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Garden Shed 1.55m x 0.79m x 1.92m Zinc

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Here’s a great little shed that’ll slot neatly into any corner of your section while keeping your things sheltered and secure. Ideal for smaller backyards. Perfect for tools, lawnmowers, and gardening equipment.

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Product overview

Product overview

Here’s a great little shed that’ll slot neatly into any corner of your section while keeping your things sheltered and secure. Ideal for smaller backyards. Perfect for tools, lawnmowers, and gardening equipment. As with all Trade Tested sheds, this unit is in stock and ready for collection or speedy next-day dispatch.

Durable and attractive, this shed is made from double pressed, high-grade, galvanised steel. It is sturdy, won’t warp or lose its shape, and it comes with a 12 year no-rust warranty.

The shed door is hinged for easy assembly and better reliability. It also has a handy lockable latch for security.

We know sheds Over the last decade of selling sheds in New Zealand, we feel like we’ve learnt what Kiwis want. We’ve taken every nugget of customer feedback, along with the vast experience of our shed assembly crew and refined it into what has fast become New Zealand’s favourite shed.

Interlocking u-channels mean that assembly is simple, eliminating all the fit issues you’ll find on a lesser shed. The integrated door jamb helps keep the weather out, while the rigid profile steel panels and 12 Year No-rust Warranty mean your shed will be looking great for years to come.

With a huge range of sizes and configurations in stock, we’ll always have the right shed for you ready to go.

Designed for New Zealand conditions, by a bunch of shed-mad Kiwis, you know it’s going to be good.

• Hinged door with lockable latch
• Hot-dipped, 0.32mm galvanised steel
• 12 Year No-rust Warranty

Colour: Zinc
External dimensions (including roof overhang): 1.55m (W) x 1.0m (D) x 1.92m (H)
Footprint dimensions: 1.55m (W) x 0.79m (D)
Internal dimensions: 1.51m (W) x 0.75m (D) x 1.90m (H)
Back wall: 1.9m (H); Front wall: 1.8m (H)
Door size: 1.75m (H) x 0.73m (W)
Carton Dimensions: 1.96m (L) x 0.47m (W) x 0.13m (D)
Carton weight: 48kg

Flooring: Trade Tested recommends using one of our timber floor kits, a concrete slab or pavers for your foundation. A strong and level foundation will improve the structural integrity of your assembled shed.

Sheds are kitset and come with assembly instructions. Our expert customer service team are on hand to help if you need it.

Trade Tested takes every precaution to prevent damage during delivery and our packaging is designed to withstand some of the toughest treatment in transit. However superficial delivery wear is sometimes beyond our control.

Can we help?

Our friendly and knowledgeable gurus are trained to answer all your questions as quickly as possible. So if there’s anything you need to know just give us a call during business hours, or send us an email any time.

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Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4 out of 5 stars from 38 reviews
Ervin Auckland

GS 1.55x0.79

21 days ago


Could have improved the instruction sheet. I have to change the swing door for a left hander so it opens towards outside instead of middle. I think it's better. Looks cute though.

Tuscany Gardens Nelson

Garden Shed 1.55m x 0.79m

3 months ago


Would recommend two person job. Some instructors were a bit vague especially left and right side's, all in all a good buy.

Howe63 Auckland

Garden Shed 1.55m x 0.79m x 1.92m Zinc

5 months ago


Great value shed and the ideal size to store sports and play equipment for the children.Lockable for added security.

Gerbil Auckland

Garden shed

5 months ago


I got this shed for my garden equipment, to match the space I had for it. It is really well made, and surprisingly robust when put together. It was quite logical to erect apart from a couple of parts, but a reasonably smart person will sort it. I would (and have) recommended this shed as it is good value for money.

