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Wireless Weather Station & Rain Gauge

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This compact rain gauge is ideal for any weather enthusiast. Be prepared for any weather with this handy unit which measures rainfall, indoor temperature and outdoor temperature.

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Product overview

Product Overview

This compact rain gauge is ideal for any weather enthusiast. Be prepared for any weather with this handy unit which measures rainfall, indoor temperature and outdoor temperature.

This wireless unit displays a wide range of weather measurements, date and time on an easy to read LCD screen. The unit allows you to switch between Celcius and Farenheit, and inches and centimetres for rainfall. The display unit has up to 100m wireless connectivity to the rain gauge making it easy to perch or hang the display where it suits you inside.

The rain gauge is easy to mount outside, using the screws included, is self-emptying and has 24 months battery life meaning you can set and forget.

- Easy to read LCD screen
- Indoor & Outdoor temperature (°F or °C)
- Displays rainfall data in 1 hour, 24 hour, week, month and total since last reset (inch or mm)
- Free standing or wall hung
- Alarm clock
- Calendar
- 12 and 24 hour time display options
- Time zone setting – adjust for your location
- Battery powered display unit with over 12 months’ battery life.

- Transmission Frequency = 433MHz
- Rain gauge and thermometer included.

- Outdoor Temperature Range: -40°C to 65°C
- Indoor Temperature Range: -9.9°C to 60°C
- Rainfall Display Range: 0 to 19,999mm
- Temperature Accuracy ± 1°C

- 2 x AAA batteries (not included)
- 113mm x 67mm x 27.5mm
- Mounted with screws (included)

- 2 x AA batteries (not included)
- 76mm x 150mm x 60mm
- Can be wall hung or stand freely

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Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.3 out of 5 stars from 58 reviews
TK Marlborough


about 1 month ago

2017-10-08 01:28:23

Admittedly, we experienced some user error when we first set this up.. But after resorting top the good ole "turn off, turn on" solution, we were good to go. It's been an excellent little gadget for us ever since! My partner has an odd fascination with rain measurements so this was a surprise gift for our new home and he was thrilled.

Vicar Hawke%27s+Bay

weather station

about 1 month ago

2017-10-01 20:13:38

I quite enjoy waking in these early morning to what is my weather, the only thing I would have liked to make it 5 star would of been an enclosed light.

Fid Takaka

Wireless Weather Station & Rain Gauge

3 months ago

2017-08-08 22:07:10

Very happy with the rain gauge - works very well. Easy to install and set up.

Neil Nelson

weather station

4 months ago

2017-07-26 03:24:54

I have noticed that it drops off the day rain fall each day even I have it set on week. Easy to set up.

Mona Whangarei


4 months ago

2017-07-14 02:13:20

Love our wireless weather station! Small, easy to set up and it works! Exactly what we wanted!

Lori Manawatu

Weather Station

4 months ago

2017-07-13 02:59:13

Super product. Easy to set up and great to know what the weather stats are. Thrilled I bought one of Trade Tested

Sue Rotorua

Weather station

5 months ago

2017-06-20 07:23:43

Good unit.

John Hastings

Nice price

6 months ago

2017-05-25 02:56:04

Seems to be great value for money. Haven't checked it for accuracy but seems ok.

Turtle Blenheim

Rain Gauge

6 months ago

2017-05-12 10:06:03

Am very happy with my Rain gauge and it works very well, would recommend this to anyone

APR Opotiki

Wireless Weather Station & Rain Gauge

7 months ago

2017-04-22 08:03:25

Disappointed as to how quickly the batteries go flat on it otherwise data from it great.

Alan Masterton

Weather Station

8 months ago

2017-03-17 01:34:03

It was cheap and has large, easy to read numbers. I suspect that it reads a bit high, especially the outside temperatures. For the cost it was reasonable value for money.

John Auckland

Easy to Read

8 months ago

2017-03-11 20:12:13

Very Good, Read instructions carefully, it will make setting up a dream,

Jlaffey rangiora

weather station

9 months ago

2017-03-08 00:18:21

very happy with this product

Ronaldo Canterbury

It works!

9 months ago

2017-02-11 18:28:10

After purchasing this, I had initial issues in synchronising the base unit and the remote sensor; however, I then followed the instructions regarding the battery worked! It is accurate and most helpful...a very good buy. Thanks.

