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Cavius Nano 10 Year Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

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Smoke alarms are one of the most essential accessories your home will ever need, but are often the last thing you think about! You spend hundreds of thousands of dollars buying or designing and building your dream home and then, reluctantly, install large and unsightly smoke alarms throughout – well, not any more!

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Product overview

Smoke alarms are one of the most essential accessories your home will ever need, but are often the last thing you think about! You spend hundreds of thousands of dollars buying or designing and building your dream home and then, reluctantly, install large and unsightly smoke alarms throughout – well, not any more!

The Danish designed CAVIUS Photoelectric Smoke Alarm is a welcome change to the traditionally large and unsightly smoke alarms we have had for years. Using all the recommended technologies from both the New Zealand Fire and Emergency Service and global fire services, offering early detection of a home fire with a loud piercing audio alert when smoke is detected and it just looks great! Being so small and aesthetically pleasing you don’t mind placing it where it will work best – right in the centre of the room.

The 40mm CAVIUS Smoke Alarms come fitted with a 10 year long-life battery. Once they are installed with the unique and simple “Smart Clip” ceiling mechanism, the battery is activated. They have an audio alert output of 85dB(A) at 3 metres, generating a piercing alarm designed to wake you from your sleep.

CAVIUS devices have a 30 day low battery warning, increasing your chances of identifying that your smoke alarms need to be replaced.

The intelligent test and 10 minute hush button is embedded in the bottom surface of the alarm for easy access. When the test function is pressed, which unlike other smoke alarm brands, the alarms audible and visible indicators are activated if the sensor is working properly. During alarm stage, if the hush function is pressed it will put the unit to sleep and the device will automatically reactivate after 10 minutes, allowing you time to clear the air.

CAVIUS uses the highly recommended photoelectric technology which reduces false alarms considerably, yet provides the earliest detection of smoke presence. All of our alarms are 100% tested in world leader AWT’s tested tunnels. Aesthetically pleasing CAVIUS alarms suit any new home, refurbishment and areas of your home like the bedrooms, lounge and hallway where you want your alarm to be almost invisible. With a 10 Year long-life battery included, there is a lot to love about such a miniature alarm.

Stylish and state of the art, they're the ideal way to keep your home and family safe, order yours today.

• 10 year long life battery (sealed)
• A penetrating sound at 85dB at 3 metres
• Intelligent test and 10 minute hush button
• Two installation options; Recessed or Standard mounting
• 30-day low battery warning
• Unique smart clip ceiling mechanism
• Easy installation
• Environmentally friendly
• AS3786 certified – New Zealand Building Code and Residential Tenancies Act compliant

Sensor type: Photoelectric/Optical smoke detection
Battery: Duracell or Panasonic Lithium CR123A 3V, 1600mAh
Sound level: 85 dB at 3 metres
Optimal temperature of function: +4 – +38C
Maximum humidity: +95% Rh non-condensing
Isotope activity: Absence of radioactive substances
Detection timing: Optical reading every 8 seconds, when in alarm stage the optical reading is every 2 seconds

A smoke alarm should be one of the most essential additions in your home. Every year, the NZ Fire and Emergency Service attended over 3, 700 house fires. In over 80% of those fires, smoke alarms were either not installed or not working. The CAVIUS smoke alarm has you covered for 10 years and won’t become an eye sore in your home.


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Questions and answers

1 vote
What is the circumference at the top please? - where it fits into the ceiling.
The diameter is 40mm
By Trade Tested on August 27 2023
-1 votes
What type of screws do you use for these?
The screws come included with the smoke alarm.
By Trade Tested on June 20 2022
1 vote
How much does a replacement battery cost, or is the whole unit renewed after 10 year life?
The battery is non-replaceable, so you will need to renew, which isn't necessarily a bad thing!
By Trade Tested on September 23 2019
0 votes
Are your Cavius units compatible with rechargeable batteries, eg: Lithium CR123A 3V, 1600mAh recharge
No, the battery is non-replaceable,
By Trade Tested on October 13 2021

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Small and easy

Nice looking compact design and easy to install.

Rich Auckland
Reliable, good quality

Reliable, looks nice even without the low profile mounting. Nice design allows easy use of test/hush function. More expensive than others but you get what you pay for with these. Only real downside to them is the batteries are non-replaceable so the whole product goes to waste when it stops working.

Lachlan Waikato
Blends well does the job

Small enough to not be intrusive in the hall ceiling doesn't go off with every piece of toasted bread and meets Healthy Homes legislation.

Catnz Whangarei
Small and Discrete

I love the way that these can be fitted half submerged in the ceiling, they almost disappear! Pity that the battery can no longer be replaced, it will be interesting to see how long it lasts.

GrandpaBob Auckland
Failed detector.

It went off for no reason during the first week. Other smoke detectors do the same. The room is fairly cool but is ventilated. No smoke detectors like that room, regardless. That's why I upgraded to Cavius.

Graham Wellington
Fabius Nano Smoke Alarm

Easy to install

Dazz Auckland

The smoke alarm has a test button, but this doesn't do anything unless the little red switch thing at the back is pushed in. However, it doesn't lock into either of the plastic containment cases included. It is loose in both, and because of this the red button isn't pressed in and the test function won't work. Plus it just sits loosely in there and can fall out. Very disappointed in a product with such a high rating, I then tried it with a real fire and smoke and it did nothing, seems the red button has to be depressed for it to work, and it doesn't get depressed in the base/case. Very aggravating, it's a time-sensitive thing that you need replaced fast.

Richard North Shore
No, I do not recommend this product.
Smoke alarm

Great product. Small compact and noisy

Dean Carterton
Best smoke alarm

Very small, elegant, easy to install, test and replace. Long life battery.

Francois Auckland
Smoke Alarms

These units are small and very easy to install. Overall great units!

Bobby Auckland