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Pestoff Possum Bait 3kg

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Extremely effective for controlling possums, the 100 grams of brodifacoum this pellet bait contains provides a lethal dose.

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Product overview

Product overview

Extremely effective for controlling possums, the 100 grams of brodifacoum this pellet bait contains provides a lethal dose.

Designed to be used in conjunction with Pestoff Possum bait stations. It’s an effective, New Zealand made solution to your possum control needs.

• Very popular for use in bait stations for knockdown or maintenance control
• Effective at reducing both possum and rat populations
• Contains the anticoagulant poison brodifacoum

Weight: 3kg


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Customer questions

Questions and answers

0 votes
q: Hi, is this bait poisonous to cats?
a: In short yes, but here's some advice around pets from Pestoff - it's very unlikely if the following precautions are followed: Even small amounts of brodifacoum consumed by pets can cause them adverse health effects and therefore every sensible precaution should be taken to minimize their risk of exposure by way of either primary or secondary poisoning (eating a dead rat). So: Use bait stations which prevent access to baits by pets and children. Keep baiting periods short (about 1 week) and infrequent. Collect and dispose of dead rodent bodies. Don't allow dogs to roam and scavenge. Keep pets well fed and under reasonable watch. Cats which are well fed will not eat rat or possum baits and their limited capacity to consume rodents combined with their higher resistance to brodifacoum, limits their risk. A single dead rat could contain 0.4mg of brodifacoum if it ate 20 grams of bait. A small 8kg dog with an LD50 of 1mg/kg would need to eat 20 of these rats but less than half that number could cause a prolonged period of ill health. The risk for cats is similarly small, although they have a higher resistance to brodifacoum. It is impossible to predict where poisoned animals will die. However, this is very often outside and when they die in ceiling space or wall cavities, the smell tends to last only a week or so.
By Trade Tested on August 5, 2020
0 votes
q: Is this bait effective on wallabies?
a: If enough possum bait was consumed it would certainly have an effect, however as this is not a designated use of Pestoff they would not support it at all.
By Trade Tested on June 9, 2020
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.4 out of 5 stars from 7 reviews
Essy nelson

Pest off Possum bait 3kg

5 months ago


A cost effective way to buy bait, compared to the prices for small quantities from elsewhere. Good small sized pellets too.

Cambo Auckland

Works well

6 months ago


The possums go nuts for this bait works a treat!

Bobby Boy Northland

Possum Bait

8 months ago


Excellent product. Hasn't eliminated the possums but they are definitely under control. We can now sleep at nights without the noisy creatures running all over our roof.

Dick Wellington

Pestoff Possum Bait 3kg

about 1 year ago


standard product competitively priced, I'll leave copies of your review form, plus a pen, in my traps so my customers- mustelids, possums, mice and rats- can give their views- they are the ultimate customers aye

Westie guy Titirangi, Auckland.

Got the buggers.

about 1 year ago


We must have lots of rats because the stuff disappeared fast. A few dead rats on the drive. You need a bag a plastic cleaning gloves to stay safe as it is stronger than building centre rat bait.

Rexie Waiatarua

Nasty Possums

about 1 year ago


The possums raised my garden. I have now been refilling the traps/stations every two or three days. Found a dead possum in the driveway. So the bait is going somewhere and I have dead possums.

Di Whangarei


over 2 years ago


The bait went in two days think its working ordered a 10 kg bag 3 ks not enough we will see.

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