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Our Karcher Products

Enjoy sparkling, streak-free windows, benchtops, showers, and mirrors with our selection of window vacuums. Enjoy a cordless operation, with the LED display indicating the remaining running time. Vacuum wet and dry dirt simultaneously with our wet and dry vacuum range - no need to stop and change the filter as you go. Connect these versatile machines to your power tools for dust extraction needs. For a deep chemical-free clean, shop Karcher steam cleaners to remove dirt and grime from hard bathroom and kitchen surfaces. The two-stage, 145 °˚C steam pressure control ensures an ultra-quick drying time. Charge through cleaning tasks with our range of floor cleaners. The two-in-one function allows you to mop and vacuum wet and dry dirt at once on wood, stone, or plastic floors. Spruce up your home exterior, shed or garden furniture with a powerful Karcher water blaster. These kits include a spray gun and a rotating wash brush to charge through your cleaning jobs with ease. Reduce cleaning time with car kits, so you can get back to enjoying your weekend. Deck kits include a special wooden surface cleaner to remove debris and bird droppings effortlessly. At Trade Tested, we have the products to fulfill your cleaning needs. Save time and effort cleaning your home and garden with our outdoor products. Browse accessories, including extension poles, filters, and hoses. For more information on our Karcher range, call the team or email us through our contact form.