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14ft Trampolines in NZ

Ready to get the kids out of the house to enjoy the awesome weather outside? A 14ft trampoline is exactly what you need. Our 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft or 15ft trampolines are a great source of fun and exercise. If you’re looking for a generously sized, quality trampoline to bring hours of fun to your backyard, our 14-foot trampoline model will be perfect for you.
Our trampolines are designed to provide Kiwi kids with hours of safe fun. Our Superfly range goes through careful testing to ensure jumpers are safe at all times. Reversible PVC pads, sturdy galvanised steel support frames, and a safety net allow for maximum user safety. For hot summer days, pick up our Superfly X Water Mister Kit and attach your garden hose to get the coolest bouncing experience yet. We know you’re busy. There are other things you’d rather do with your time than put trampoline parts together. Our 14ft trampoline sets are easy to assemble with the fewest parts possible, providing maximum strength for bouncers of all ages. Trade Tested 14-foot trampolines in NZ come with an easy-to-climb ladder and a ground anchor kit. Ready for hours of trampoline games and bouncing in the sun? Order your very own trampoline online today or visit our Auckland store.