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GreenWorks Blower Vac G-MAX 40V Li-Ion

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Product overview

Product overview

This G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Blower Vacuum delivers all the power you need to get your garden looking pristine without the hassle of petrol or extension cords. Blast away all your garden debris using the Turbo Button, or collect it all neatly using the vacuum function.

Note: This tool does not include a battery or charger, these must be purchased separately.

With a 10:1 mulching ratio when using the vacuum function and a 45L collection bag, you can get more done between trips to the compost heap. Switching between modes requires no tools, making it quick and easy.

The variable speed dial helps you adjust the power to suit the job and, with the ability to move up to 340 CFM of air, you know this can handle those heavy duty jobs. The lightweight ergonomic design includes soft-moulded grips and a cruise control button for those longer jobs, so you can keep working as long as you need to.

Powered by the interchangeable G-MAX 40V Lithium-ion battery system which delivers longer run time, higher performance and greater output on all G-MAX tools, pull starts, harmful emissions and making a racket are all things of the past (battery and charger sold separately).

GreenWorks DigiPro Series is an innovative solution for your garden tasks that rivals petrol-powered tools. Combined with the 40V G-MAX system, the DigiPro Series features a powerful brushless motor that improves the battery efficiency, delivers more power for greater performance, produces less noise and vibration, and extends the life of the motor for exceptional durability.

Get your garden looking pristine and order you G-MAX Blower Vac today.

About GreenWorks The future is here and it's electric. Once you’ve experienced the power, convenience and economy of a 40V garden tool there will be no going back. The G-MAX 40V Li-Ion range from GreenWorks is already a best-seller in the US and Europe, now it’s ready to revolutionise the way Kiwi’s take care of their backyard.

GreenWorks tools are clean, green, quiet and maintenance free, with no compromises – experience the future today.

• High performance G-MAX 40V Lithium-Ion battery system gives fade-free power with no memory loss (battery and charger sold separately)
• Turbo Boost
• Lightweight, ergonomic design
• Variable speed dial with high / low switch
• In vacuum mode debris is reduced by a ratio of 10: 1 into the 45 litre collection bag
• 300km/h max blowing power
• One GreenWorks G-MAX 40V battery powers all Greenworks 40V tools (battery and charger sold separately)
• 4 Year Greenworks Tool Warranty

Product code: 24227
Model: G40BV
Voltage: 40V
Motor: Brushless
Sound power level: <104 dB(A) +/- 2dB(A)
Vibration level: 3.5 m/s2
Maximum air flow: 12.18 m3/min (340 CFM)
Maximum air speed: 300 km/h
Weight w/o battery: 2.18kg

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Customer questions

Questions and answers

0 votes
q: Does this come with both a vacuum and a blower nozzle attachment like shown in the video?
a: Yes.
By Trade Tested on April 8, 2021
0 votes
q: What is the weight of the blower-vac WITH the battery attached?
a: The Blower-vac is 2.18kg and the battery is 2kg, so 4.18kg all up.
By Trade Tested on March 30, 2021
0 votes
q: Will the GreenWorks Blower Vac G-MAX work with the 2.0Ah, 40V Lithium-Ion batteries?
a: Yes it is.
By Trade Tested on February 9, 2021
0 votes
q: is it the same battery as the hedge trimmer?
a: Yes all Greenworks 40V tools use the same battery.
By Trade Tested on January 15, 2021
0 votes
q: Is Greenworks 40V options adequate for home-use compared to the 60V and 80V options?
a: Yes definitely.
By Trade Tested on August 19, 2020
0 votes
q: Is this the same DigiPro Vac/Blower as is sold with bat/charger included ?
a: Yes it is.
By Trade Tested on June 8, 2020
0 votes
q: Already have greenworks 8" chainsaw hedge trimmer and its starting to get thru stuff for us, wondering and want confirmation 40v Lipo I already have will work on this Blower Vac?
a: Yes it will, although as blowers are pretty power hungry (and assuming you have the 2.0Ah battery) you need to factor this into your expected run time - for context, we sell the blower vac with a 4.0Ah battery in kit form.
By Trade Tested on February 9, 2020
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.6 out of 5 stars from 76 reviews
Paul Christchurch

Blower vac

9 days ago


Having purchased a cheaper vac I gave up after two months and gave it to the sallies. I then decide to spend a bit more and bought the Greenworks, (which I should have done from the start.) Works well in on the small property, I only have one battery, but it charges quickly.

