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Pestoff Possum Bait 10kg

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Extremely effective for controlling possums, the 100 grams of brodifacoum this pellet bait contains provides a lethal dose.

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Product overview

Product overview

Extremely effective for controlling possums, the 100 grams of brodifacoum this pellet bait contains provides a lethal dose.

Designed to be used in conjunction with Pestoff Possum bait stations. It’s an effective, New Zealand made solution to your possum control needs.

• Very popular for use in bait stations for knockdown or maintenance control
• Effective at reducing both possum and rat populations
• Contains the anticoagulant poison brodifacoum

Weight: 10kg


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Customer questions

Questions and answers

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q: Hi once a bag of possum bait has been opened is there a best before date?
a: The product itself has a best before date of 1 year from manufacture. However if stored correctly (dry,etc) the active ingredient will continue be just effective for another year after this but obviously the product would not be as fresh.
By Trade Tested on February 18, 2020
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.6 out of 5 stars from 5 reviews
El Northland

Awesome Possum Bait

3 months ago


Great product I have had great results with this product. Definitely draws the possums to the bait and they love it. Can definitely notice a drop in possum numbers and I'm collecting a lot of fur.

Wally Northland

Pestoff possum bait

6 months ago


I used this product last year with excellent results. This time around though I am not having the same results as the possums do not seem to be attracted to it, maybe not hungry enough as they are devouring my grapefruit tree. Time wiil tell.

Bob Nelson

Posum bait

6 months ago


Good stuff

Bob Nelson

Posum bait

about 1 year ago


Excellent product best used in homemade bait station , also kills rats like you would not believe and really affordable price compared to smaller samples

John Auckland

Pestoff Possum Bait 10kg

over 2 years ago


Works for us. Our property is bordered by regenerating native bush which has a creek that feeds down to a council bush reserve & walk. We clean out the local possums but others migrate in to take their place. So it is an ongoing problem. Essential to use bait stations & follow the instructions on baiting.

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