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The Chooketeria is a one step self-service feeder that allows chickens the freedom to feed themselves anytime without human supervision or intervention.

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Product overview

Product overview

The Chooketeria is a one step self-service feeder that allows chickens the freedom to feed themselves anytime without human supervision or intervention.

An ingenious trough system provides ample space for multiple chooks to eat at once, with features to ensure your chook's safety. Reminiscent of a kitchen pedal bin, hungry chooks simply step onto a foot 'pedal', which swings open the troughs aluminium lid to expose fresh chicken feed inside. Once the chooks step off, the lid closes shut automatically to keep vermin, bugs and weather out. This means you can leave the property for a few days and return to happy, healthy chickens. Can hold approximately 5kgs of feed, meaning that at 125gms of pellets a day per hen, a full Chooketeria should last 8 hens up to 5 days.

Designed and manufactured in Dairy Flat, Auckland.

- Holds approximately 5kgs
- Single Trough Self Service Poultry Feeder
- Quick and easy training programme
- Keeps food dry in all weather conditions
- Saves money by keeping out wild birds and rodents
- Chooks feed themselves, even while you're away
- Made to last: aluminium construction with stainless steel fasteners
- Proudly designed and manufactured in New Zealand

Dimensions (with lid closed): 345mm x 515mm x 190mm (DxWxH)
Dimensions (with lid open): 345mm x 515mm x 350mm (DxWxH)

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Customer questions

Questions and answers

0 votes
q: What weight chicken will activate it? I am worried my bantom will not be able to open it. Have other chooks too, but the bantom is the worry.
a: We don't have an exact weight rating, but the manufacturer has confirmed it's fine for bantams.
By Trade Tested on October 21, 2020
0 votes
q: Are they madre of what? Wonder if they are ok to be left outside on t elements....Ana
a: It's aluminium with stainless fasteners, so yes.
By Trade Tested on April 20, 2020
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.5 out of 5 stars from 41 reviews
Jessie Wairoa


28 days ago


Best Buy ever no more sparrows, magpies getting a free meal or rats.

Katherine Wellington

Great well made product!

about 1 month ago


Great well made product with easy instructions for someone new to having chickens.

Chook Horowhenua

Happy Chooks

about 1 month ago


Sturdy, well constructed. Chooks got the hang of it fairly quickly.

Sally Bay of Plenty


about 1 month ago


Very disappointed in this product as chooks totally put off by the noise and sharp edges. Will not go near it. Needs quite a bit of upgrading. Why not put the same rubber that is on base on edges of lid. Also needs side protection to stop chickens accessing food from there and having the lid shut on their necks. Needs training screws so chooks can get used to it. Not value for money at all and I would not recommend this product, spend more and get a quality product. Thought because it was NZ made that it would be alot better.

Pip Hawke's Bay

Happy chooks

about 1 month ago


Very good product. Followed instructions to get bantam crosses to use it. They took to it well. Made life easier as only the chickens accessing the food. Brilliant:)

Britt Northland

Great feeder, keeps pests out

about 1 month ago


My chooks figured out the feeder quickly. It came with solid instructions for teaching them. I had a million wax eyes and was starting to get rats but seems to have sorted the problem.

Lynley Timaru

chook feeder

2 months ago


Great chook feed.

Eddie Otago


2 months ago


Doesn’t work that well. Lid either stays open or doesn’t open wide enough. Needs to be on very flat ground, concrete base.

GQ. Cambridge

Chook feeder

3 months ago


Good product. Well made.

Noone Waikato

Best buy chookateria

4 months ago


I had trouble with mice and rats eating the chook food, now with my new chookateria I no longer have this issue. Took the chooks a week to get used to the metallic noise, but after I put some window no more draughts tape around the lid they are now happy scare free chooks. The money I sent on the chookateria has been saved in the chook food I was losing to predators. Thanks Trade Tested!!

Turangi Kid Auckland

Great product

4 months ago


This is great. Chooks learned to use very quickly. Feed stays dry and doesn't tip over

Nick Southland


4 months ago


Good. But one of the screws that was already placed before assembly self loosened causing one side of the lid to collapse. Luckily was able to find the screw and washer in the grass. Has been good ever since. Best put on to a solid surface - ours is on pavers.

Kathryn Darfield

Great product - required tiny modification

6 months ago


This mostly works great, but lid didn't open quite far enough. Added a screw to the footplate so that the footplate is always horizontal which means lid now opens a good amount when chooks stand on it. Would be better suited for less chooks than we have. Ideally <5 chooks.

Andreana West Melton


7 months ago


Work really well. One bird can open by standing on metal strip. Easy to put together my ten years old son put ours together.