Reggie Auckland

Green works blower vac 40v

13 days ago


This is great product. Cleaning around the house made too easy within minutes. I use the same green work pole saw battery 40v which I bought earlier.

DaveM wellington

Great product

14 days ago


Best cordless vac/blower, perfect for small/average size property with one battery

Paula Marlborough

Great product

15 days ago


Am using this product largely to pick up and mulch leaves - really impressed. It is powerful, comparatively quiet and light, the battery lasts long enough to clean up the front yard, and the mulching function works well - just unzip the bag and empty straight into the compost.

Johno Massey, Auckland

40 v blower

15 days ago


Really happy with this product, very good blower.

Twiggy Napier


15 days ago


I am very impressed with the Greenworks Blower Vac which I have now had for a few weeks and used many times. Very powerful and sucks up quite large volumes of leaves in a short time. Much better and easier to use than the power chord model I used to use.

Dave Kapiti Coast

Review of GreenWorks Vac/blower G-MAX

about 1 month ago


Thanks Trade Tested …. Great product!

Mark Hokitika

Review of GreenWorks Vac/blower G-MAX

2 months ago


A light, easy to use vac/blower without the hassle of trailing round an extension cord - I'm very pleased with it.

Pop taranaki

greenworks blower vac g-max 40v li-lon digipro 4.0ah kit

3 months ago


Had a few good workouts and has performed well.

JD Auckland

Does the job for a short time

3 months ago


The blower is excellent and the vac is pretty good. My only criticism is that it chews through a 4.0v battery very quickly - within no more than 15 min or so. You definitely need a second battery.

Craig Auckland

Blower Vac

3 months ago


Excellent product really happy

Wgfreds Auckland

Blower Vac

3 months ago


Good Machine.

Johnny Auckland

Greenworks Blower Vac

3 months ago


Very good product. Would have liked to have clear instructions on using and assembling

Gil Invercargill

Greenvac Blower

3 months ago


Blower/vacuum work just as expected for our smaller section in town. Easy to convert from blower to vac which is a good point. Sucks leaves well and doesn’t use too much battery. I wouldn’t hesitate to us trade tested again.

Wadey Auckland

blower vac

4 months ago


Yes works grouse her in doors is wrapped in her birthday present, just done the sucky thing so far leaves off our big driveway, so very tidy now saves lot of sweeping quite noisy but that is why you wear ear muffs . Get one you wont regret it.

James Auckland

Excellent Blower/Vac

4 months ago


This Greenworks Vac has reduced my yard clearing time in half! Wish I’d got it earlier! The variable speed is ideal, as full power not often needed, and it will use up a battery charge very quickly if you do.. good size and sturdy mulch bag. Overall a great unit to complement the suite of Greenworks Li-ion garden tools.

Colin Nelson

Blower Vac

4 months ago


Great product does what it's meant to do, I'm very happy with it.

Rk Auckland

Cordless blower vac

4 months ago


So far this the best cordless blower vac I have owned. It’s so powerful, heaps better than a powered blower vac. In my view there is no match to this one. The battery last so long. I did buy a second battery as I have a large area to cover. Buying the second battery was a good. Very easy to use as it is well designed.

Balky Wellington

Blown away!

4 months ago


This thing is so much fun. And my backyard is super clean! I tried the vacuum component, works well, but I'm not sure I will use it much. Prefer to blow everything to kingdom come!

Robert M Auckland

Nice blower, so far so good

4 months ago


Pretty happy with this blower. Real easy to move it back and forth between blower and vac mode. Solid build quality.

