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Hyundai Wood Chipper 15HP 308 with Electric Start

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Product overview

Product overview

✔ FREE ProVIS 30 5L Engine Oil worth $44.90, limited time.

Chew through large amounts of garden waste quickly and easily with this powerful, mobile wood chipper from Hyundai.

Built to make chipping easy, the workhorse 420cc 4-stroke motor powers a rotating blade and anvil mechanism, that not only rips through your garden waste but gives this chipper a self-feeding action for maximum work with minimum effort. This model features electric starting for even simpler operation - just fuel up and turn the key.

Munch through branches up to 70-100mm in diameter depending on type and hardness of the wood, keeping in mind that dry hardwoods such as manuka and mapou will need to be significantly smaller to chip effectively.

Built tough with all steel construction, this is a heavy-duty machine, but is easy to manoeuvre with its twin hopper handles, large diameter, extra wide pneumatic tyres. It’s also a great option for larger properties thanks to the included 50mm tow bar mount (off-road use only), so you can take it to where the work is. The hopper is hinged for easy blockage clearance, while the extended, adjustable discharge chute is especially handy for feeding directly onto a trailer, ute deck or wheelbarrow.

The precision HSS blades and hardened steel anvil cut clean and fast, while the twin v-belt drive design gives smooth running, better shock load protection and simple servicing.

Suitable for larger properties and frequent use, this machine is capable of chipping and shredding large quantities of wood and branches into easily handled chippings quickly and effortlessly.

Order today and take the effort out of maintaining your property.

• Branch capacity up to 70-100mm diameter (depending on type and hardness of the wood)
• 50mm tow bar hitch for greater mobility (off-road use only)
• Electric start
• Wide mouth feed hopper is hinged for easy blockage clearance
• Extended discharge chute - feed directly onto a trailer, ute or wheelbarrow
• Efficient self-feeding action
• Tough 15hp 4-stroke engine
• Emergency stop button
• Easy starting
• HSS blades and hardened steel anvil for clean, efficient cutting
• Belt driven for easy servicing
• Pneumatic tyres
• Toolkit
• 2 Year Warranty

Engine Type: Single cylinder OHV 4-stroke
Engine Size: 420cc
Oil Capacity: 1.1L
Noise Level: 108 dB (A)
Power: 15hp @ 3600
Starting: Electric/Recoil
Battery: 12V
Fuel Type: Unleaded Petrol
Fuel Tank Capacity: 6.5L
Wheel Type: Pneumatic
Drive Type: Twin V Belt in Parallel
Max Chipping Size: 70-100mm
Blade width: 308mm
Hopper opening size: 44cm x 38cm
Performance: 1000 – 5500 kg/hr
Disc Speed: 2350rpm
Dimensions: L 111cm x W 63cm x H 112cm
Carton dimensions: 113cm x 65 x 115
Weight: 180kg


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Customer questions

Questions and answers

0 votes
q: Are the blades easily accessed for maintenance?
a: Yes you just un-bolt the chute.
By Trade Tested on December 13, 2020
0 votes
q: could this be used to chip up cardboard boxs
a: Perhaps, but most likely it will clog at some point.
By Trade Tested on October 20, 2020
0 votes
q: Would this mulch hemp?
a: Yes if it's green it will be fine.
By Trade Tested on September 22, 2020
-1 votes
q: Will this handle 40mm manuka branches?
a: It may do it if it's green, however especially dried this is very hard wood so this it may be a step too far - it's lovely wood though, how about using it for the fire or smoker?!
By Trade Tested on July 28, 2020
0 votes
q: Can it handle Palm Fronds...I have tons of them.
a: Yes this is fine.
By Trade Tested on June 1, 2020
0 votes
q: Hi there, I see someone mentioned that they used this to chip up bamboo. I really need something that can work bamboo. Will thus work OK?
a: Yes it will.
By Trade Tested on May 11, 2020
0 votes
q: in the Q & A you say it won't handle leaves and flax. I assume it would handle leaves attached to a tree branch though ?
a: Yes leaves on a branch will be fine.
By Trade Tested on May 4, 2020
1 vote
q: Will it mulch as well?
a: It depends on your meaning of mulch, if you mean can it handle grass and leaves then no. However the chips from this make great mulch, add a 100mm layer onto your garden and it will enhance plant growth by retaining moisture, prevent weed germination and save you water!
By Trade Tested on April 10, 2019
0 votes
q: How about mature bamboo?
a: Yes, although like any wood it depends on the size etc.
By Trade Tested on February 14, 2019
0 votes
q: Hi, can this chipper handle flax?
a: No, this is not designed for flax, it's too stringy and fibrous to be processed effectively.
By Trade Tested on January 16, 2019
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.5 out of 5 stars from 12 reviews
Mitch Blenheim

Awesome chipper!!

