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Hyundai Portable Power Station 1526Wh

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Power your life on the go with this powerful and portable 137.5Ah LiPO4 power bank.

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Product overview

Power your life on the go with this powerful and portable 137.5Ah LiPO4 power bank.

This packs a huge amount of juice into a portable, rugged package - ideal for powering your campsite for a weekend, this is a genuine small generator replacement for a huge range of applications, whether working on the go or as an emergency power source. No noise or fumes, just stable efficient power supply.

Upgraded LiPO4 (low-temperature lithium iron phosphate) batteries give lower temperatures, faster charging and longer life than traditional lithium-ion batteries.

With a peak power output of 3000W (1500W continuous) and a comprehensive range of outputs, you’ll always have reliable pure sine wave power ready to go - which you can monitor using the built in LCD display.

The sleek anodised aluminium casing is built to handle life on the go while the 16kg weight means you won’t think twice about taking it with you. Charge it from the wall or you can integrate it into a solar charging setup, it’ll be ready when you are.

Note: this power station comes with AUS/NZ 230V AC outlets.

• Powerful, portable 137.5Ah power station)
• NEW - upgraded LiPO4 batteries
• Silent, efficient sine wave power
• AC & solar charging mode
• AC, DC, USB, C-TYPE & Car outlet ports
• Built in LCD display
• Short circuit, over current, over voltage, under voltage, overload & overheat protection
• 1 Year Hyundai Warranty

Capacity: 137.5Ah (11.1V)
Peak power: 3000W
Continuous: 1500W
Outputs: DC - 4 x USB (5V/2.1A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A), 1 x C-TYPE (5V/2.1A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A), 2 x DC (12V/5A), 1 x car cigarette (12V/10A)
Outputs: AC - 2 x pure sine wave 230V AUS/NZ plug
Charging: Wall 230V 50Hz or Solar 5-24V DC5521 connector (3A max)
Dimensions: L 430mm x W 188mm x H 230mm
Weight: 16kg

Product code: HPS-1600

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Questions and answers

1 vote
Hi, is the 3amp max for solar correct. At that charge rate and 12 hrs of sunlight it would take 36hrs to recharge if it had been drained to 80% deep of discharge. This doesn't sound correct.
A simple method to calculate the charging hour is to divide the power station wattage by solar charger’s wattage and add 1 hour more for float charge. So, 1526W / 60W (if solar charger is 60W) + 1hour = 26 hours for 100% charging. However, the limited hour of sunlight is not considered in this calculation. It can be also calculated with Ampere but if the voltage is in the range of 12-30V, it is the same for the charging. Compared to the main charger, charging by only a solar charger is quite slow due to its low output.
By Trade Tested on August 15 2022
0 votes
If the unit is left and the battery goes to 0% is that a problem to recharge again?
No, it is not ideal to let this battery go this low however it will recharge from 0%.
By Trade Tested on October 30 2022
1 vote
Hello can I charge a Nissan Leaf or Nissan E-nv200 vehicle with this please?
No this would not be suitable.
By Trade Tested on March 09 2021
1 vote
Can you run power tools off this?
Yes you could, providing they don't exceed the max wattage on startup. Most likely it would only really be viable for smaller jobs.
By Trade Tested on November 09 2020
1 vote
Does the power station have an integrated solar charge controller, allowing a solar panel to be connected directly to it, or do you need to include an external charge controller in the solar setup?
Yes it's plug and play, you need a DC5521 connector for your solar panel.
By Trade Tested on November 05 2020
-1 votes
Hello, does this unit have passthrough charging? Ie can output from the unit while being charged from the wall or solar panels? Thanks
No it doesn't have pass-through charging, you can't use output whilst it is charging.
By Trade Tested on July 25 2022
0 votes
Does it power hot water jugs, a rice cooker, slow cookers,and portable cooking hobs? thanks
Providing they don't exceed the max wattage on startup, yes, it will work with these appliances, but not all at the same time.
By Trade Tested on July 25 2022
1 vote
What is the runtime at full load and half load please?
Continuous full load is 1500W (there is a capacity for momentary surges up to 3000W to allow for start-up loads of different appliances), so at this rate it would last approx 1 hour (it's rated at 1527 watt hours). Obviously half load would be half of this. You can view a table of estimated useage rates in the last product photo.
By Trade Tested on June 19 2020
1 vote
The sockets on the power pack look like UK style plugs. Are these suitable for NZ plugs?
These come with NZ plugs.
By Trade Tested on June 23 2020
-1 votes
I wonder how much power the station will get from zero after 1 hour of AC charging? 10%?
Max charging power using AC is 60W = 60Wh, so approx 4%
By Trade Tested on March 23 2022
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  • dc5521
  • adaptor
Good unit