White Nanny Taranaki

Chicken coop

9 months ago


A bit small but working well

MM Dunedin

Chooketeria excellent

10 months ago


After following the training instructions-thanks for that- my new chickens finally trained themselves to eat from it. So much better than the previous one I had. Easy to see food and doesn’t block when weather is wet. Yes would recommend.

Tan Hawke's Bay

Great purchase

12 months ago


Great product that comes with easy instructions on how to use it and how to train your chickens to use it. Wish I'd purchased long ago.

Chook Waikato


about 1 year ago


works well

Andre Warkworth


about 1 year ago


The Chooketeria is pretty easy to assemble and works really well once chickens get used to it. "Training" guide is helpful in teaching chickens how to use it.

Rudders Marlborough


about 1 year ago


Works perfectly - our hens love it.

Da and Nan Kaiwaka

Chooketeria Original

over 2 years ago


Our hens love their new feeding station and have all now learnt to open the lid and feed contentedly. Very worthwhile purchase.

Jess Haumoana

Happy chickens

over 3 years ago


Easy to use website Delivery was prompt

Happy Hens Clyde


over 3 years ago


A cery good product & easy to assemble. Took my wee girls a wee while to get used to it but all good now. Many thanks.

Chrissie Auckland


over 3 years ago



Rhonda Southland


over 3 years ago


Simple to assemble and perfect to keep the chook food safe and dry. Took a bit to train my chooks to use it but now they have "nailed it" all is well.

BG Northland

Chicken Feeder

over 3 years ago


Very clever & efficient feeder design!

Henalem Auckland

Chookateria is OK

over 3 years ago


Trade tested service and delivery top as always. Re the product: A lot of hype goes in to the Chooketeria as solving all chicken feeding woes. The reality is the quality of the materials and building of it is average and the time it takes to train the hens to actually open the thing without smacking themselves in the heads - or frightening themselves with near misses that make them think they'll chop their combs off - doesn't, in my view, outweigh the benefits. I gave up trying to train my hens after a month (they nearly get there but don't stand with enough weight to completely open it). Now I use it as an 'open' and then 'closed' feeder. I either have not so smart hens or better uses for my time!

Ken Auckland

Chooketeria Poultry Feeder

over 3 years ago


Firstly the quality of service from Tradetested was amazing and delivery time the quickest I've experienced with online shopping. The Chooketeria has been great in eliminating food wastage and all the hens learnt how to use it within a really short time.

Nic ruapehu

Value for money

over 3 years ago


Great product easy to assemble - chooks got used to it quite quickly

Danni Christchurch

Awesome chook feeder

over 3 years ago


This is an amazing feeder, works fantastic and my chooks love it!!

John T Helensville

Nice unit

over 3 years ago


Well built, handy instructions and easy to assemble. Keeps pests out usually, although managed to catch a sparrow in it last week - he won't do *that* again. At first, chooks didn't like loud bang when lid closes. Maybe lid could be padded somehow to make it quieter. But it works well. Very happy.

Nettie Southland


over 3 years ago


Great to know the black birds and sparrows are not  eating what the chocks don't want first time round, and its there for there next visit to there  chooketeria.

Radz Hawke's Bay

Saves the food!

over 3 years ago


Took a while for the chooks to get used to it and found it sticks open sometimes which isn't good. A spray with Crc seems to have helped this however. 

Old codger Ngaruawahia


over 4 years ago


Remarkable product chooks stepped on it immediately and when they were full they stepped off, lid down with a hell of a bang chooks took off to the safety of the hen house so until they lose their fear of it I am putting it into areas I don't want them to go fortunately they will have a short memory.

Chicken lady Bay of Plenty


over 4 years ago


chooks got used to it quite quickly, now they love it! and so do i. no more feeding chooks in morning, when its raining!

Dave T Motueka

Great quality stainless steel construction.

over 4 years ago


Piece of cake to assemble durable and robust. Chookies worked it out almost straight away, really funny watching them. No more mice and rats or birds stealing the expensive chook food. Thankyou tradetested brilliant idea and works like a charm.

Hen-pecked Taupo

Great idea

over 4 years ago


Overall good - where side bars come into step tendency to snag and make too stiff to operate -can be corrected with extra washers on nuts. Good for keeping food dry in wet weather

David Rotorua

Will work well

over 4 years ago


No chooks yet but it is exactly what we wanted

Flop Auckland

Saved me heaps!

over 4 years ago


Halved my feed costs! Keeps out all the other pests and keeps the feed dry - sold

Jane Northland

Pretty Good

over 4 years ago


Chooks still getting used to it and really needs fixing to a solid base as a bit unstable. Great for keeping the birds out though!

Laurie Bay of Plenty

Simplicity in action

over 5 years ago


Easy to assemble. Filled it with chook food for 2 days I used the peg which showed them the food. Within those 2 days the chooks were eating from it by themselves. I deem it extremely successful. No problems at all.

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