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Artificial Landscaping Grass Boston Green 40mm 13m²

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Get that lush green lawn you’ve always wanted, without all the hassle of watering and mowing, with our amazing artificial landscaping grass.

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Product overview

Product overview

Get that lush green lawn you’ve always wanted, without all the hassle of watering and mowing, with our amazing artificial landscaping grass.

Forget those weird coloured grass tiles that are ruined in 10 minutes, this is the good stuff. The 40mm monofilament construction features 18,900 tufts per m², a super tough ‘U’ yarn shape and 4 different fibre colour tones for a hyper-realistic artificial lawn that will last for at least 7 years.

It’s not just for looks either, this grass is designed to be used, so don’t worry about kids charging around and feel free to party up a storm or get out the backyard cricket set, this lawn can handle it.

The mixed 40mm long PE and PP fibres are not only UV resistant for handling life in Kiwi conditions, they also add a realistic texture and feel. Easy to install on just about any surface, it’s the perfect way to transform any areas where grass would not normally grow or just when you can’t be bothered maintaining a traditional lawn.

Order yours today and transform your outdoor areas into the lush green slice of paradise you’ve always wanted.

• Perfect lawn without the maintenance, no watering, no fertilising
• Hyper-realistic monofilament construction
• Designed to last at least 7 years, UV protected fibres resist fade
• Mixed PE + PP 40mm fibres and 4 colour tones for an realistic texture
• Easy to install
• Child and pet friendly
• 7 Year Warranty

Materials: Polypropylene (curved pile), polyethylene (straight pile)
Construction: Monofilament, “U” shaped yarn
Tuft density: 18900 per m²
Fibre length: 40mm
Gauge: 3/8”
Size: W 1.3m x L 10m
Weight: 63kg

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Customer questions

Questions and answers

0 votes
q: How do you maintain the grass so it stays upright as I have seen some and it starts to look matted. And I have read that you need to brush in a special sand over the top when you first install it ?
a: Use a stiff, natural-bristle brush which will be gentle but effective on your artificial grass. When you do brush your lawn, be sure you brush it in all different directions, so you keep the turf pile bouncy and upright.
By Trade Tested on May 10, 2021
0 votes
q: How is it fastened to the ground.
a: It depends which ground you are fastening this to, if it is a compacted sand and GAP 7 base or similar then we recommend grass fixing staples.
By Trade Tested on March 30, 2021
0 votes
q: Can weeds grow through the matting?
a: If installed correctly there is a good chance you'll never need to pull another weed, however no manufactured grass can guarantee that you will never again see a weed - there is always the potential to have one poke through a small hole or around an edge etc. Prep will be key - excavating, spraying, compacting, you could add another layer of weed matting underneath also.
By Trade Tested on November 30, 2020
1 vote
q: If it rains excessively, will it drain away OK... ie: are there holes in it or is it rubber sealed backing?
a: Yes it is porous, but drainage will really depend on your preparation of the area, so installation over at least sand, ideally with scoria underneath will do the best job.
By Trade Tested on October 14, 2019
0 votes
q: Am I able to purchase a 4m x 4m square of this product please
a: This comes as 1.3m wide roll that's 10m long, so you could cover that area (16m2) with 2 of these (with plenty to spare - or get one roll and use some tiles or similar to finish off the shortfall.
By Trade Tested on March 11, 2020
0 votes
q: Can I use this product on concrete? Or how can I do it so it drains properly?
a: You can use it on concrete, especially if there is some fall for run off. Ideally this is installed over compacted sand and GAP 7 or similar base.
By Trade Tested on October 21, 2019
0 votes
q: I want to put this around a pool area but there are also a few trees that drop leaves and seeds in winter and spring, how do you keep it clean from those?
a: A leaf blower would be best, but you can use brooms and something like a bamboo rake also.
By Trade Tested on September 4, 2019
-1 votes
q: Where is this product made please? How long is the manufacturer's warranty?
a: This is made in China and comes with a 7 year warranty.
By Trade Tested on June 10, 2019
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.8 out of 5 stars from 4 reviews
LK Waikato

Great grass

5 months ago


Second roll bought from TT. Really happy with it and looks great.

Happy customer Bay of Plenty

Nice to walk on, looks real

about 1 year ago


Good price for no more mowing.

Sirro11 Hamilton

Great looking artificial grass.

over 2 years ago


Nice looking grass and soft to walk. Easy to install. Excellent product exactly as described.

AN Auckland

Great product

over 2 years ago


Easy to install, happy with result

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