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Attic Stairs Deluxe Aluminium 2.4m - 2.7m

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Trade Tested Attic Ladder Stairs are made of top quality aluminium and NZ pine ensuring the highest strength and durability available. Comes fully assembled, including the ceiling lid, steel handle and instructions.

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Product overview

Product overview

Trade Tested Attic Ladder Stairs are made of top quality aluminium and NZ pine ensuring the highest strength and durability available. Comes fully assembled, including the ceiling lid, steel handle and instructions. Ladder can be cut to suit your stud height, from 2.1m to 2.7m. Grooved treads to prevent slipping.

Most NZ homes built in the last 50 years have a floor to ceiling height of between 2400mm to 2700mm. These attic stairs are suitable for these stud heights.

• Folding section design requires no headroom or storage space in the loft
• Box style aluminium string design make the loft ladder much more stable when climbing
• Rubber draught seal contained in box and hatch door with 30 mm insulation prevents loss of heat and draught
• Non-slip treads for extra security
• Hidden hatch door hinges make it easy to paint, varnish or clad the hatch door
• Box and hatch door with a rabbet for extra tight closing
• Easy operation - delivered with operation rod made of steel
• Easy and quick installation - fully assembled and ready to install
• 1 Year Warranty

Tread: Aluminium
Ladder: Aluminium
Box: Solid New Zealand pine
Hatch door: 3cm solid New Zealand pine frame, 3cm insulation and 0.3cm MDF plates on both sides.

Load rating: 160kg
Heat transmission coefficient U: 1.1 W/m²K
Insulation thickness: 3cm
Ceiling opening dimensions: W 58cm x D 118cm x H 14cm
Tread Depth: 8cm
Width of Stair: 34cm
Projection (swing space required): 162cm
Landing space (unfolded ground space required): 121cm

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Customer questions

Questions and answers

0 votes
q: Is there much difference in the weight and therefore the ease of operation between the pine and aluminium stairs?
a: Yes they are bit lighter, but the main part of the mechanism is sprung, so it's not a huge issue - only when folding the lower leg elements up before closing really.
By Trade Tested on November 15, 2020
1 vote
q: As I want to have the ladder close to the side of the roof, what clearance does it need above the ceiling?
a: It will need approx 30cm (8cm deep ladder folded x 3 + 3cm hatch thickness + plus some room to move).
By Trade Tested on September 4, 2019
0 votes
q: How are the stair rungs attached to the sides bolts or rivets ?
a: They are riveted.
By Trade Tested on May 11, 2020
0 votes
q: I have an old villa with a 3m stud. Do you have attic stairs that suit that height
a: No we only stock the 1 size.
By Trade Tested on May 11, 2020
0 votes
q: What are the dimensions of the hatch holding the ladder and is that hatch part of the shipped unit?
a: It's 60x120cm, yes it is.
By Trade Tested on May 11, 2020
0 votes
q: Do these come in a longer form. We have a stud height of 2.9 meters. Thank you.
a: No just this one model.
By Trade Tested on May 11, 2020
0 votes
q: silly I need another ladder to get it down and or up?.
a: Not at all, it comes with a rod for pulling the stairs down.
By Trade Tested on March 2, 2020
0 votes
q: Hi, when u are upstairs, can u pull it up & push it down?
a: Yes you can.
By Trade Tested on March 1, 2020
0 votes
q: Hello. Do you sell the stairs separately and if so what is the cost?
a: No we don't, just as a complete unit.
By Trade Tested on January 6, 2020
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.8 out of 5 stars from 17 reviews
Mouse Auckland

Bang for your buck

23 days ago


We purchased this for our new build after shopping around and comparing similar products. Price and the aluminium steps won us over. Install was a breeze. Would recommend this product.

Mara Wellington

Great purchase

about 1 month ago


My husband loves this product because it has made his life so much easier in accessing our attic and more potential storage solutions. Instead of having to pull out a ladder or scaffolding all he needs to do is reach up and pull down. Having some physical limitations, it only took him (with a little help from me!) a couple of hours to make some minor modifications and install these steps ...... great!

Tony H Papamoa

Attic Stairs

6 months ago


Easy to set up and great quality. Definitely happy with this purchase.

