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Cavius Nano Smoke/Heat Alarm Home Starter Pack

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Product overview

If you have moved into an existing home one of the first things you should do is check the smoke alarms. If you need to install smoke alarms or the existing alarms have expired, the Home Starter Pack is a great place to start. This pack is the minimum you should have in your home, containing two Photoelectric smoke alarms and one thermal heat alarm, all with long-life batteries.

The Danish designed 40mm CAVIUS Smoke Alarms come fitted with a 10 year long-life battery. Once they are installed with the unique and simple “Smart Clip” ceiling mechanism, the battery is activated. They have an audio alert output of 85dB(A) at 3 metres, generating a piercing alarm designed to wake you from your sleep. CAVIUS uses the highly recommended photoelectric technology which reduces false alarms considerably, yet provides the earliest detection of smoke presence. All of our alarms are 100% tested in world leader AWT’s tested tunnels. Aesthetically pleasing CAVIUS alarms suit any new home, refurbishment and areas of your home like the bedrooms, lounge and hallway where you want your alarm to be almost invisible.

The Danish-designed CAVIUS 10 Year Thermal Heat Alarm is a game changer! Over 34% of residential fires start in areas you are unable to install smoke alarms, areas which normally have high levels of dust, fumes, or cooking fats. These contaminants result in a build-up in the sensing chamber which can impair performance of a smoke alarm, regardless of type.

CAVIUS devices have a 30 day low battery warning, increasing your chances of identifying that your smoke alarms need to be replaced.

By using state of the art technology, the Thermal Heat Alarm monitors normal and expected changes in ambient room temperature. If rapid and constant change of temperature increases, the Thermal Heat Alarm will sound.

The Thermal Heat Alarm detects flaming fires in not just one but two ways; to slowly developing flaming fires by using a fixed temperature setting, and where rapid response to fire is vital, rate-of-rise is used.

Stylish and state of the art, they're the ideal way to keep your home and family safe, order yours today.

• 2x Cavius Smoke Alarms, 1x Cavius Thermal Heat Alarm
• 10 year long life battery (sealed)
• A penetrating sound at 85dB at 3 metres
• 10 minute pause or hush button
• 30-day low battery warning
• Unique smart clip ceiling mechanism
• Easy installation
• Environmentally friendly
• EN60065 certified

Sensor type: Photoelectric/Optical smoke detection
Battery: Duracell or Panasonic Lithium CR123A 3V, 1600mAh
Sound level: 85 dB at 3 metres
Optimal temperature of function: +4 – +38C
Maximum humidity: +95% Rh non-condensing
Isotope activity: Absence of radioactive substances
Detection timing: Optical reading every 8 seconds, when in alarm stage the optical reading is every 2 seconds
Battery: Duracell or Panasonic Lithium CR123A 3V, 1600mAh
Sound level: 85db at 3 metres
Optimal temperature of function: -10 to +38 C
Maximum humidity: Up to 95% Rh non-condensing


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Questions and answers

4 votes
Hi, We have high roofs. How do we turn off any false alarms without a ladder?
To turn the alarm off you need to press the hush button for 2 seconds (which is the entire bottom of the alarm), if you have high ceilings you will need a ladder.
By Trade Tested on June 21 2021
0 votes
I note that the long-life batteries are sealed. Does that mean that when they go flat they can not be replaced and the whole unit needs to be replaced?
Yes that's correct the batteries cannot be replaced, these batteries have a 10 year lifetime and after that the alarm needs to be replaced..
By Trade Tested on March 31 2022
0 votes
Hi, what are the dimensions of the smoke alarm and heat sensor please?
Both the Nano Smoke and Heat alarms have a 40mm diameter and are 39mm in length, there are two installation options available, recessed (which protrudes 19mm from the ceiling) and flush mount (which protrudes 44mm).
By Trade Tested on March 28 2022
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My house is still standing!

So far these have done their job. Not once has my house burned to the ground. Jokes aside I was amazed at how small and inconspicuous these are, especially if you choose to recess them (all you need is a 44mm hole saw). It says on them the batteries will be good until 2032 - only time will tell.

Magnus Wellington

great pack for a small house or to do everything you want.

Janice Whangarei
Cavius nano smoke/heat alarm

excellent product. easy to install.

stud Auckland
Great smoke alarms

Grat little smoke alarms, very loud piercing noise, would definitely wake you up. I love this starter pack especially because it contains a special alarm for the kitchen. Easy to install

Sandra Timaru
Smoke alarm

Good product and value for money

Ba Nelson