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Keep food items fresh with our bottom-mount fridge freezer, side-by-side fridge freezer, and mini bar fridge range. You’ll have all the room you need to store groceries, drinks, and more. If you’re looking for a new fridge packed with innovative features, look no further than Trade Tested - order the right refrigerator for your family today.
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Keep food fresh in stainless steel fridge freezers

At Trade Tested, we’ve got two types of larger fridges: the 323L bottom-mount fridge freezer and the 532L side-by-side fridge freezer. Both offer ample storage space with multiple drawers for fresh and frozen foods alike, replacing the need for separate chest freezers. Features include LED light interiors, fast cooling, and optimum cooling management in temperature fluctuations. Each appliance is fitted with a frost-free management system to freeze goods without all the icicles that usually come with the process. What’s more, the sleek design of these stainless steel finish refrigerators with recessed handles is sure to suit any modern kitchen.

Cool off with mini bar fridges

Perfect for baches and backyard bars, our single-door 122L fridges feature a smaller fridge cavity designed to keep beverages and snacks chilled. Each fridge has its very own easy-access can dispenser and a small freezer space for ice, adding to its convenience.

Which fridge is the best for your home

Pick your fridge freezer based on your storage needs. Our largest option, the 532L double-door stainless steel fridge, is suitable for big families who need to store a lot of frozen goods in bulk. Meanwhile, the 323L single-door fridge is better for smaller families. Our bar fridges are only suitable for refrigeration, so they’re best used as secondary storage fridges.

Stay cool with a fridge from Trade Tested

Get a frost-free fridge from Trade Tested with less noise and longer-lasting performance. Check out the rest of our cooling products, including our bar tables, chilly bins, and portable fridges. Discover our top brands and great-quality items online today.