Dennis. Hawke's Bay

GreenWorks Blower Vac G-MAX 40V Li-Ion DigiPro 4.0Ah Kit

5 months ago


Purchased the above online. A lack of instructions is the first thing noticed. Charged battery overnight. All connected up and off I went. Battery died after 5 minutes of easy vac work. turned off the machine, restarted no problem, only to have it die again. Contacted trade tested. They insist on a video being made to show what exactly ?? It doesn't work. It's dead Jim, just not as we know it. :)

Mick Bay of Plenty


5 months ago


Delighted with product. Easy to use, very powerful - all on one battery which fits lawnmower, chainsaw, weed eater and blower!

Tweet Wanganui


6 months ago


The Blower Vac is a great machine, does all that I want it to do. It is easy too use, and the powerful motor picks up everything with ease.

Cher Taupo


6 months ago


Really love my blower vac makes everything easy now

HH Gisborne

Blowy sucky thing

6 months ago


Awesome product. Heaps of sucky. Great variable speed.

Rick Ashhurst

Blown away

6 months ago


A great addition to the Green Works family, a very powerful motor, easy to use, it does drain the battery a bit faster than the mower and weed trimmer but still a useful tool

Paul Stanmore Bay

Green works Blower

6 months ago


Great product which compliments the others I already have. Only wanted it for the blower not the vacuum. Was a bit skeptical about its claim of blow power but was pleasantly surprised. Love that I’m cord free, easy and convenient. A great addition to the tool rack and well worth the money. Highly recommend this model. I’m thinking a mower next, when my petrol guzzler bites the bullet.

Professional Shopper B.O.P

Retirement for the old broom!!

6 months ago


Such a good product range & this little light weight blower & Vac adds nicely to that range- Highly Recommended with time & effort saving of using this machine over the old trusty broom.

C Red Hawkes Bay

Let down by the bag

6 months ago


The blower vac is great. The bag not great.

Big Al Auckland

Great Blower

7 months ago


Found it easy to use go anywhere anytime remove leaves at ease know Worries about petrol or extension lead.

Tonys Tairua

blow easy

8 months ago


I like electric quick and easy to use only thing I have found is battery is a little tricky to change it sticks. possibly will get better with more use.

Linda Canterbury

Battery operated blower vac

8 months ago


Great to have the freedom to go anywhere on the section with out being limited to the length of the electrical lead or the noise and fumes of of a petrol engine. Its a great product and I recommend it.

Mick Katikati

Great product

9 months ago


This blower/vac Is far better than others that I’ve used. Great battery life and fast charging. Highly recommended.

Tim Palmerston North

Great value - exceptional blower control

10 months ago


Love the fact that this is so easy to assemble and change over compared to petrol models have used. In addition the simple control of how much blow power you get makes using this machine enjoyable. In terms of suction it could have a bit more power but overall love this and glad made the switch from a petrol model.

Vic Otago

Only used as vacuum

10 months ago


Initially I was rather hesitant to buy as several of the reviews said they were disappointed with the vacuum ability. I don't know what some people expected it to pick up but I have found it fully capable of removing leaves and small light matter which is what it is designed to do and I rarely have to turn on full power. When on full power it is necessary to wear a dust mask because the force of air into the bag will force some dust through the breathable cover as expected.

Jeeves Christchurch

What a fantastic machine!

10 months ago


I already have 3 products by GREENWORKS using just the one battery. The addition of the BLOWER VAC G-MAX is incredible! No regrets whatsoever. Thank you ☺️

Mcgilla Napier

Blower vac

11 months ago


Light, easy, works well. Uses the power so look at the bigger battery or 2. Quiet relatively compared with any other model used.

Nifner Hamurana

Solid & Reliable

11 months ago


I’ve never used one before but this does the job well. Powerful both sucking & blowing. We are using for leaves and small twigs and it handles both with ease. I stupidly thought I could change from blowing to sucking at the flick of a switch but you need to attach a bag to the blower end and a different tube to the end that draws in the air. It’s a wee bit of a process but not too bad once you get used to it. I haven’t found any difficulty with wet leaves and usually blow into a pile then suck the suckers up. We have 2 batteries but I only need the second if I’m going for longer than 40 mins or so. My arms are getting tired by then as I’m short so I have to lift the unit more than a taller person would. The tubes are quite long and not adjustable. Altogether a very worthwhile purchase and much, much easier than sweeping or raking.