Wedmore Canterbury

Accurate & easy to read

10 months ago

2017-02-03 01:18:08

Very good , it's easy to read & was easy to set up, very happy 

Karen Taranaki

Features what was required

10 months ago

2017-01-20 06:09:44

Given as presents both parties very happy.Kare

HMJ Queenstown

Great featues

10 months ago

2017-01-14 02:35:46

Good value for money

TonyR Auckland

Functional !!

10 months ago

2017-01-11 03:12:52

Good clear numbers ... easy read

Sparkydud Otago

Easy to use

about 1 year ago

2016-11-21 10:00:04

Rain gauge is very important to us gardeners as is the temperature. Always amazed at how warm it really is inside when it feels cold. Don't use heating half as much now

Teacosy Bay of Plenty

good wireless

about 1 year ago

2016-11-18 20:33:58

Works well

Cocky Auckland

Great Product

about 1 year ago

2016-11-17 00:23:20

Very easy to setup and use

Mike Cambridge

An essential aid to my waterfall.

about 1 year ago

2016-11-16 21:42:04

A very worthwhile purchase at a very reasonable price which saves me checking a conventional rain gauge daily without leaving the house. It's important to know the rainfall as the chemistry of the water is diluted which is a critical factor for the chlorinator. Only essential information is gathered and reported. The automatic empty function is a boon.

Galaxie Auckland


about 1 year ago

2016-11-15 02:33:26

Simple and accurate. Easy set up. Works really well.

Trev Wellington

Nice looking gadget.

about 1 year ago

2016-11-14 02:42:31

Bit tricky to set up.

Boysie Hawke's Bay

Perfect for what we want

about 1 year ago

2016-11-14 00:27:18

Easy to set up. We wanted a rain gauge! This one empties itself, keeps a record of the day, week and monthly rainfall. Just set it up and let it do it's job! The time and temperatures are so handy too. Perfect for us.

Phil Otago

Easy to read

about 1 year ago

2016-09-03 06:18:29

Simple and accurate. Easy set up. Works really well. 

Rudi Waikato

easy to use

about 1 year ago

2016-07-26 09:42:13

good and gets the job done

Blair Otago

Good product

about 1 year ago

2016-07-08 00:21:18

I would recommend this as it works well.

Abergeldi farm Hawkes Bay

Easy to use

about 1 year ago

2016-07-03 02:22:38

Thrilled with our weather station, easy to read and easy to set up and use.

Oti Manawatu

Very true readings

about 1 year ago

2016-07-02 01:35:13

We love our weather station as it gives very true readings

Geordiem13 Auckland

Good value, simple to use

about 1 year ago

2016-06-26 23:09:02

I've had this about a month. Simple and easy to use.

Charles Nelson

Well received

about 1 year ago

2016-06-19 00:32:26

Bought as a gift. Recipient seems happy after a bit of trial and error following usage instructions.

Tony Coromandel

Works like a charm

about 1 year ago

2016-06-08 00:44:15

Great little device     Easy to set-up

Paula Wellington

great product

about 1 year ago

2016-06-07 18:16:30

wish I had purchased one of these years ago, heaps better than a manual rain gauge.

JD Canterbury

Good product

about 1 year ago

2016-06-07 07:17:45

Works well and was easy to set up

Derek Bay of Plenty

Takes away the guesswork.

about 1 year ago

2016-06-07 06:20:04

Always wanted one of these, now I have it I wonder why I waited so long. Simple to install, take it from me, I'm completely technologically challenged.

RobynT Auckland

Works well

about 1 year ago

2016-06-07 04:17:56

Works well - very happy

Steve Wairarapa

A real beauty

about 1 year ago

2016-06-06 18:58:41

Easy to install and has kept me up to date as to rain fall and temperature especially being on a life style block and needing to ration water and crop frost protection. Could have gone for something more expensive but this weather station has all the features at a modest price.

Fi Marlborough

Great value

about 1 year ago

2016-06-06 04:37:20

Excellent value, great product

CB Auckland

Great unit

about 1 year ago

2016-06-05 10:40:45

We are on tank water so the rain gauge is specially useful and the temperatures, inside and out, are interesting together with the maximum and minimum readings.

Brownie Manakau Otaki

Simple and Effective

about 1 year ago

2016-06-05 06:39:41

Installed 5 weeks ago, reliable and easy to set up with large character displays.

Beau Dunedin

The time, indoor and outdoor temperatures, in both centrigrade and fahrenheit, as well as rainfall.

about 1 year ago

2016-06-05 01:23:59

I have had one of the same for a couple of years, and recently purchased another to have one positioned at the front of the house and the other in the back.

