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Timms Possum Kill Trap

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The Timms traps has been available for at least 30 years as a possum kill trap and has become a household name in New Zealand.

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Product overview

The Timms traps has been available for at least 30 years as a possum kill trap and has become a household name in New Zealand.

The trap is a yellow plastic box with a hole in the front that the possum puts its head into to access the bait. Inside the box is a spring loaded bar that strikes the possum under the chin when it sets off the trap. This cuts off the possums wind-pipe so that the possum becomes unconcious and then dies from lack of oxygen.

Setting the trap is easily achieved by pulling a string located at the back of the trap. The trap can be baited with a slice of apple or our Pestoff Possum Bait

• Suitable for orchard and lifestyle blocks
• Robust, simple and highly visible yellow plastic design
• Easily set by simply pulling cord at rear of trap
• Bait with a slice of apple
• Can be placed on ground, trees, roofs or almost anywhere (but be careful with domestic pets!)

Size: W 16cm x D 18cm x H 26cm
Weight: 1kg

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Questions and answers

-1 votes
Are these easy to mount on a tree?
Yes they can be mounted directly or you could make a simple wooden platform (that you mount to the tree) and the trap can sit on the platform so it's not permanently fixed.
By Trade Tested on May 09 2022
-2 votes
Will these kill stoats and ferrets?
It is a bit big, there a better traps for these species.
By Trade Tested on August 10 2020
0 votes
If the trap is a bit stiff to go off, is their a way to Tweek them. Have caught 22possums in a row then two nights of bait gone and trap not gone off?
Not generally unless there is a specific issue - perhaps the possums are getting smarter!? You could try securing the bait using a rubber band?
By Trade Tested on March 16 2020
-1 votes
Are these safe with a dog on the property?
Basically there is always a risk to inquisitive pets with a trap like this, here are some basic guidelines to follow to minimise risk - taken from PRECAUTIONS WHEN USING KILL TRAPS • Keep fingers clear of the front or “kill zone” when interacting with traps at all times • For single kill traps set the trap late afternoon/early evening. • When trapping around domestic animals it is a good idea to release all set traps early morning. • Ensure family pets are restrained indoors while the trap is set if practical. Young cats and some breeds are naturally inquisitive. • Use bait types that don’t attract cats etc. • Raising traps off the ground can reduce non-target interference but also potentially reduce kill rates if the technique is poorly applied.
By Trade Tested on February 27 2020
-3 votes
How safe are these in the proximity of domestic cats?
You'll need to take some precautions - check out the link below the description for some helpful guidelines.
By Trade Tested on February 27 2020
0 votes
Really ??? feral cats. Got three possums last nite with just apple. My husband passed away recently and he shot the feral cats and the rabbits so were reasonably controlled Now here I am 75 female all the rifles gone to the grandson whom is 300km away. Would i bait the trap some steak? Now Rabbits I bought some poison stations every night 6 cups of rabbit bait it cost more for that then for me to eat.
That sounds frustrating! Yes they can be used - Effective baits include: 1. fresh or salted rabbit, hare, or possum 2. fresh/frozen/salted fish 3. dehydrated meat baits
By Trade Tested on January 13 2020
-1 votes
Is it humane? How long does it take for the possum to die?
It's instantaneous, so yes.
By Trade Tested on December 17 2019
-2 votes
How are these traps for feral cats. If suitable any helpful hints?
Yes they can be used for this, you would need to use a different type of bait.
By Trade Tested on September 19 2019

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Great trap

I have only caught a couple of possums with this as there aren't many around at the moment

Ellij Whitianga
Timms Possum trap

Best possum trap. It’s the only one we’ve found to work reliably.

Vicki Waikato
Great Traps

Fantastic product. I purchased two for a bush block and just over a month caught 14 possums so far. Well made and easy to set.

Mel Northland
Possum killer

A great killer of possums

Ivan Otago
Deadly Machine

These Timms Possum Kill traps are the business. Easy to bait and lethal.

Craig Invercargill
Possum trap

Great trap have caught 11 possums so far very effective highly recommend

Ossy Palmerston North
Possum Trap

Excellent product, six possums over 10 nights. Easy to use.

Dean Whangarei
Possums go bye

Bait with apples, cinnamon and the possums can't resist

Alan Far north
Effective and easy

Kills possums (and a hedgehog) swiftly without poison. Easy to use.

tRacy Manawatu
It worked so well I bought another pair

My first Timms trap bought 4 years ago worked perfectly until it disappeared - likely tumbled down the hill with the trapped possum into the river. So I bought another pair and have added a modification - a chain carabinered to the bottom bar and secured with a sturdy peg. Other tip is a flour/icing sugar/cinnamon blaze leading from a possum-scored tree to the apple-baited trap. Consistent and humane kills. Predator-free 2050 might be aspirational, but I'm giving it a shot.

Steve Waikato