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We are your source for quality garden sheds.

When you've already got top of the line quality and the right price, the only decision you'll have to make is choosing between the sizes of our garden sheds!


Quality You Can Count On

At Trade Tested, our outdoor storage and garden sheds are manufactured according to industry standards for long-lasting durability. We chose to offer double pressed galvanised steel construction that comes with a 12 year warranty against rust.


Our garden sheds are simple to assemble and feature a hinged door, which is safer and much more convenient than trying to fight with sliding tracks. Since all of our garden sheds are priced affordably and top of the line quality, all you have left to decide between are the sizes of our outdoor sheds.


Choosing Between Sizes of Sheds

Our garden sheds range in size from 1.75m x 1.75m, which is perfect for organising garden and yard tools, all the way up to our two largest sheds, which are 4.3m x 3.45m or our narrower 4.3m x 1.75m.


When deciding between sheds, the easiest process is to simply measure the equipment you'll be housing. Smaller items, such as yard tools, can be approximated, but your riding lawn mower and bicycles should be measured. Bigger is often better when choosing between sheds, since you'll need ample space between items so you can conveniently remove them when needed.


Another option is to purchase two smaller sheds as opposed to one larger garden shed. You may not want to store children's bicycles and toys in the same place as your gasoline powered lawn equipment. Safety should always be a consideration. Whichever size or quantity you choose, Trade Tested is here for you.


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