.

Tae Auckland


over 3 years ago


Excellent for the summer days

Rob Nelson

Shade sails

over 3 years ago


Great products true to type arrived really quickly

John Whitianga

Shade Sail

over 3 years ago


Great product - super fast delivery.

Laurie. Bay of Plenty

Shade Sail.

over 3 years ago


Good prompt service.Sail did stretch a bit but seems to have settled and is waterproof.

Reido Wellington

Shane sale

over 3 years ago


Hi brought this shade sale which has worked well and does its job well especially in high winds but when I take it down to Store away and fold up with toe downs.

Trekkie Taranaki

Better than would think for price.

over 3 years ago


Was surprised to find this is fully waterproof. No instructions so put all connections at same height caused it to fill up like a pool. Should have instructions with recommended fitting instructions. Lower one corner like pic on website now fine.One to thing you do have to do also is crank the tension till super tight.

Tony Whakatane

Shade sail

over 3 years ago


Swt trade and sail no complaints stands up to strong winds

Nippy Wellington

Shade sail

over 3 years ago


I have found this product to be very good and it has done the job I brought it for I had it water proofed and now can have a bbq while it is raining lightly

Martin Bay of Islands

Shade Sail

over 4 years ago


We brought 2 of these and they are great shades, have worked well for us. Thansk

Dong Auckland

Great product

over 4 years ago



Y Southland

Size is not accurate

over 4 years ago


You should note; 3.6m is corner to corner measurement. As all 4 edges are curved in quite a lot its effective measurement is actually 3m x 3m. When I was viewing this before purchase I wanted to know if I need to buy either snap hooks or D shackles to attach it to the eyes on the wall so asked a question on chat, the lady said "It comes with D rings" so I decided the D rings were sprit open type and can be attached to the eyes directly but were not. If the instruction from this company was a little clearer I could've ordered small hardwares at the same time and could save the freight. But otherwise it is a good product, just be aware this square shape is not as strong as triangle shape against wind it tend to move up & down alot even stretched tight.

Wogan Lower Hutt

Shade Sail

over 4 years ago


Servce great product as I excpected in quality and installation

Lianne Auckland

You gotta get one!

over 4 years ago


I'm hoping Santa might, these ppl have such good products. I tell everyone

Scootagal Auckland

Wow! I'm going to get myself one of these, so my grandsons, and little canary don't get Sun burnt

over 4 years ago


You have wonderful products , I purposely save money so I can get something I need, stripped bean sofa! "Da bomb"! You gotta get one folks, sleep outside in this weather. :)

PL. Far north

Shade sail

over 4 years ago


Great sun shade. Easy to erect. Well made. Cheers.

Racerjeff Picton


over 4 years ago


Couldnt get the size we wanted so got this one and had it narrowed and works perfect grate price.

MrRick Palmerston North

Very dark shade

over 4 years ago


Darker than most shade sails. almost water proof. Most shade sail let rain through. this one collects it in a puddle and stretches. Not ideal..but does provide shade

Alex Kaikohe

Great product

over 4 years ago


Great price. An excellent product.

Hayseed Auckland

Shade Sail Square.

over 5 years ago


It's is a lot stronger that we thought. Great quality for the price.

Jan West auckland

New use, used it as shade cloth over the conservatory.

over 5 years ago


Impressed by the finish, easy to fit, looks the thing, time will tell. If it can handle NZ sun it can handle anything!

Magpie Manawatu

Well Made

over 5 years ago


A very well made close weave cloth that hangs really well

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