It takes around 7 hours to fully charge from 0% from a powerpoint. Both AC and DC can be used while charging from the mains.

Howard Dunedin
Does what it says

Great product. I bought this to add power to our off-grid glamping site. It's easy to use and currently powering to strings of lights, a water pump, and a gas heating unit. I'll be adding solar to it at some point. It's possible to plug into mains power to recharge, but it is heavy to carry.

Ian Wairarapa
Portable Solar PS

This is a very good unit with a complete range of options for camping and emergency electricity supplies. Easy to use and good capacity to cover most small operational needs. This is the second unit that I have purchased. My son took the first one!!

Kevin Waikato

These are really useful

therockfactory Auckland
Good product

Very Large capacity, works well.

Rodney Waikato
Power station

Great unit with lots of grunt, looking forward to running my cpac from it.

Mark Hamilton

Purchased this to use in my campervan, Quality piece of kit. Wish there was more info about setting it up to charge from solar panels and vehicle engine on the web. Just need the 2 cables - 1. that converts the M&F MC4 connectors from the solar panel to the DC5521 male connector to plug into the back of the power station to charge charge it from the solar panel. 2. cable for cigarette 12volt socket to DC5521 male plug So it can be charged from the vehicle engine while driving.

AJacks Auckland
Hyundai portable power station 1600

Awesome unit I would recommend it to anyone. For the dc5521 adaptor Jaycar do sell them here in NZ for $30 but they call them a Brass Monkey Solar Input Adaptor Lead from DC (Solar) to Anderson 50A.

Ngati_nz Auckland
Hyundai 1600 portable power station

An absolute excellent product. When I got the generator I hooked it immediately into the battery of my car and solar panels. You dont need a MPTT or PMW controller or another battery and or inverter, but you still can, it won't constrict your usage of the product at all. Catch is you need to get a DC5521 adaptor shipped in from china through Aliexpress or Hyundai power station dealership in Japan. No way getting around it, NZ don't stock it. In my opinion that should come with the packaging. You paid a lot for it. Not even Jaycar stock the DC5521. I bought 4 of them from Ali Express. However, I give you 10 out of 10. Good work. I must admit I took a chance buying it. I now dont regret the huge expense. You can even run it down to 5% and still recharge it to full capacity. Can't do that using deep recycled batteries. I use a second battery to hook it into the car battery to avoid over charging or discharging the power station. My recommendation about discharging your battery to avoid spark explosions on car battery before hooking up your power station to it is to use a 3amp resistor to discharge the battery before hooking it up. Dare yourself to take a chance. I ran a microwave off it 20 minutes no problem and a fridge. Oh yes the cigarette lighter, its marvellous when you need a lighter.

Mahony Rotorua
Solar power generator station

Yes I'd recommend this to anyone. Getting solar in it, using a 2200w converter, hooking it up to the battery in car and powering the solar power generator station with both sun and diesel engine of car battery. I also got ac/dc hook up in campervan that can power up the solar generator. Make sure you got a DC5521 adaptor to plug into your generator solar cable, you order that on the internet for this contraption to work if hooking up into the solar grid.

Mo Rotorua