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Pestoff Easy Feed Possum Bait Station

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A tough UV resistant bait station for dispensing Pestoff Possum Bait.

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Product overview

Product overview

A tough UV resistant bait station for dispensing Pestoff Possum Bait.

• Suitable station for multiple dispensing
• Holds 700 grams/bait, enough for 7 possums
• Supports effective baiting strategy
• Keeps bait fresh and palatable
• Manufactured from robust materials

Weight: 1kg

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Customer questions

Questions and answers

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q: Has this poison got any secondary poisoning issues, dogs etc
a: Yes it does, however they're unlikely if the following precautions are followed: Even small amounts of brodifacoum consumed by pets can cause them adverse health effects and therefore every sensible precaution should be taken to minimize their risk of exposure by way of either primary or secondary poisoning (eating a dead rat). So: Use bait stations which prevent access to baits by pets and children. Keep baiting periods short (about 1 week) and infrequent. Collect and dispose of dead rodent bodies. Don't allow dogs to roam and scavenge. Keep pets well fed and under reasonable watch. If you keep baiting periods short, are careful to collect rodent bodies and keep your dog or cat well fed and under reasonable watch, the possibility of the pet eating enough rodents for a lethal dose is very small. A single dead rat could contain 0.4mg of brodifacoum if it ate 20 grams of bait. A small 8kg dog with an LD50 of 1mg/kg would need to eat 20 of these rats but less than half that number could cause a prolonged period of ill health. The risk for cats is similarly small, although they have a higher resistance to brodifacoum.
By Trade Tested on August 12, 2019
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q: Is it safe for cats?
a: Yes – as long as it is safely out of their reach and if they won’t scavenge. Cats which are well fed will not eat rat or possum baits and their limited capacity to consume rodents combined with their higher resistance to brodifacoum, limits their risk.
By Trade Tested on August 12, 2019
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q: I have a possum that has found a home under my house in the crawl spaces. If I use this product will the possum crawl back under the house to die? That would cause the house to smell with the dead animal.
a: It could do. A way to prevent this occurring is to place the bait station away from the house and to close any access to the house crawl space.
By Trade Tested on August 12, 2019
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q: So do how do you actually use this one? Do you place bait inside and they eat it and go away and die or what??
a: Yes, exactly!
By Trade Tested on March 24, 2019
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