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Scaffolding Tower 6.25m with Outriggers

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Whether you’re painting, cleaning, building or tackling any other serious job at height, a quality scaffolding tower is essential for the enthusiastic home handyman.

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Product overview

Product Overview

Whether you’re painting, cleaning, building or tackling any other serious job at height, a quality scaffolding tower is essential for the enthusiastic home handyman.

With a wide non-slip platform you’ll have plenty of room to move around safely. The tower is sturdy with tough cross braces and outriggers for exceptional stability - exactly what you want you’re high up off the ground! The lockable rubber castor wheels make it easy to roll it to your next spot. You can even work on uneven surfaces simply by adjusting the height of one side of the platform.

This scaffolding tower has been robotic welded then fully hot dip galvanised. This means the joints aren’t going to rust or become weak, even if you leave it out in the rain. The rivetless, weldless joints in the platform also give it extra strength, so not only is it super reliable, this scaffolding will make sure you get the job done safely as well.

A solid scaffolding tower is a great investment that will last for years - saving you the cost and trouble of hiring one again and again. Order yours today. You’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

Comes with a 2 Year Trade Tested warranty.

Important Safety Requirements - For DIY/domestic use only. This tower configuration must not be used on a worksite. See Worksafe for more information.
- We recommend securing the tower to a building, or using outriggers to ensure stability.
- Refer to our Scaffolding Tower Safety Guide. Read fully before using this scaffolding.

• Full galvanised steel construction
• Hot-dip galvanised finish
• Robotic welded
• Fully corrosion-resistant
• Non-slip tread on planks
• Safety rails for top deck
• Sturdy outriggers
• Ladders provide access from both sides
• Height adjustable for use on uneven surfaces
• Lockable, anti-wear non-slip rubber castors
• Load tested to AS/NZS 1576.3:1995
• 2 Year warranty

- Ladder frame x 6
- Small frame x 2
- Platform planks (1905mm x 240mm) x 6
- 350mm base plate and lockable castor wheel x 4
- 600mm base plate and ground safety support bracket x 4
- Diagonal brace bars x 8 sets
- All nuts, bolts and pins

Assembled dimensions: 6.25m (H) x 1.9m (W) x 0.95m (D)
Maximum recommended working height: 5.25m
Material: Fully hot dipped galvanised steel
Frame diameter: 42.7mm
Frame steel thickness: 2.0mm
Castor diameter: 150mm
Total load rating: 350kg
Assembled weight: 245kg

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Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.8 out of 5 stars from 5 reviews
Alistair Auckland


3 months ago

2017-10-01 22:25:19

Excellent product and superb value for money. It is sturdy and strong enough for any household use and the modular form ensures that you can use it inside and out for a multitude of uses. Loved it so much - I bought two! (I actually sold the first one with the house - the buyer wanted it included!)

Kc Auckland

Solid scaffold and good price but does have drawbacks

12 months ago

2017-01-04 13:07:20

Got this late 2016 in order to paint the house in the high hard to reach areas. The material in general is acceptable however, the welds are a bit sub par. It seems they need to work on the quality control. I had replaced 3 of the metal planks because the welds were incomplete on some joints, which was very unsettling to be used at tall heights. The joints are also directly weld instead of inserted and then weld which would increase the durability. However, when the welds are done properly, it is sufficient for the task so it does meet the minimum requirement from my uses. The steel itself seems to be relatively corrosion resistant, however, the same cannot be said for any of the welded parts. I notice rusting within half a day after a light shower on pretty much most of the welded joints. So the parent material they use for the weld is not corrosion resistant unfortunately. Over a long period, the corrosion will be an issue on the safety of the equipment. However, this can be easily "fixed" by either them using filler material with higher chromium content or painting over the joints with some metal primer or similar equivalent to protect it from moisture. The welds are also very irregular and doesn't seem like it was robotically weld though this could just be a play of fancy wording for advertisement purposes. I was not really concerned about look of the weld but more that it was properly done. Otherwise, given that you get a good set of properly welded components, the scaffold feels and is solid. I have given them a high rating despite the issues I have pointed out because their after sale support services were exceptional. They were very helpful, both the resolution support staff and their onsite personnel. Something that I greatly appreciated. However, this would have been a much more frustrating experience if I wasn't within driving distance of their Auckland store. I hope consistency on the quality of the welds is something they will improve upon in the future.

ChrisS Dunedin

Well made and easy to use

about 1 year ago

2016-01-04 21:08:49

Excellent value, scaffold feels really solid and stable even when working at height. Auckland

Awesome scaffolding - lightweight yet secure

over 2 years ago

2015-12-22 07:37:35

Sure bets using a ladder especially as I get older! The thought of falling off is not an option! Really happy with the scaffolding from TradeTested. Look forward to painting the house using it (well that might be going a little far to say I will enjoy painting... but at least if I am doing it I will be safe). 

Noel Auckland


over 2 years ago

2015-10-14 19:53:48

I bought the scaffolding for a particular job on my house. It worked out cheaper than if i had hired scaffolding. Since then I have loaned it to friends and family for all manner of jobs. It is light easy to transport and erect and with the stabilizers is very safe and secure to work from. A very good investment . Noel 

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