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Pestoff Possum Bait 3kg

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Extremely effective for controlling possums, the 100 grams of brodifacoum this pellet bait contains provides a lethal dose.

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Product overview

Extremely effective for controlling possums, the 100 grams of brodifacoum this pellet bait contains provides a lethal dose.

Designed to be used in conjunction with Pestoff Possum bait stations. It’s an effective, New Zealand made solution to your possum control needs.

• Very popular for use in bait stations for knockdown or maintenance control
• Effective at reducing both possum and rat populations
• Contains the anticoagulant poison brodifacoum

Weight: 3kg


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Questions and answers

0 votes
Hi - the baits seem to work well when fresh. I have baits now 12 months old (stored in the plastic bag twisty tied and then in a sealed bucket and these baits do not now appear to attract the possum. They just nimble on these old bait over the last month. I have sprinkled cinnamon o some of my old baits to see if this rather large possum decides to give the cinnamon a try. Does the poison have a shelf life from when made as this could be an issues. Please supply your thoughts – they go nuts on the freshly purchased baits even scraping over them and the bait station has been serious chewed the pest off bait station – thanks Steve
Yes, this does have a shelf life and the package will include an expiry date. It's best to use this bait up to 3 months from the purchase and after that the palatability may decline. You are on the right track with the Cinimon on the older bates too, as most commercial possum bait is cinnamon-scented.
By Trade Tested on April 01 2024
0 votes
Hi, is this bait poisonous to cats?
In short yes, but here's some advice around pets from Pestoff - it's very unlikely if the following precautions are followed: Even small amounts of brodifacoum consumed by pets can cause them adverse health effects and therefore every sensible precaution should be taken to minimize their risk of exposure by way of either primary or secondary poisoning (eating a dead rat). So: Use bait stations which prevent access to baits by pets and children. Keep baiting periods short (about 1 week) and infrequent. Collect and dispose of dead rodent bodies. Don't allow dogs to roam and scavenge. Keep pets well fed and under reasonable watch. Cats which are well fed will not eat rat or possum baits and their limited capacity to consume rodents combined with their higher resistance to brodifacoum, limits their risk. A single dead rat could contain 0.4mg of brodifacoum if it ate 20 grams of bait. A small 8kg dog with an LD50 of 1mg/kg would need to eat 20 of these rats but less than half that number could cause a prolonged period of ill health. The risk for cats is similarly small, although they have a higher resistance to brodifacoum. It is impossible to predict where poisoned animals will die. However, this is very often outside and when they die in ceiling space or wall cavities, the smell tends to last only a week or so.
By Trade Tested on August 05 2020
0 votes
Is this bait effective on wallabies?
If enough possum bait was consumed it would certainly have an effect, however as this is not a designated use of Pestoff they would not support it at all.
By Trade Tested on June 09 2020

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Possum Bait

I don't know what eats it but it don't last long. I usually wait a week or two before refilling. I also catch Possum in my trap with just Apple.

H Auckland
Pest Off Possum Bait

Excellent value for money, thank you.

Estelle Nelson
Good site for shopping!

My repeat purchase is online with this great company, due to the small size of the possum bait. It is impossible to find at local stores. By buying a smaller package it is always fresh and the pests readily dine on it. As always, a happy customer.

Ali Dannevirke
Possum killer

They're enjoying chewing through the poison, and we're expecting their extended family are going down!

Mike Birkdale
Possum Bait

Poisoning possums is the only workable option for me at this stage. This product is effective and easy to use. When I hear possums screech at night I put a scoop in the yellow bait trap out of reach of children and pets and soon the possums are gone and it's wonderful to see and hear more birds

SBH Albany
pestoff possum bait

this is a top of the line product , kills anything that eats it.

tricky templeton Otago
Possum bait review

The possum goes nuts over this bait. Pungent odour so it can e smelt from a distance. Had no recent success with others traps however this bait and bait station has done the trick. I am sure these baits are successful on large stream water rats but I have no proof. But have found dehydrate possum in my wood shed from the bait. I am now on my 2nd bag of baits. These baits work.

Steve Bay of Plenty
Possum Bait

Good product

Jazz Coromandel
Pestoff Possum Bait 3kg

This is my second order of the product, on this occasion a resupply of the bait alone, to use with the feeder I purchased with the bait originally. Possums seem very attracted to Pestoff and we have been successful in killing several over the year or so that we have now been using it. An unexpected benefit is that the product is also very attractive to rats and if I spread it around under our house, it is gone overnight, giving you an idea of how many of the critters are about, when you don't suspect it! Pestoff bait in a 3kg quantity an extremely cost-effective option for home eradication of both possums and rodents.

PCWart Auckland
Worked well

After months of trying other products, traps, other poisons, this was the one that finally worked!

Tracey Hamilton