Bars Hawke's Bay

Bloawer revue

11 months ago


Great value for money,very powerful, my wife loves it!

Shaun Hawke's Bay

Amazing product and exactly as described

12 months ago


Amazing product and exactly as described, really like the manual power setting and adjustment. I searched the market for a product like this and after a month of use is perfect.

Nathan Hastings

This Blows... in a Good Way!

12 months ago


As a blower, this is great and works just as well, if not better, than any petrol blower I've used. No mucking around with mixing fuel, a choke or pull-start, just press a button and you're away! It has really decent blowing power. The vacuum function is okay, but a bit under-powered. The vacuum attachment can be a bit awkward to attach, but okay once used to it.

Gadget Guy Coromandel


about 1 year ago


Really impressed with the blower but not very impressed with the mulcher/vac. Would only recommend it as a blower.

Kel Timaru

Very Sucky !

about 1 year ago


Have to admit to being a tad skeptical in buying this, as wasn't sure if battery power would be grunty enough, or last long enough to do the job I wanted. Large dry leaves and lots of them, plus a long driveway littered with dry smaller leaves. Easy to assemble, charge up the battery and off I go - well delighted is an understatement - was amazed at both grunt and longevity. On blower, I haven't run it out of power once yet, while it has enough to do the sucky stuff with ease. Collection bag is good size and when full, holds a lot of chopped up compost ! Easy to change over from blower to suckyvac as well. Overall, chuffed with this well built piece of kit.

Goat on a rope wellington/poneke


about 1 year ago


impressed with strength blows into heap and then sucked up-be interested in battery life-great for small tasks. Great companion tool for Greenworks chainsaw, pole saw and hedge trimmer with interchangeable batteries .

Steve. ohaupo

Greenworks blower vac

about 1 year ago


I was looking for a robust battery powered unit for my workshop as the wind tends to bring a lot of leaves inside, this thing has some serious grunt! I couldn't be happier, price, delivery time and function all 10 out of 10!.

Neil Auckland

Good vac

about 1 year ago


Had this for a month now and way better suck and blow that I had on my petrol one. Conversion from vac to blower is easy. Battery gives me a good 30mins but wish it was more.

Vi Southland

Blower vac

about 1 year ago


Bought this because I wanted the vac. Blower is okay but I'm a bit disappointed in the vac. Just not picking up the dry blue gum leaves on our long asphalt driveway to the extent I had hoped for. Maybe I need more practice!

Nasha Auckland

Its blows ...

about 1 year ago


Good unit - will save you time and aggro ....

Disappointed Blenheim

Love / Hate

about 1 year ago


Love the idea of this vac but I perplexed why I get covered in dust whilst using - can anyone advise me if they are getting the dust also

Zhemat Lower Hutt

Good sucker

about 1 year ago


I bought this primarily to pick up small pine cones. It does the job but I have the settings on maximum and even then the cones have to be nursed up the chute. Most get shattered by the mulching blade which is performing better than I expected. I now have three batteries, so downtime is minimal.

JohnC Bay of Plenty

Goes well

about 1 year ago


Operates as you would expect

Gardener Nelson


about 1 year ago


A great unit, and the wife loves it as well. So easy to use.

Jimmy the 1 Kapiti

I love it!

about 1 year ago


An excellent machine. Perfect for purpose at our place. Well engineered and easy controls.

MickRaze Palmerston North

Good machine for larger gardens

about 1 year ago


Purchased this unit as has a powerful 4.0Ah battery and wanted to do away with fuel, also purchased a second battery so have sufficient suck for my 1720m2 garden. Quite impressed with its ability so far. Still summer so will see how it performs when the leaves really start to fall in Autumn

Charlie Auckland


about 1 year ago


Great Blower. Did over heat the 2 amp hour battery on continuous use, but fine with the 4 amp hour battery

Roto Bay of Plenty

works well, fiddly to attach fittings

about 1 year ago


For its size it does a great job of blowing and vacuuming. But the vacuum nozzle is very tricky to fit on and the bag and blowing nozzle a bit awkward to fit on - some redesign needed to make this easier. Battery life is ok on lower power settings

Ganda Auckland

GreenWorks Blower Vac G-MAX 40V Li-Ion DigiPro 4.0Ah Kit

about 1 year ago


The blower works well however the vacuum is good for leaves and small debris only.

