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Workshop Shed 3.07m x 4.59m x 2.17m Ironsand

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Got stuff you need to do? Well this shed’s got the space for you to do it in. Put a workbench in here and get started on your projects. Take everything that needs storing and this shed’s got the space to store it.

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Product overview

Product overview

Got stuff you need to do? Well this shed’s got the space for you to do it in. Put a workbench in here and get started on your projects. Take everything that needs storing and this shed’s got the space to store it. Make it a workshop, an exercise area, a man cave, or any combination you want. Simple as that.

This tough shed is made from high-grade, galvanised steel and will keep its shape throughout the years. It’s got a 12 year no-rust warranty to prove it. The shed has front double doors to maximise ease of access, and a single back door that can be installed on either side. All doors have latches that can be securely locked.

We know our sheds. This one’s a winner.

We know sheds Over the last decade of selling sheds in New Zealand, we feel like we’ve learnt what Kiwis want. We’ve taken every nugget of customer feedback, along with the vast experience of our shed assembly crew and refined it into what has fast become New Zealand’s favourite shed.

Interlocking u-channels mean that assembly is simple, eliminating all the fit issues you’ll find on a lesser shed. The integrated door jamb helps keep the weather out, while the rigid profile steel panels and 12 Year No-rust Warranty mean your shed will be looking great for years to come.

With a huge range of sizes and configurations in stock, we’ll always have the right shed for you ready to go.

Designed for New Zealand conditions, by a bunch of shed-mad Kiwis, you know it’s going to be good.

• Hinged double doors with lockable latch
• Rear access door
• Hot-dipped, 0.32mm galvanised steel
• 12 Year No-rust Warranty

Colour: Ironsand
External dimensions (including roof overhang): 3.27m (W) x 4.59m (D) x 2.17m (H)
Footprint dimensions: 3.07m (W) x 4.59m (D)
Internal dimensions: 3.03m (W) x 4.55m (D) x 2.15m (H)
Back wall: 1.8m (H); Front wall: 1.8m (H)
Rear side door size: 1.75m (H) x 0.73m (W) (1 door)
Main door size: 1.75m (H) x 0.73m (W) (2 doors)
Carton Dimensions: Carton 1 - 1.95m (L) x 0.47m (W) x 0.355m (D) 171kg, Carton 2 - 1.78m (L) x 0.135m (W) x 0.13m (D) 30kg
Weight: 201kg

Flooring: Trade Tested recommends using one of our timber floor kits, a concrete slab or pavers for your foundation. A strong and level foundation will improve the structural integrity of your assembled shed.

Sheds are kitset and come with assembly instructions. Our expert customer service team are on hand to help if you need it.

Please check with your council regarding any required permits or consents.

Trade Tested takes every precaution to prevent damage during delivery and our packaging is designed to withstand some of the toughest treatment in transit. However superficial delivery wear is sometimes beyond our control.

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Customer questions

Questions and answers

2 votes
q: Is this shed need to assemble with nuts n bolts or with riveting?
a: You have the option to use tek-screw or rivets for most the the shed (some parts like the doors need to be riveted). The shed is supplied with both options (and a rivet gun).
By Trade Tested on March 25, 2020
1 vote
q: Given I have the skill base and ability,,,Is it possible to instal the double doors in the middle of a long side and move the single door somewhere else...? Thankyou ...
a: Yes you could do this.
By Trade Tested on April 7, 2020
-1 votes
q: Can you swap the single door (long side) to the opposite side (closer to the double door). Ie. Can you swap the 2 long sides around.
a: Yes you can.
By Trade Tested on January 20, 2020
-2 votes
q: Does this shed need a permit?
a: Yes it does as it's over 10m2.
By Trade Tested on July 11, 2019
-1 votes
q: Is there an online video to assist with written assembly instructions? If so where do I find it? Thank you.
a: Yes we have some assembly tip videos on our Trade Tested Youtube Channel - check them out!
By Trade Tested on May 14, 2019
-1 votes
q: Is it possible to reduce the length from 4.6 to say 4 meters? Trim some panels and flashings etc. Or would this be difficult to accomplish and have a good result?
a: Pretty much anything is possible with the right tools and know-how, but as you say, it would be difficult to get a good end result. If you would like to have a look at the manual feel free to give our sales team a call.
By Trade Tested on May 15, 2019
-1 votes
q: Just wondering are they waterproof and how solid are they once erected?
a: It really depends on how well they are assembled! Built on a level, rebated concrete pad or wooden floor kit, with the seams sealed using a neutral cure silicon sealant, they should keep most of the water out and be very solid.
By Trade Tested on April 9, 2019
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

3.8 out of 5 stars from 14 reviews
Jimi Hamilton


19 days ago


Pretty happy with this shed for the price of it. Its an entry level shed and I think the price reflects that. Don't expect to get a rolls royce shed of this size for the price you pay for. You will need extra rivets and extra tek screws and weather proofing sealant. The instructions are vague but there's enough info to figure it out , with a little common sense , for those kiwis who still have some . Don't bother weather sealing with the tape they supply mask off exterior joints and seal with sealant tube. Took two people to put walls up don't know why people have been having issues with it , secure the corners at top temporarily while you fix the sides together . The few modifications I did was to run steel beam down the ridge line of the shed underneath the one they supply to keep the ridge line level then down to the floor . Also the floor is raised 21mm above the lowest point of the shed to stop water coming in the bottom. The lower wall gutters need to be turned opposite what the instructions say and sealed from the inside . All in all , sealed properly its a weather tight shed and fit for purpose and good for the price .