Stan Auckland


7 months ago


Overall pleased with the product. It is light and low cost, but does the job, looks smart and should last well. Delivery service was fast and the product was undamaged. I am glad to be handy with tools and feel it would not be easy for non-handy people to assemble. I chose to pre-drill holes rather than rely on the self-drilling tek screws because the wall panels can be pushed away and out of position using only the comparatively blunt screws provided. The instructions could do with slightly improved diagrams and more words here and there to be more easily followed, but they are reasonably adequate. Best not to pull the walls hard together when screwing on the metal corner brackets, top and bottom. This will provide an extra mm or two for the door space, which might otherwise be too tight a fit. I had to make a small door-stopper plate using 2mm aluminium so the bottom of the door had something to close against and i noted that the top moulding over the doorway is poorly dimensioned and doesn't permit the door to close totally flush. Standing a little proud is ok, but it meant i needed to pack the bolt saddle out 2mm and i also found it necessary to put a 2mm packer under the latch assembly itself. I decided that rainwater could not escape easily enough from the bottom frame channels, so drilled large enough holes through the base of the channels within the recessed corrugations where i could access them from the outside. The wooden floorboards fit nicely inside the bottom frame. They were not precision cut, but good enough. I abandoned the bulky joists provided and mounted the shed on 3 lengths of Kwila instead, as i was erecting the shed on an existing deck. I used a round file to file sloping grooves in the kwila runners under my rainwater escape holes, so the water could drain to the outside. The roof needs to overhang at the rear and you need to make sure the front overhang is not so great as to foul the top of the door. I was plain lucky that the top of my door just cleared the front edge of the roof by 1 or 2 mm. I suggest you don't put in the many roof fastening screws until you have hung the door and know you have clearance. Generally, it took me an age to assemble everything and it took another pair of hands to help as well. The sheets can be awkward to handle and need to be protected from being scratched, bent or dented during assembly. It is a pain and time consuming to peel off the plastic coating from most panels. I suggest giving yourself plenty of time to do the whole job. This is not a heavy duty type of shed and care is needed when storing heavier items to avoid denting panels from the inside. Wooden vertical strips could easily be screwed onto the walls (through from the outside) to attach a lining or frame for leaning tools against or for hanging them up. Finally, there is a lot of drilling in the assembly process and lots of metal filings will be caught in the channels as well as on the wall and roof surfaces. These will readily rust and at the very least rust stain the paint. I had to be meticulous about vacuuming these up and wiping the surfaces with a rag using a bit of turps. Had to follow up over a few days to get the bits i'd missed. I am happy with this shed for my purposes and feel it is a good product, even though i may have preferred a slightly heavier duty item. Such heavier sheds are, of course, double the cost.

Dave Bay of Plenty

Ignore the inconsistencies!

8 months ago


This project started off OK but I gradually got into difficulties following the instructions and it took more than a few phone calls to get back on track (Leo was very patient and helpful so five stars to him). The finished article didn't match the plan - the roof is much bigger than the measurements of the walls and therefore hangs over the back and front but that is no real drama. I feel that it would be good for TT to re-visit the instruction book. Having said all that, I would strongly recommend anyone to buy from Trade Tested as, by comparison to quality and service, they are second to none

Rusty bay of plenty

very handy small shed

10 months ago


I purchased this small shed to put on the deck for extra storage very ideal , I found the insructions very good with every step explained and every step had its own packed fittings with numbers on the packets impressed with this I was , delivery was ok but a lttle disapionted the pack was place outside on the driveway in full view if I was contacted when delivery was done I would have been home to meet the driver

Trevor Bay of Plenty katikati

Garden shed

10 months ago


A good product, a bit short on instructions, especially around door and roof construction.

Sue Auckland

Great little Garden Shed

11 months ago


Great little shed, but did take a lot longer to erect than indicated.

Daly Waikato

Garden shed

11 months ago


Nice looking shed. Good to put together except for the front - instructions hard to follow from pictures. needs more written instructions and/or bigger pictures.

Annie Nelson

good value for money

11 months ago


The shed was easy to put together despite poor instructions. The floor was too small for the she- I sent photos for you. We fixed that and overall we are very happy with the purchase. Trade tested is a great company to deal with - very service orientated.

Casey Nelson

Garden Shed 1.55m x 0.79m x 1.92m Rivergum

about 1 year ago


Shed was reasonably easy to erect and fulfils my expectations. Instructions could be improved on and were only photocopies.

Brett Manawatu

Garden shed

about 1 year ago


Just as well my wife and I enjoyed this as a couples project because it took us 3 times as long to assemble than expected! Very thrilled with the quality of product and final result. Looks really great. Instructions were a mix of excellent in parts and confusing in others. Common sense needed to be applied at times in the interpretation.

Gorrible Bay of Plenty


about 1 year ago


Excellent shed.The guys from Reliabuilt in Ohope put it together in next to no time. Perfect fit for our area and sits nicely on top of our deck. Stores mower, weed eater, spray unit, garden tools, petrol cans. Ample room for shelving.

ATK Waikato

Great shed...

about 1 year ago


Great shed once assembled. Wasn't quite as straight forward as expected but all the parts and more importantly all the tools were there. Looks great now that it is up.

Jase Mount Maunganui

Perfect little shed

about 1 year ago


Great space saving shed, instructions could be a bit better.

