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Monster Chipper Shredder 6.5HP

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Powered by a 196cc engine, this Monster 6.5HP petrol wood chipper will tackle even the toughest branches without breaking a sweat. With a massive side chute you’ll be able to feed it branches up to 80mm in diameter and get mulch in return.

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Product overview

Product Overview

Powered by a 196cc engine, this Monster 6.5HP petrol wood chipper will tackle even the toughest branches without breaking a sweat. With a massive side chute you’ll be able to feed it branches up to 80mm in diameter and get mulch in return. It's powerful and quick and is guaranteed to last for years.

Feed bushy branches or straight out thick timber into this beast and watch as the multi-directional discharge (MDD) spreads valuable mulch to your desired location. And with the ability to attach or feed direct to bag, you can take your mulch anywhere.

The Monster also features twin-cut technology - an amazing system that virtually doubles chip output, coupled with superior forged counter-blades.

So whether you're tidying up from a heavy prune or overcoming some thick scrub, this unit will take care of it with ease.

Comes with 2 Year Trade Tested Parts & Labour Warranty.

• 6.5HP 196cc Lifan Petrol Engine OHV 4-stroke – single cylinder, air cooled
• Pull start
• 80mm limb diameter capacity
• Twin reversible chipping blades
• Adjustable discharge chute (180 degrees)
• Advanced centrifugal clutch
• Low oil shut down
• Safety kill switch

Blade speed: 2250RPM
Blade length: 150mm
Belt: High quality V-belts (x2)
Starting System: Pull start
Fuel volume: 6.5L
Inlet hopper size: 160 x 138mm
Hopper opening size: 580mm x 480mm
Outlet size: 158 x 98mm
Wheels: 16" x 8.0-7

Carton dimensions: 87 x 55.5 x 85cm
Gross weight: 100kg
Net weight: 85kg

Remember when using a chipper shredder to take proper safety precautions and follow the recommended operating instructions. Always wear appropriate personal protection equipment.

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Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.8 out of 5 stars from 10 reviews
The Brades Otago

Should have bought earlier

4 months ago

2018-04-02 20:46:07

This is a great addition to our large garden. I should have bought one many years ago. Starts easily and runs well. It will chip quite large branches. I trimmed 2.5 meters off the top of my Douglas Fir hedge and it chipped it all no problems.

Dr Bob Waikato

Great chipper

4 months ago

2018-03-19 23:19:35

When I first started using the chipper I wasn't too enamored as it clogged a bit. But I think that was either a result of the engine settling in or just getting used to prep needed with branches to avoid blockages. Since the first couple of days I have run it a lot as I had a huge amount of branches piled up to get through and it has been fantastic. Capacity is awesome - takes up to 100mm and anything better I cut for firewood - runs like a dream. Great purchase particularly compared to the cost of branded stuff.

Sardit\ Manawatu

Great product

10 months ago

2017-10-02 10:38:16

This chipper was on a great special when i bought it and after over 40 hours of use i can truthfully say it is worth its money. The stats listed are in the low side of what the machine is capable of. The manual for instance lists a higher diameter branch then the site. It has never failed to start first pull aside from user error like still having it to off. Fuel economy is good it will easily run 4 hours on a tank. Though heavy it is still quite mobile able to navigate small garden paths and narrow doors. With ramps its easy to load on a trailer. Slopes also aren't a problem to drag it up. The quality of the chip varies with the wood used, conifers dont give the greatest looking stuff and require some attention when feeding it in the hopper or you may block the chute but aside from that i have no negative comments. If you are looking for something to easily do some mulching on site this will take and chip stuff quickly. It will easily go through wood i probably should keep as firewood.

Meme Waikato

Eats almost anything

10 months ago

2017-10-01 22:47:25

This chipper is easy to use. It's munched some huge piles of hedge into useful barrow loads. The chute is easy to feed especially for a short person. The pull cord at waist level is no trouble even though I have a bad back. Some issues: the instruction booklet is a bit sparse. I had a couple of blockages that turned out to be low revs on very small twigs. It's quite heavy so I move it on bits of iron over the grass. I have also added small wheels to the flat bottom bar, otherwise impossible to get back up a slope into shed. Good option for short person on a budget !

Liz Whanganui

A great asset

10 months ago

2017-10-01 21:57:37

This thing is amazing. It goes through wood so fast I think it would take 4 blokes with organised piles using it at once before anyone would need to wait. We've used it to it clean up after pruning shelter belts, and to thin out native areas and use the mulch to provide ground cover for growing plants, but also make paths

Gaza Tauranga

monster Chipper

about 1 year ago

2017-06-01 10:15:13

A great product for the price my only complaint would be the kill switch system which is too sensitive and too easy to activate.

Bill Northland

chipper shredder

about 1 year ago

2017-03-27 08:52:18

Great machine for its size,6.5hp .it seems more powerful than that .I have been pruning apple & plum trees. I wish I had one years ago to save me burning or taking the prunings to the land fill at great cost Great delivery service,here within 5days.

GW Taranaki

A great chipping & mulching ability.

about 1 year ago

2017-01-12 03:45:00

The large blades make chipping of larger branches no trouble. It mulches smaller twigs etc. with ease & all to a consistent size. It can clog the exit if wet & juicy material

Michael Auckland

Great little "monster"

about 1 year ago

2016-12-13 04:56:41

I have bought this chipping machine one month ago to help me clear the over grown backyard of my rental house. I was a bit reluctant at the beginning to buy this model as I have some large trees, but it worked out ok, the machine is capable of chipping quite large branches. I managed to get in 3 weekends 2 caged trailer loads of mulch and 2 caged trailer loads of large branches and trunks. Quite impressive volume reduction of green waste, didn’t measure but I guess it was around 10 to 1. The thinks I like about this machine are it’s power, runs for hours at a time and it’s compact size. It is narrow enough to fit through the basement door, in reality is much smaller than it looks in the picture but has a very big mouth, the chute fits fairly big branches. One petrol tank lasts around half day of continuous running. It is truly a chipping machine, the leaves and small branches come out almost untouched. I found the hard way that not all trees are suitable for mulching. I managed to jam it twice, once with some small shrub branches that clogged the output, second time with some pine skin that got stripped of the branch instead of being cut and went between the drum holder for the blades and the casing. In both occasions I had to dismantle the chute and the output to remove the offending material from the blades. Apart from these incidents it does a good job, I think is money well spent. I already recovered the cost of the machine by saving on the cost of removal of the green waste. In the past I had hired chipping machines from Hirepool of similar ratings (80 mm branches), this little monster is actually capable of chipping larger branches despite its smaller size. The grade of the mulch produced is quite course though. If waste reduction is your goal, I highly recommend this machine.

Dave Auckland

Plenty of Grunt

about 1 year ago

2016-09-30 00:41:52

I have been using the Chipper for 2 weeks cleaning up Macrocarpa branches and other than a few loose screws holding the muffler guard on it just keeps chopping & shredding hard out.

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