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Mitre Saws

Mitre saws, or drop saws, are designed to take on the toughest cutting jobs with precise performance. Excelling in straight, consistent cuts and bevels, they’re a staple of any woodworker’s bench. Whether you’re looking to build cabinets, a deck, or a fence, Trade Tested has powerful mitre saws at a great price. Purchase your drop saw NZ-wide online or in-store.

What is a mitre saw or drop saw used for?

A mitre saw is the quickest way to make crosscuts, angled cuts, and bevels in various materials. These tough power tools are set on the table, so all you need to do to achieve an accurate cut is feed the workpiece through the circular blade. Mitre saws are especially suited for carpentry tasks like cutting moulding, trimming, and framing. View our full range to find the right mitre saw for you!

Compound mitre saws

Our Makita sliding compound mitre saw features an 1800W motor for unparalleled cutting depth. It adjusts for mitre cuts up to 60° to the left and right and bevel cuts up to 48°. In addition, the dual-stage dust collector provides an exceptional extraction rate. View our Flash compound mitre saws that can rip through the toughest cutting materials. The highly accurate laser guide system ensures consistent cuts every time.

Table saws

Get high-precision wood-cutting power with our mighty Makita 1500W table saw. This saw features an extendable base, a mitre gauge for accessories, a high-accuracy rip fence, and a saw stand.

Mitre saw stands

These robust steel stands fold for easy transport and storage, support a maximum load capacity of 150kg, and extend up to 2m. Quick-release mounting brakes are designed to efficiently mount and release your saw.

Mitre saw blades

View our wide range of slide compound mitre blades with varying diameters designed to fit Flash saw products.

What are the three types of mitre saws?

The three types of mitre saws are standard, compound, and sliding compound. Standard saws can only cut horizontal angles. Compound saws, such as the Flash Laser Compound Mitre Saw, can also cut on vertical angles to bevel your material. Sliding compound saws, including our Flash Laser Slide Compound Mitre Saws and Makita Drop Saw range, allow the blade to slide, increasing the saw’s ability to cut large boards.

How to choose the best drop saw for your needs

The main things to consider when picking your ideal mitre saw are blade size and motor power. Our range covers blade sizes from 210mm to 310mm - the bigger the blade, the bigger the cut. The power of the motor will affect the saw’s performance, an essential thing to note if you’re handling tough tasks.

What should you never cut with a mitre saw?

When using mitre saws, avoid cutting dense or fragile materials that the blade isn’t designed for. These include ferrous metals (like steel and iron), stone, and glass.

Order your mitre saw online today for quick and accurate cuts

Order your new mitre saw to experience outstanding cutting power for high-torque applications. No matter your current project, Trade Tested has the power tool products to keep you powered up and on top of your jobs - view our other saws like reciprocating saws and jigsaws, or check out our drills and wallpaper steamers. Shop online or in-store today.