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Hyundai Portable Power Station 555Wh

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Power your next adventure with this efficient, portable 50Ah lithium-ion power bank.

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Product overview

Product overview

Power your next adventure with this efficient, portable 50Ah lithium-ion power bank.

With enough juice to comfortably power your electronic devices for a weekend, this could be the ideal small generator replacement for your next camping weekend away, working on the go or emergency power source. No noise or fumes, just stable efficient power supply.

With a peak power output of 1000W (500W continuous) and a comprehensive range of outputs, you’ll always have reliable pure sine wave power ready to go - which you can monitor using the built in LCD display.

The sleek anodised aluminium casing is built to handle life on the go while the 7.5kg weight means you won’t think twice about taking it with you. Charge it from the wall or you can integrate it into a solar charging setup, it’ll be ready when you are.

• Compact, light li-ion 50Ah power station
• Silent, efficient sine wave power
• AC & solar charging mode
• AC, DC, USB, C-TYPE & Car outlet ports
• Built in LCD display
• Short circuit, over current, over voltage, under voltage, overload & overheat protection
• 1 Year Hyundai Warranty

Note: this power station comes with AUS/NZ 230V AC outlets.

Capacity: 50Ah (11.1V)
Peak power: 1000W
Continuous: 500W
Outputs: DC - 4 x USB (5V/2.1A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A), 1 x C-TYPE (5V/2.1A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A), 2 x DC (12V/5A), 1 x car cigarette (12V/10A)
Outputs: AC - 2 x pure sine wave 230V AUS/NZ plug
Charging: Wall 230V 50Hz or Solar 5-24V DC5521 connector (3A max)
Dimensions: 240mm x 190mm x 238mm
Weight: 7.5kg

Product code: HPS-600

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Customer questions

Questions and answers

1 vote
q: Is it possible to have the power station operating eg.. (charging phones, using lights etc...) while the power station is plugged in to the mains for charging?
a: Yes it is.
By Trade Tested on November 16, 2020
1 vote
q: Any solar panels on the market are compatible to charge this Hyundai powerbank /generator? Any particular brands of solar panels work best with it? Does this has safety protection feature to protect human and devices like the 1110W?
a: We don't recommend a particular brand, the fitting is (DC5521), so you may need an adaptor for your solar panel cable. Yes this includes all overload protections.
By Trade Tested on November 3, 2020
1 vote
q: Is this product chargeable from car socket 12V?
a: Yes it is, you will need to source the correct cigarette to solar input cable.
By Trade Tested on June 29, 2020
0 votes
q: Hi i found the solar charging input port is not compatible with my goalzero boulder solar panel charging cable head but i was advised solar charger is universal. What should i do? Do you sell hyundai solar charger cable head to plug into other solar brands? Thx
a: Apologies for the confusion, this uses a DC5521 fitting, so you'll need to source an adpator to fit your particular panel - these are readily available online.
By Trade Tested on December 14, 2020
0 votes
q: When I talk about regulated 12 volt I want to be clear, - regulated means that the 12 volt supply is delivered consistently until the battery is empty; i.e. it does not fluctuate downwards. Are you quite sure that the unit does regulated 12 volt output?
a: No, this is a lithium-ion battery so it will be consistent until the last 10-15% capacity or so then the battery power and voltage will drop off quite quickly.
By Trade Tested on July 19, 2020
0 votes
q: Hi, I am interested in using this for a fridge in a van, I understand it is important to supply 12 volt regulated voltage to fridges such as the Dometic fridges. Does the Hyundai supply regulated 12 volt output?
a: Yes it does, however we would look into the required start up wattage for the exact fridge you intend to power before buying.
By Trade Tested on July 7, 2020
-1 votes
q: Is that possible to change output volatage to 100V and plug type to use Japanese electric?
a: This is not an option that we offer.
By Trade Tested on June 25, 2020
0 votes
q: Will the power banks be able to use NZ power point plugs or will they require adaptors?
a: Yes these are compatible, no adaptors needed.
By Trade Tested on June 16, 2020
0 votes
q: Can this be left plugged into the mains and used as an emergency power back up for computer phone etc ?
a: Yes it can.
By Trade Tested on June 16, 2020
0 votes
q: What is the noise level in dB?
a: It's not tested like this, beyond some small fan noise there is nothing.
By Trade Tested on June 16, 2020
0 votes
q: What is the expected lifetime of the battery?
a: It lithium-ion, so after 500 full cycles it will have approx 80% capacity.
By Trade Tested on June 16, 2020
-1 votes
q: Hi, in the pictures there is 2x 120v AC outlets, but the description mentions 230v Outlets - presumably the photos are of the US version? And will the 230v outlets be dedicated NZ-style plugs or the multiversal style as pictured?
a: Yes outputs are 230V - there is a full list of outputs in the product description.
By Trade Tested on June 16, 2020
0 votes
q: Can I use a 100w solar blanket to charge this item? (Ridge Ryder 4X4 brand)
a: Yes you can.
By Trade Tested on June 16, 2020
0 votes
q: Once fully charged how long would it generate power for typical powershutdown/cut situation maybe,fridge/freezer/light/phne/laptop/kettle?? AND for basic camping weekend for family of 4?
a: Have a look at the last image for a rough guide on power usage, beyond this you would calculate much like a generator - look at the power usage (including start up draw, which can often be at least 2-3 x the quoted running watts eg a fridge) of the appliances you want to run. There are lots of handy tools for this online. Bear in mind there is quite a big difference in the needs for a weekends camping and running your house in a power cut, but yes this is great for a weekends camping.
By Trade Tested on June 16, 2020
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.9 out of 5 stars from 7 reviews
Mariana Nelson

Use with CPAP machine

7 days ago


I got mine recently specifically to use with my CPAP machine. I have the HiRes Airsense 10. Without humidity on, a 100% charged one is 66% the next morning (about 8 hours sleep). So about 2 to 3 nights before a recharge is necessary.

AndyR Auckland

Exactly what I was after

22 days ago


Great looking portable power station for motorhome use. Perfect for charging my laptop, phones etc. Bought a 2.1mm male plug from Jaycar so I could connect a solar panel for charging. This little beauty works fantastically.

SVS Napier

Great for purpose.

about 1 month ago


I purchased 2 of these as back up power supplies for electronic timing systems. Each one is capable of powering an Nvr with 4 cameras, a 4g router, an rfid reader and a PC continually for more than 6 hours. No noise, no fuss, no problems.

Del Bay of Plenty


5 months ago


This worked beyond expectations, highly recommend. Will be even better once I manage to get the solar charging going.

OUV Auckland

Great product.

5 months ago


Purchased this unit to power a CPAP on camping trips Can easily get four nights as long as the humidifier is switched off. Very pleased.

Ken Mount Maunganui

Very good product

10 months ago


Perfect for my work, silent, strong.

Sean Auckland

Compact portable and great value.

11 months ago


Ideal for those moments when the power goes out. you can hook up your computer and use it as a backup, just in case. take it camping or onsite/location on the job. really useful to have a backup power supply like this. Hooks up to solar panels and mains so can recharge it on and off-grid. multiple outlets from USB to 3 pin plugs. well worth the long life this offers for all devices.

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