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Reacher & Grabber Pick-Up Tool 820mm

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This handy tool makes it easy to pick up leaves, rubbish or any other stray items that might be scattered around your garden. The grabbing tool at the end can pick up both large and small items with a simple squeeze of the handle.

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Product overview

Product overview

This handy tool makes it easy to pick up leaves, rubbish or any other stray items that might be scattered around your garden. The grabbing tool at the end can pick up both large and small items with a simple squeeze of the handle. At 82cm long, it extends your arm reach to save you bending down, plus it has a rotating head so you can always get the right angle. It’s perfect for people who don’t want to bend or crouch to pick things up, have limited mobility in their hands, or just have a lot to pick up as fast as possible. Buy one now to make your garden tidy-up a breeze!

• Wide grabbing tool
• Easy-to-use plastic handle with trigger
• Handy rotating head

Length: 820mm
Weight: 220g
Materials: Aluminium alloy and plastic

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Customer questions

Questions and answers

1 vote
q: does the arm exstend and too what length?
a: No it is fixed length.
By Trade Tested on October 15, 2019
1 vote
q: Will it pick up round objects, particularly pens? (My present one, a different brand, will not...)
a: Yes this one is highly dexterous!
By Trade Tested on July 8, 2019
0 votes
q: What is the heaviest weight it can lift.
a: It's not rated, but not that heavy. A good rule would be if you could lift it easily using 2 fingers then this will handle it.
By Trade Tested on April 28, 2020
0 votes
q: Are these Reacher/Grabber tools any good for accessing higher shelving. For example would they have a strong enough grip to safely pick up a can of baked beans from a higher shelf and lower it onto a kitchen bench
a: Yes they could handle this.
By Trade Tested on January 6, 2020
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.8 out of 5 stars from 92 reviews
Hicky Auckland

it is what it is

13 days ago


The grabber does exactly what it is supposed to do, it's well made and was a good price

Jp Featherston

I love my grabber

about 1 month ago


I first got this grabber 3 years when I was pregnant and it was a game changer. I still use it so often so when my child broke it (not a fault of the product) I immediately jumped online to order a replacement as I can not do without it in my life. I also got one for my elderly dad because I love it so much.

Alison Auckland

Reacher & Grabber Pick-Up Tool

about 1 month ago


It’s great - light but sturdy - my first one is still going strong after 4 years.

Dawn Dunedin


about 1 month ago


My elderly Mum (post hip replacement) is thrilled with this product and uses it for weeding in the garden.

Shakey Whangamata


about 1 month ago


This was brought for a friend. She finds it very helpful as she has difficulty bending. It has an amazingly strong grip which is helpful for anything with weight.

Stanry Auckland

Pickup tool

about 1 month ago


This is well built and functions as I want for a reasonable price.

Sallie Levin

Pick up tool

2 months ago


A mighty tool would recommend it to all especially those with limited movement. I found ideal for reaching stuff at the bottom of a deep chest freezer. Brilliant.

M Auckland

Reacher & Grabber Pick-Up Tool

3 months ago


Very happy with this item, works perfectly for picking fruit off trees.

Stanry Auckland

Pickup tool

3 months ago


Works great and does what I want - reasonably well made

Michaelangelo Auckland


3 months ago


Great product, my wife loves it.

Skykong Auckland

Grabber Pick-Up Tool 820mm great

3 months ago


Grabber pick up tool is a very good designed product, lightweight and rubberised prongs soft enough to hold without damage to soft items picked up, no bending down. Stainless steel cable, trigger easy to press and hold item.

Eightyplus Auckland

Reacher and grabber pick up tool 820 mm

4 months ago


Handy, it’s too short though,for a tall person I still have to bend right over to reach, particularly to get paper etc blown under a hedge.I wish it was longer or extendable. I recommend only for a very short person.

Kcm Manawatu

Great tool

4 months ago


Great tool for inside or out, specially good in the garden. Much sturdier than the cheap fold-in-the-middle type available in retail hardware shops. Very pleased with it.

WW Otago

Great Little Litter Picker

5 months ago


We reckon this is the best little litter picker around. Just be gentle with them and they will last for years.

Raewyn Palmerston north

Reacher grabber pick up tool

5 months ago


I have 2 of these, & bought one for a friend. Being short, they are great for reaching most things. The rubber grips make them safe for fragile items. Affordable & just fabulous product.

ShanK Waikato

Pick up tool

5 months ago


Great value and ideal when you have a sore back.

Putty Auckland

Reacher & Grabber Pick-Up Tool

6 months ago


This is a very useful utensil would recommend.