Jules BOP

Yes - great little unit

about 1 year ago

2016-05-28 19:45:35

Unit was easy to set up and works great.  My only quandary is that the unit is set up so that it catches the rain; which also means that the unit catches the full sun.  I know there is a note about discrepancy in temperature about unit's temperature reading in the sun but.... For example, Last weekend (22 May), the unit read 24 degrees outside...  Hhhhm nice thought, but it wasn't thaaaaat warm.  Flip side... In the mornings when I get out of bed, I can see the true temperature outside. The inside temp reading is pretty good and the ability to see cumulative rain readings over the day, week and month is pretty awesome. Overall, great little, inexpensive unit.

Rosco the weatherman Waikato

Wireless weather station and rain gauge

about 1 year ago

2016-04-20 00:28:50

We bought this weather station as a birthday gift for our son in law. He has it in his family room and enjoys checking it regularly. He rang me the other day and told me how many millilitres of rain they had. Also excellent for comparing inside and outside temperatures. Much better than looking at the weather map.

Chappy Wairoa

Wireless weather station and rain gauge

about 1 year ago

2016-04-08 09:33:49

Yes I have one of these - given as a present - and highly recommend them

Seza_07 Christchurch

Great Gift

about 1 year ago

2016-02-06 02:47:11

I purchased this for my Dad for his birthday. He absolutely loves it! He sent me a picture to let me know what was happening in Ashburton!

Bosshog te horo

weather station

about 1 year ago

2016-02-06 01:40:24

Great machine, Outside unit records temp not in the shade so not accurate outside temp otherwise magic.

Brian Tunstall Northland

Real Weather Report in town, not on some roof on a hill

about 1 year ago

2016-02-06 00:58:59

I purchase this because I was sick of the tv weather temperatures. In Kaitaia the temp is taken on the roof of the hospital which is located above most of the housing area and in no way tell how hot or cold it is for the people. Not many want to know how hot it is on the hospital roof. T found on some day the difference can be 20 odd degrees. This weather station tells me all, temp in side and out, high and low as well as the rain fall all without having to go out side. It is accurate and has been trouble free.  

Beedee Manurewa

Easy to set up

about 1 year ago

2016-02-05 01:31:32

Works well, good to keep a record of rainfall for the garden.

Nozzle Tauranga

Inaccurate outdoor temperature readings

25 days ago

2017-10-27 04:18:27

The indoor thermometer and raingauge are fairly accurate but the outdoor temperature sensor, housed within the raingauge, is poorly exposed and therefore over-heats (and over-reads) during the daytime. Not recommended if you want reasonably accurate outdoor temperature readings.

Chiremba Taranaki

Bluetooth issue

2 months ago

2017-09-11 21:59:05

The Bluetooth connectivity is an issue - seems to work and when you change the batteries in the outside sensor it struggles to reconnect. Rain gauge underreads too. The not rain gauge model works better although does not measure the rain

LVE Canterbury

Weather Station

5 months ago

2017-06-24 04:40:39

It is Ok, bit fiddly and the internal battery holder not tight enough so contact with battery if hard to establish.

Catcat Putaruru

Rain gauge

6 months ago

2017-06-01 06:52:55

Can't get it to work. Will be returning it.

Housedad Southland

Ok unit

10 months ago

2017-01-25 03:00:35

Tidy build easy to read display, outdoor unit requires placing out of direct sun to prevent over reading of temperatures. Quite hard to find a position that is sheltered but still gets rained on.

Kerry Bay of Plenty

Very handy

10 months ago

2017-01-18 00:42:54

Great product & very helpful but a shame the product wasn't sent in a courier box or bag so the original box was damage & not good when giving as a gift

NZK9 Otago


about 1 year ago

2016-11-14 02:26:17

Nice and compact. The temp gauge is not at all accurate as it can be out up to 5 decrease out at times. Cheers

Paul Rotorua

Great value for money..........But???

about 1 year ago

2016-10-15 08:03:42

Worked great for a year then the battery went flat and couldn't get the rain gauge going again after changing the batteries. Probably dislodged or broke something as it is very flimsy construction once you open it up. No doubt built in obsolescence at this price.

Pete Taihape

Rain/temp gauge

about 1 year ago

2016-02-10 07:38:39

The rain gauge is perfect but because it has to be placed to catch all the rain it has to sit in direct sunlight and this gives a false temperature reading in the hottest part of the day.

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