Dan Wellington

Excellent product - great prices

7 months ago


Would 100% recommend this brand.

Kegg Oamaru

Attic stairs deluxe

7 months ago


Brilliant product , price ... safe and sturdy.... easy to install too.

Gunna Southland

alloy stairs

10 months ago


This is a very good product, strong & work very well, recommend.

Woody Northland

Attic stairs

about 1 year ago


Great access stairs. Pretty good quality. Easy to install!

Snads Hawke's Bay

Attic stairs

about 1 year ago


Very happy with the attic stairs. We got the aluminium ones. We had to modify ours as we had a larger hole and existing doors and most stairs only come in one size opening. That took a bit of work but has worked very well. Finally cleaning up all the old stuff that has been up there for years. Also had to space out the ladder for more toe room also.

Ambiray Taranaki

Very nicely made product: works well.

over 2 years ago


These attic stairs are very well made and thought out. What the pictures do not show is how the trapdoor drops just a short way when you unlatch it. In this position, you won't knock your head on it, but it is easy to reach and pull down until it locks. You then unfold the ladder, and up you go. Similarly, when stowing, the ladder folds up on the top of the trapdoor. No unlatching of anything, you just push the door up and the springs pull it up to that just-open position. It is then just a small push with the supplied locking rod, rotate the latch, and the assembly is completely stowed. I had to do some demo and reconstruction to fit these stairs, as the original opening was 650 mm square: the exact size of this set is 1180 x 580 mm. A couple of hints on fitting the stairs: 1. Unscrew the ladder from the trapdoor. It makes fitting the trapdoor and surround much easier by reducing the weight. It is easy to re-fit the ladder once the trapdoor is in place. It is also easier to cut the ladder (to suit stud heights less than 2.7 metres) if it is not attached to the trapdoor. 2. If you need to cut the ladder where there is a tread, you will be pleased to know that the treads are screwed in place, not rivetted. Removing a tread is very easy. 3. If the trapdoor surround is deeper than the joists, screw a couple of battens to the sides of the surround so that they rest on the joists while you screw the surround in place. This is safer than the cord method shown in the fitting instructions. 4. Do use screws for fixing, not nails. Screws are more secure, and can be backed out if the assembly needs adjusting up or down. 5. You might need to buy some new architrave to make a neat surround for the trapdoor. You will need little over 3.6 metres for the job. Overall, very pleased with the product. We have added a new storage room to our house with these stairs and some plywood flooring.

Chrissybabe Canterbury

Great product

over 2 years ago


Fairly easy to install. I will eventually change 2 of the side mounting bolts for the next size up and most definitely change the latch for one that won't rattle loose during an earthquake. Other than that the stairs are much safer than the step ladder I was using previously.

Chris Canterbury

Excellent product but needs a couple of mods.

over 2 years ago


Installation went well and will be a very useful addition to the garage. However I would suggest that the 4 bolts holding the top stair section to the cover are made one size larger for longevity. And you also need to fit a better latching system than the one installed - it is the first thing that will let go during an earthquake. During installation from the top lowering it into the opening (it was a little tight) the latch came open - it is very loose when closed and the amount of vibration it would receive during an earthquake (and I know how much happens then) would cause the latch to allow the cover to drop (hopefully when there is nothing under it).

A H West Coast

Must have

over 2 years ago


These stairs are awesome, a must have. Look nice, and very functional.

Canny Wellington

Attic stairs 3rd set

over 3 years ago


This is what I purchase when a client asks for Attic stairs. Good price exceeds major chain stores equivalent. Great latching system, insulated and sturdy.

Steve Taupo


over 3 years ago


Great product, awesome service ! Would highly recommend A+

Bleddyn Auckland

Great stairs for any attic space.

over 4 years ago


The stairs are great! I can finally get to all the space above my garage.

Emma Matamata

Attic stairs

over 5 years ago


Excellent product, highly recommend 

Bazza Taranaki

great sturdy ladder

over 5 years ago


not only is this ladder well designed and constructed but it arrives made up with only the attic opening to do yourself - questions about the product were answered by back up staff - highly recommended

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