Ash Auckland


about 1 year ago


Excellent shed. I build aviaries and always use these sheds of different sizes.Good quality and easier to assemble than most other sheds out there. No hassle polite staff are always helpful. Happy. Ash

CollieMac Otago

Garden shed 1.55 x .792

about 1 year ago


Good little product with all pieces required for the job. Delivery was to Cromwell P.B.T. Transport depot. Delivery was supposed to be three days but took a bit longer than that and then the floor which was ordered at the same time came separately even later. However it was just before Christmas so I can be a bit tolerant. Construction took me a bit longer than I expected partly due to not being able to see where or how the left door post fitted. It was not mentioned anywhere in the instructions. I went back to the photos on line to see how it was placed then found I had to shift the right door post to make the door fit. Instructions were in "English" English, not Chinese English and were generally good but could have had a bit more detail and illustrations could have been a bit clearer. However the outcome was good and I enjoyed doing it. I put some pop rivets up the corners for good measure. Good product good service.

Tom Northland


about 1 year ago


I found the instructions difficult to follow in parts while building my shed. Video was not clear either. Now its complete I am very happy with it. Cheers Tom

Lukeeboy Auckland

Great value shed!

about 1 year ago


Good product, improved a little in the design from the last one I brought :-)

JEC Wellington

Great little shed. Great company.

about 1 year ago


Great service and product. Would definitely use again and recommend to others. Shame about the instructions but the company was responsive and let us know this is being improved.

Bob the slob./ Taranaki

Great value.

about 1 year ago


The instructions I found a bit hard read not being a rocket scientist trying to put it together was ok but some of the pieces did not have holes had to drill and photos I found were taken with no light back ground was dark.

Mike Otago

Garden shed

about 1 year ago


The one abiding criticism is the instructions that came with the shed - they are not adequate and needed almost as much time to read and interpret as the build process itself.I had to phone your office to get some advice - readily forthcoming, so thank you for that - but a simple set of instructions, that follow a logical step-by-step process, in English, and with pictures that make sense, then the whole thing would have been much simpler and more satisfying. I got it done after a fair deal of head-scratching and am satisfied with the product, so positive result.

Shiloh Auckland

Garden shed

about 1 year ago


Shed is perfect for purpose - unfortunately ordered grey and the shed is green.

Houley Auckland

Garden Shed

about 1 year ago


Great product for the price Easy to build Good customer service

GM Mid Canterbury

Garden Shed

about 1 year ago


Great product easily assembled good looks

Dave Wellington

Garden Shed

about 1 year ago


Vnullery pleased with my shed. It came with everything needed to put it up.

RB Auckland

Perfect size

over 2 years ago


This garden shed is the perfect size. Plenty of space for a mower  and garden tools, even a bit of storage for other things. 

Parky78 New Plymouth

easy to assemble, nice finish

over 2 years ago


Fits perfectly in the alcove that I wanted it for, price wise very good compared to going to hardware store. Easy instructions and spare screws, rivets etc were great. Happily recommend

Jo Onehunga

Perfect wood shed

over 2 years ago


This fitted exactly in the limited space we had. So happy with it we bought two.

Honey Bay of Plenty

ok for the money

over 2 years ago


nice little shed, wrong colour name, should have roof sloping to the back

JiF Wellington

wood shed

about 1 month ago


not great - have replaced already after 5 months with a framed plywood shed - so much better

Beno Waikato

Poor service

2 months ago


Bought this over Christmas as a holiday project, Decided to put down a rebated concrete base, asked for the specs and was sent a floor guide from them. Built the slab to the specs provided and then built the shed. Went to put it together and it didn't fit on the slab as they did not take into account the corner braces, see photos. Contacted them for a work around so I could get this to work as they had given the incorrect instructions. I have been back and forth for over a month, was told a manger was looking into this... nothing, no phone call no work around option to fix, no apologies. I eventually just took the braces off and replaced with some corner braces from Bunnings at my own cost, I told them this and still nothing, probably voids warranty at this stage, told them this....still nothing, no acknowledgement or compensation or even contact?! this company gives the impression of good service but this is some of the worst. Very disappointing experience. I even told them I may give a bad review....that was weeks ago and still nothing!

Mike Maungakaramea

OK but...

3 months ago


I guess you get what you pay for. This shed is made in China and though everything is there, it is very flimsy and I would recommend a more sturdy one. Also, very challenging to put together despite the instruction booklet which was provided. Some common sense adaptations were required to help things along!

Chrissy Canterbury

Awful - do not buy

5 months ago


This shed is like tin can! roof has a gap between, so does door. Door is so hard to open and flimsy. Gaps are so big cant fill and therefore is NOT water tight!

Daza Auckland

Garden shed

6 months ago


Instructions weren't very good. It would be easier if all the holes were pre-drilled. Takes a fair while to construct.

DjB Auckland

It's okay

about 1 year ago


Be aware that the sides, door and roof are not preformed and you need to construct these parts and not just the shed itself. The instructions are vague and appear to be a photocopy of a photocopy

Sarah Tuakau

Looks nice

about 1 year ago


Shed looks amazing. However didn’t come with pre drilled holes so assembling the shed was time consuming and frustrating.

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