TC Canterbury

My review of the acc blower

about 1 year ago


Works great and does what they say it’s meant to do . Very happy with this but would recommend a 2nd battery as they use a lot of power especially if you have a bigger yard.

Claire Canterbury

Great purchase

about 1 year ago


Really great blower and Vac, great when trimming the hedges.

Patricia Auckland

Blower vac

about 1 year ago


Blower works very well but the Vac side of things is difficult to assemble and then doesn’t work well. Whether its my fault or not its hard to say but all in all its very frustrating after having paid more for the vac and not really be able to use it well.

Paul Whangarei

Blower Vav

about 1 year ago


Great blower. Already have other Green Works items, so able to use the battery and charger for the blower. All good



about 1 year ago


This is the first time I have used a battery blower/sucker for the garden. After my old electrical device died, I tried this one more for the suggested ease. Well, they were right. It’s excellent, and probably more effective than my old device. Battery life is not bad, and I would suggest that after every use the battery is recharged. Realistically, it should come with two batteries supplied. Overall, though, a great buy.

Bruce Christchurch


about 1 year ago


The blower vac has been good buy, both in blower and vac mode. It has plenty of power backed up with a battery that lasts the distance.

Chris Auckland

All Good

about 1 year ago


Very pleased with the blower. More than enough oomph and battery lasts well.

Gazza Tauanga

Battery operated vac

about 1 year ago


We were after a battery operated vac to replace a corded one. The Green Works vac does the job well. Its mainly used by my wife and she finds it light enough with the shoulder strap and easy to use.

Mike Auckland

keeping outside tidy, made easy

about 1 year ago


nice strong machines much easier to use with battery instead of a power cord.

Double S Canterbury

A good alternative to a petrol motor.

about 1 year ago


I live on a 950 m2 section with many mature trees that drop their leaves each autumn. The blower on this machine is great. I like the variable speed and option for turbo. Even on our section I seldom need to use the turbo option. The vac option is adequate, at times I would like it to vac up the leaves a little quicker. Changing from one operation to the other is straight forward compared to the Ryobi I had. I will need to purchase a second battery as there is not enough juice in one battery to complete all that I need to on our size section. This is a small price to pay for a quality item.

Sue Northland


about 1 year ago


I bought this machine to just use around the house and planned to use my stihl petrol blower elsewhere.. This blower is so good with the variable speed that its almost all I use now.. highly recommended

Bri blake Wellington

blower vac

about 1 year ago


great beast should have brought earlier saves heaps of time.

Terry Nelson

Awesome leaf blower

about 1 year ago


Blown away by this machine, flick it in to turbo mode and you almost take off. Does a great job!

Kyle Auckland

Great product, really powerful

over 2 years ago


Really great blower vac! Easy to use, lightweight and makes life a dream by being able to clip the battery in and go. At full blast, its pretty heavy on the battery usage, using the 4AH battery it drains it way faster than the lawn mower or the line trimmer. The Vac function with 10:1 mulch ration is also great, once I have blown the leaves into a corner, I vacuum them up and put them back on the flower beds as mulch! #Winning

Jen Taranaki


over 2 years ago


This works just as you would expect, great product. For cleaning of large patio areas it is a breeze not having to use a broom, saves time and energy.

Sue Canterbury

Vac Blower review

over 2 years ago


So easy to blow away our beautiful silk tree fallen flowers & leaves which are so difficult to sweep away with a brush.

GregR Auckland

Great machine

over 2 years ago


Awesome blower vac, very powerful and the battery lasts a long time. Recommended tool to add to your 40v collection.

Stephen Otago

Love this blower

over 2 years ago


I've thrown my broom away! This is a great blower, light, easy to use with lots of blow. A quick reconfiguration and its an excellent vacuum cleaner / mulcher. My garden has never looked so clean and tidy.

Rosscoe Coromandel

Awesome Machine and Service

over 2 years ago


Easy to order, turned up quickly and great product. Thanks Trade Tested.

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