Sonny Bhatti Auckland

Cheap and okay shed (not best)

20 days ago


Very thin steel sheets as compared to similar sheds. Design structure is okay but can be improved to minimize the build time.

Paul Blenheim

Best deal ever

24 days ago


Top quality shed. Love it. Way better than I expected.

Brad Auckland


about 1 month ago


It was short on the rubber washers for rivets. I need about 25 more to finish attaching the braces to the walls. It was also a bit short on Tek screws. I did manage to get it together, but there are a few more places I’d like to screw together. The assembly video on Youtube shows the ridge beam sections being overlapped when assembling, this makes sense as it will be stronger that way. However once I did this, my ridge beam was too short. So I had to reassemble the beam with the sections of the beam butted up against the next one, not overlapping, which results in a weaker join. The bend in the Galvanized square tube (X176) was in the wrong position. It was out by about 15mm by my calculations. It was 15mm too high for my roof, so I had to cut 15mm off where it joined onto the other square tube. After I had done this, there was about a 10-15mm gap between the end of it and the ridge beam. I configured my doors differently to what is shown in the manual. I have the double doors on the long side wall and the single door on a short end wall. Since I have done it this way I am short of brace sections (Z130) to brace the end wall next to the single door. Is it possible to get 4 more of these? I wasn’t expecting much with the supplied rivet gun, but it only managed about 6 rivets before breaking.

Maddog Auckland


9 months ago


Its a 3-4 person job putting the walls up otherwise you risk bending and breaking it. The teck screw will not fix into the centre portal support as the steel seems to thick. Tryed pre drilling holes but just kept breaking screws. A nightmare. Don't see how it would be possible to fix support to wall when it won't screw to support. Instructions are vague and missing keys parts like weather or not to over lap and screw ridge beam together. In pictures it's not but you need to. Very confusing and I'm not a rookie builder.

Chris CHCH

MX Bike shed

about 1 year ago


Great shed for the bikes. Built a oversize deck and placed shed on top. Area to work on bikes in and outside on deck. Had to change locks as the ones that come with the shed are useless as the wind blow the doors open. Overall happy with the product and will serve well.

Shorty Rotorua

Garden shed

about 1 year ago


Found shed took more time putting together than putting up. Have found that the doors are quite flimsy it needs more bracing I think. Overall we are very happy with the shed we got and looks great on the section. Have recommended Trade Tested to other people.

Wingnut Auckland

shed build

over 2 years ago


Busy with finalising build - needs a new manual, found some errors and real confusing bits. HOWEVER, you can have the support team email you a great a4 manual to keep on your computer desktop - but there are a few issues that they are working on to sort out. Other than that good value for money and interesting project. make sure you level the ground first and have a good base layer.

Moi Northland

Approach instructions with caution!

over 2 years ago


The instructions are almost unintelligible so be careful and read them a couple of times before doing anything. If you put the base frame for the walls on the way they tell you ... water pours into the shed whenever it rains...put it on the other way around!!! The drill and rivet gun that come with it are not great so get your own. The roof flashing are ridiculous (sticky silver tape). Having said all that, the shed is pretty good especially for the price. I have bought 2.

K Bay of Plenty

Workshop Shed 3.07x4.59

over 2 years ago


She'd went up relatively easy. Would have liked instructions in a bit more detail but worked it out. Needs st least 3 ppl to put up for normal layman.

River Reeds Taranaki

The Price is Right

over 3 years ago


Great shed for the price. Used for wood storage, saved us a lot of money. Quite flimsy until its fully up. You will need to do more research and planning on the fooring for this shed. Instructions for the shed were very clear but there was minimal on the foundations and they need to be quite significant for this size shed.

AuckPhil Auckland

Great shed

over 3 years ago


Very neat shed! Happy with the large storage area we now have.

Mate Auckland


over 3 years ago


unclear difficult instructions , this is not the first shed I have erected and I am a tradie We struggled with the erection of the walls as very unstable I needed to add wooden supports not supplied with the kit.Not recommended if you have no knowledge of construction or plenty of people to hold up walls while you secure them

Susieq Auckland

Awesome workshop shed!!

over 3 years ago


Bought this storage shed for my back in Opononi. What I was amazed with was the size of it when packaged, so easy to transport (which was critical given we had to take it 4 hours up north!) and then contrary the actual size of the shed when put up. The shed looks exactly as it is shown on the website, I highly recommend purchasing this shed.

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