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Pestoff Rodent Pellets 3kg

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A pelletised cereal bait containing the anti-coagulant poison brodifacoum, proven to be highly effective for eradicating rats and mice.

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Product overview

Product overview

A pelletised cereal bait containing the anti-coagulant poison brodifacoum, proven to be highly effective for eradicating rats and mice.

Place the bait in Pestoff Dead Rat Café or Pestoff Departure Lounge bait stations using approximately 1/4 cup per bait station for mice and 1 cup per bait station for use against rats. Check bait stations daily and replenish the bait supply until bait ceases to be taken.

Most rodents should die within 3-5 days from the commencement of feeding.

Repeat at frequent intervals to deal with re-infestation.

• Effective against rats and mice - contains brodifacoum
• Pelletised cereal bait

Weight: 3kg

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Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.6 out of 5 stars from 8 reviews
Pied piper Wellington

Pied piper

6 months ago


Repeat purchase of Pestoff rodent pellets- these are a very cost effective and efficient way to get rid of rats and mice. I mixed with another "name brand" product and only the Pestoff was taken! Now my brand of choice for sure.

Pied piper Wellington

Pestoff pellets

9 months ago


Excellent product, very effective and good value. Works better than other products I have tried over the years. Will now be my brand of choice for rodent control.

Dan Masterton


10 months ago



Dan Masterton

All good

10 months ago


Baits bait

Terry the terminator Dunedin

Pestoff rodent pellets - great value for money

about 1 year ago


A great product. Sick of buying overpriced rodent bait from supermarkets. This bulk buy approach is extremely cost effective. Does the job at half the price!

All Rats Gotta Die Ashburton

This Rat Control Really Works

about 1 year ago


This is a great product, rodents seem to find it more palatable than blocks. You can see exactly how much is being eaten, too.

Nev Waikanae 5036

Rodent Wrecker

about 1 year ago


A great product, had trees overhanging roof, hence our 4 legged friends making way into roof space (and not paying rent) applied diner for them, compliments PESTOFF PELLETS, all gone, problem solved

Paul from Rodney Rodney North Auckland

Pestoff pellets - Paul from Rodney

about 1 year ago


Easy to read instructions and having baited my traps I am already seeing some dead mice and rats.

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