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Balken Log Splitter 40T Petrol

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Mobile and powerful, this German designed log splitter will take care of even the greenest wood in your log pile.

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Product overview

Product Overview

Mobile and powerful, this German designed log splitter will take care of even the greenest wood in your log pile.

With an epic 40 tonnes of splitting force and a quick 14 second cycle time, this splitter can handle logs up to 61cm in length and 60cm in diameter. The centre H-section steel beam design is rugged and super stable, ensuring your log splitter will stand the test of time.

The reliable 15hp Lifan 4-stroke petrol engine powers a dual stage pump and automatic return valve, all backed up by a 2 Year Warranty.

Switch between horizontal and vertical operation for those heavier logs, then at the end of the day tow it back to the shed and crack open a well-earned beverage.

Order yours today and put the axe away for good.

Unit is shipped dry, hydraulic oil and engine oil will need to be added before use. Some assembly required. Unit not designed to be towed on public roads.

• German design
• Jockey wheel
• 50mm NZ trailer coupling
• Taper locked wheels
• 15hp Lifan petrol engine
• 1 person operation
• Recoil (pull) start
• Horizontal or vertical operation
• Load sensitive 16GPM dual stage pump
• 14 second cycle time
• Cuts logs up to 61cm in length and 60cm in diameter
• 2 Year Warranty

Engine: Lifan – 420cc single-cylinder 4-stroke OHV air-cooled petrol
Fuel Capacity: 6.5L
Max Force: 40 Tonnes
Max Pressure: 5300psi
Hydraulic Oil Capacity: 14L
Ram Size: 5”
Ram Wedge: 4 way ram wedge, L 22cm x H 21cm
Stroke: 61cm
Weight: 230kg Net/260kg Gross
Packed Dimensions: L 181cm x W 53.5cm x H 56cm

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Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.3 out of 5 stars from 4 reviews
Wendy Northland

balken log spitter 40 T petrol

about 1 year ago

2017-03-09 00:12:39

I brought the log spitter a month ago and it is a great machine we have already cut heaps of firewood and all the family are wanting to use it

David Manawatu

Note: Assembly is required.

about 1 year ago

2017-03-02 00:25:20

Images does not do it Justice, is more robust than image looks. Cuts thought Blue gum with hardly any engine note change. Very Solidly Built. Note: Assembly is required.

KP Morrinsville

Back Saver

about 1 year ago

2017-03-02 00:18:12

Awesome splitter, plenty of power, easy to use with the big work station. A little light on assembly instructions but not hard to work out

Mac Wellington

Excellent Value

over 2 years ago

2015-10-14 18:19:05

Firstly the splitter arrived very quickly. I had some issues with the assembly. Upon inspecting the various parts in the box I noticed that some of the pre installed plumbing appeared not fully seated, had excessive amounts of thread tape and was cross threaded.  This was easily fixed and the rest of the assembly was simple. It is a two person job due to the weight of the components. I encountered am issue which I was and remeain not happy with. The suction and return lines are cramped up and forced around a tight corner as they are crowed by the main pump. This has the effect of both lines being permanently subjected to a high pressure abrasion during operation. I was concerned that the suction/ filter housing was located too high. I raised these issues with Tradetested and was assured this was ok. In use the unit is actually very good. I split Gum rounds of approximately 1300 mm diameter and 350 mm thick. The ram handled this with ease in the vertical position. The splitter head has a 4 way split and I was suspicious as to its usefulness but it proved a fantastic feature. Wood does get jammed at times in the splitter but the next log forces it out easily and safely. There is plenty of length in the bed so this should never be an issue. There are some changes made on my splitter. 1 - Remove the vertical lip on the rear edge of the side table so it is not snagged and bent by the returning ram. 2 - Add a narrow lower table to the operator side to help with control of split wood when in the horizontal mode. This will avoid squashed toes. 3 - Move the control handle to on top of the ram as it original placement is  uncomfortable in some positions for a single operator to control the wood and operate the handle with out working in a stopped position. A real back killer at times. 4 - Alter the rear stand to pivot easily and fixed with a spring bolt in the vertical and horizontal positions to make things easy.  5- Move the front stand/ wheel further away from the I beam so you do not hit it with your knuckles when adjust the the height of the stand. 6 - Attach a tool box for spares and essential tools to the lower beam/ draw bar. These are quite minor adjustments and will make for a truly fantastic  splitter. I have process about 20 metres of Gum, Pine, Macro and Oregon. The machine has operated flawlessly and needs only around half throttle for the largest, most knotty lumps of gum and macro. It seems reasonably fuel efficient and is always a one pull start. I think it produces average noise levels and not a lot of vibration. The engine runs quite cool even when it is being worked hard in hot still air. Welding and general material selection looks good. There is no sign of flexing or torquing of the bed when under load and the splitter runs very smoothly ( when lubed correctly) even when there is a lot of grit and debris on the beam. This all suggests it is well made and built to last. I am very happy with it given you can pay far more and get  a considerably inferior machine. In the final wash up it quickly, safely and easily deals to whatever you feed it and delivers nice sized firewood. It is very stable in either position and all service and maintenance items are easy to access.  I would recommend this to anyone with serious splitting to do. Bear in mind the modifications I have suggested as these turn it from a good machine to a fantastic one.

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