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Pestoff Possum Bait 10kg

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Extremely effective for controlling possums, the 100 grams of brodifacoum this pellet bait contains provides a lethal dose.

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Product overview

Extremely effective for controlling possums, the 100 grams of brodifacoum this pellet bait contains provides a lethal dose.

Designed to be used in conjunction with Pestoff Possum bait stations. It’s an effective, New Zealand made solution to your possum control needs.

• Very popular for use in bait stations for knockdown or maintenance control
• Effective at reducing both possum and rat populations
• Contains the anticoagulant poison brodifacoum

Weight: 10kg


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Questions and answers

0 votes
What would the effect be on cats
Here's some advice around pets from Pestoff, even small amounts of brodifacoum consumed by pets can cause them adverse health effects and therefore every sensible precaution should be taken to minimize their risk of exposure by way of either primary or secondary poisoning (eating a dead rat). So: Use bait stations which prevent access to baits by pets and children. Keep baiting periods short (about 1 week) and infrequent. Collect and dispose of dead rodent bodies. Don't allow dogs to roam and scavenge. Keep pets well fed and under reasonable watch. Cats which are well fed will not eat rat or possum baits and their limited capacity to consume rodents combined with their higher resistance to brodifacoum, limits their risk. A single dead rat could contain 0.4mg of brodifacoum if it ate 20 grams of bait. A small 8kg dog with an LD50 of 1mg/kg would need to eat 20 of these rats but less than half that number could cause a prolonged period of ill health. The risk for cats is similarly small, although they have a higher resistance to brodifacoum. It is impossible to predict where poisoned animals will die. However, this is very often outside and when they die in ceiling space or wall cavities, the smell tends to last only a week or so.
By Trade Tested on April 19 2022
0 votes
Will this also attract and kill mice?
No because the Possums are herbivores the pellets have been designed differently from the Rodent pellets, the Pestoff Rodent Pellets will be better for attracting and killing mice.
By Trade Tested on April 19 2022
1 vote
Hi once a bag of possum bait has been opened is there a best before date?
The product itself has a best before date of 1 year from manufacture. However if stored correctly (dry,etc) the active ingredient will continue be just effective for another year after this but obviously the product would not be as fresh.
By Trade Tested on February 18 2020
0 votes
Do you have a pre feed bait (non toxic)
No, I'm afraid we don't.
By Trade Tested on June 11 2021

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No clean up afterwards

We used to have a trap where we had to clean up the aftermath. With this stuff, it's put it out and the job gets done and the possums go to heaven where they sleep not where they eat - thus not the solution if your possum problem is in roof or under house etc. It will take a while depending on the size of the possum, for medium sized ones seem to take about 3-4 weeks - that's about 4+ refills of the Trade tested bait station. If it is eating the bait, keep feeding it until nothing is eating it, it might feel futile initially having to refill the station every 5 days or so but it will work. So far we managed to fend off about 6+ over 2 years from eating the veggie patch using the same bag of bait (stored inside a rice bag to keep it water proof in the shed), couple turned up just last month and started fighting for bait that's now over 2+yrs old but within 4 weeks, both disappeared.

cb Auckland
Damaged bags.

The last two bags we purchased from you were damaged, and had tears in them.

Tom Canterbury
Reply from Trade Tested This unit had a fault and we have refunded the customer.
Fat possum = Dead possum

Brilliant bait. This fat possum was so cheeky and would set off traps and take the food. First night using this bait found two dead possums and then by the end of the week got our big fat cheeky possum. YES!!!

Tappet Waikato
good service

smooth transaction and quick delivery, product exactly as expected.

aucklander Auckland
Best value possum bait on the market

Highly attractive bait - significant reduction in trap kills since bait used

Rick Wellington
Buy this bait if you have possum problems.

Best bait on the market.

Anne-Marie Auckland
Awesome Possum Bait

Great product I have had great results with this product. Definitely draws the possums to the bait and they love it. Can definitely notice a drop in possum numbers and I'm collecting a lot of fur.

El Northland
Pestoff possum bait

I used this product last year with excellent results. This time around though I am not having the same results as the possums do not seem to be attracted to it, maybe not hungry enough as they are devouring my grapefruit tree. Time wiil tell.

Wally Northland
Posum bait

Good stuff

Bob Nelson
Posum bait

Excellent product best used in homemade bait station , also kills rats like you would not believe and really affordable price compared to smaller samples

Bob Nelson