3 months ago


Very impressed, it can be assembled by a single person with a bit of mechanical know how, but two persons would make it easier. Although the main engine and chipper come assembled unit, ensure all nuts and bolts including e-stop button are a few rattled loose on first operation. Performance wise this will draw branches in faster than it can process them, thus stalling itself, controlling the feeding of the branches ensures a great smooth operation, I have fed a 100mm branch into it, it will do it but really that’s fire wood size and it shakes like a bastard with that size in it. Really happy with my purchase.

Pete Clevedon

Hyundai 15 hp wood chipper

3 months ago


It does what it say it will do and more. It will chip up 100 mm you just have feed slowly

Bamboo chipper Auckland

Bamboo chipping

3 months ago


We have already done 15 trailer loads mulching bamboo and it works well. Suggestions, the machine is quite unstable to tow around lifestyle block and easily tips over. Would suggest widened wheelbase. Add a flap to back of top nozzle as when pointing down a lot of chip blows back at user. If possible adjust loading on tow bar as heavy to lift. Otherwise very happy. Thanks

Ralph Northland


3 months ago


Its better than I expected

Mike Swift Northland

legend chipper

7 months ago


This chipper has performed brilliantly! It has heap of torque and I have worked its guts out for two weeks around our property. Its bloody noisy but so what! My neighbor came over to see what it was all about and now he wants to borrow it ! It does struggle a bit with 100mm branches but otherwise its a cracker of a machine. Ya wont regret it if ya get one.

Jackie Gray Cambridge


7 months ago


Awesome machine Very sturdy and well made Highly recommended

Rich Northland

Excellent product and price.

about 1 year ago


Excellent product. Electric start makes starting a breeze. Easy to use. Highly recommended.

Dan Tokoroa

Well built and powerful

about 1 year ago


I am happy so far (used the machine for 4 hrs) I knew prior to purchasing this chipper that it would only handle wood 50mm and under consistently. It can take up to 100mm but must be very soft wood!. The chipper does exactly what it should do as long as maintenance is kept up. Keeping the blades sharp is very important and can be done easily in about 30 minutes. I recommend rotating and then sharpening the blades after every 2hrs work.

Almo Canterbury

Alan king

about 1 year ago


I am happy with the Chipper, it works well

Richie Lake Hawea

Hyundai wood chipper

over 2 years ago


This is a powerful machine well suited to the larger garden.The instructions state what dimension of wood that the machine can handle and it does.The machine is easily assembled using the instructions provided.The engine starts very easily. The instructions are very clear as to what one should not do- such as put fingers anywhere near the drum with the knives when clearing any twig that may have been left in the system at shut down. Easy to clear by following instructions as to how to turn the chipping mechanism with a spanner. The instructions tell it all.

No Name Southland

Hyundai chipper

over 2 years ago


Definitely will not chip 100 mm tree branches, very sensitive the type of branches it will handle. 2 inch or less is more like it. Considering the two reasons I bought it was the capacity and the fact it was a Hyundai. In reality neither is true! It is in fact Chinese manufacture with a lifan engine and licensed by Hyundai. Frankly I consider Your description Grossly "exaggerated" and am likely to File a complaint to the ASA

Reply from Trade Tested

The quoted 100mm max is a tested max chipping capacity, this is a standard measurement across retailers of this product. This is tested using freshly cut wood with at least 80% moisture content (in this case paulownia). With the huge range of material put through a chipper there needs to be a way to differentiate between the capability of different models and this is the accepted method. It's generally understood that wood type and condition play a huge part in what can be chipped, and that a lot of woods will be not be able to be chipped at the maximum quoted diameter. 

All Hyundai Power Products worldwide are produced under licence, with all suppliers being vetted and approved by Hyundai Power Products in Korea (who we are the exclusive licensee for in New Zealand). This model of chipper is sold by Hyundai dealers in multiple markets worldwide, including the UK. 
Gam Bay of Plenty

Excellent product

over 2 years ago


I had been looking for a while then found the Hyundai wood chipper pickup was a breeze was easy to assemble installed the oil moved in position and turned the key it started first time. It's very powerful and great that it can handle everything in the one chute and it comes from Hyundai with strong build quality. It is heavy to move the big wheels help a bit

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