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Trampolines in NZ

Superfly Trampolines are designed in NZ for Kiwi kids of all ages. With oversized springs for bigger bounce and tough safety nets, your kids will love this healthy gift for years to come. Perfect for some free fitness or just getting maximum air time, the hardest part will be getting them off it. Get bouncing today!

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When it comes to having fun outside, a trampoline can be an excellent addition to any yard or garden. At Trade Tested, we have a large variety of trampolines online, and some of the best trampolines in New Zealand. We stock 15-foot, 14-foot, 12-foot, 10-foot and 8-foot trampolines so our customers can choose the best size for their backyard or play area. Our Superfly X trampolines are tested and designed to be some of the safest on the market today. Kiwi kids from ages 4 to 94 can enjoy them. The trampoline mat consists of a durable, tightly-woven, UV resistant, American-made material, and it was designed especially for New Zealand's unpredictable weather. The safety features for these trampolines include rust-resistant galvanised steel, durable PVC foam mats, a strong and durable safety net, curved net poles, and an easy-to-climb ladder. All of these components make our New Zealand trampolines some of the safest on the current market. Your kids will be able to play without any additional worry on your part. Each spring is tapered and super-sized. This means that your kids will get the most fly time with our premium trampolines. Additionally, the springs won't lose any of their elasticity as the years go by, making this one of the best trampolines in New Zealand. Both kids and adults will be able to have fun for years to come. We stock these trampolines online and you can have yours shipped to your door. The stylish black powder finish over the steel pieces contrasts sharply with the yellow trim to create an eye-catching and sleek design that will stand out in just about any yard. All Superfly X trampolines include a free ground anchor kit so your trampoline is anchored and ready for whatever mother nature wants to throw your way.