Smarty Tauranga

Reacher & Grabber

10 months ago


A great tool we have purchased several times for our workers to use when picking up rubbish on the roadside.

Ange Upper Hutt

Reacher and Grabber

10 months ago


Purchased for my father. Excellent for older people to pick things up. Has proven to be used regularly with great success. Even the Grandchildren love it.....

Graham Otago

Very good but it needs to modify the wire at the end of the trigger.

10 months ago


Very good but it needs to modify the wire at the end of the trigger.

Sally Auckland

Reacher and grabber

10 months ago


An excellent product. Seems very sturdy.

John Taranaki

Pick up reacher

10 months ago


I love this thing and it’s built to last. I now have 2.

Ralph Waikato

A multi purpose tool

11 months ago


An excellent tool. Great for picking hard to reach fruit or fruit on the ground.

Ngahiwi Wellington

Saving my back

11 months ago


Awesome handy little tool that rakes the break out of back. My biggest issue is getting it back from my kids who think it’s cool as well for totally different reasons.

Matt Auckland

Be a tidy kiwi

11 months ago


Great product, exactly what I was looking for so my family and I can pick up rubbish around my street without having to touch it.

Vi Invercargill

Great reacher and grabber

11 months ago


I had originally bought this to pick up paper rubbish blowing into our garden but it is so good I've kept it for inside and ordered another one for the garden. Great for picking up things which roll under chairs. Have even retrieved items from the top shelf of my wardrobe with it.

Von Auckland


11 months ago


Just what I needed. Does the job ,no hassles, good price.

Liam Baars NZ

Very handy

12 months ago


After a back injury I cant bend down to pick things up so these are a great tool to have, 4 stars because the wire in them stretches and snaps quite easily, a bit thicker wire so it lasts longer would give it 5 stars

Crumbler Waikato


about 1 year ago


Good tool, fit for purpose, we've even used it to pick blackberries! Did a great job!

JB Auckland

Pick up tool

about 1 year ago


Exactly what I required. Works well

Raewyn Palmerston North

Reacher, grabber , pick up tool

about 1 year ago


Fabulous product. I ended up buying 2. Being short, this tool is fantastic. Love the great, non slip grip it has. Couldn't be happier.

Jennet Hawkes Bay

Beyond Useful

about 1 year ago


Best reacher I've used.

Kenny Auckland

Briliant Reacher & Grabber

about 1 year ago


I have recently purchased a reacher and grabber and I am amazed at the things it will pick up. From a heavy crescent spanner down to a tiny flat washer and all things in between. I 100% recommend that this device is an absolute must to everyone, as it will help you through every walk of life by saving time and pain

Jen South Island


about 1 year ago


This reach and grab tool is fantastic. Whether you need to get something from a high shelf or anything that has fallen behind your work bench or washing machine this is the tool for you! It gets into spaces your hand/arm can’t.

Karen Waikato

Reacher & Grabber Pick-up Tool 820mm

about 1 year ago


Purchased this for a Secret Santa Gift and everyone asked where I got it from! Extremely practical gift

MaHootz Auckland

Great Product

about 1 year ago


Bought 2 units over a year ago. One for home and one for work. Both are still very sturdy and grab well. Purchased a cheaper model from elsewhere, the trigger for the grab part broke after a couple of months. Recently purchased 3 more from Trade Tested. We use 2 indoors and 2 outdoors.

Jenny E Northland

Reacher grabber tool

about 1 year ago


This reacher grabber tool was excellent after surgery & enabled me to have more independence. It helped with openning windows to picking up small items off the floor & reaching into cupboards in my kitchen. Very useful with good grip.

Jordan Waikato

Works great

about 1 year ago


Good little grabber, strong grip and the adjustable grabbers adds to the versatility!

Migs timaru

reacher and grabber tool

about 1 year ago


just what i needed, good price too. thank you.

Steve Waikato

Reacher & Grabber pick-up tool 820mm

about 1 year ago


Ive brought alot of these for work to pick up rubbish,they are great at picking up small items. The only down side is the cable inside keeps snapping and is hard to repair so they dont last very long if you end up using it alot like we do.

Poppapete Far North

A handy tool , keep it close by

about 1 year ago


If you have a cabbage tree or two , this is the best tool for picking up those fallen untidy leaves . Can get a few in one grab

Dave Auckland

Pick up grabber

about 1 year ago


Very helpful after hip operation, strong grip and easy to use

Bob Waikato

Just the Job

about 1 year ago


Brilliant idea. Am even able to use to remove and replace smoke alarms. Not easy but a lot safer than swaying around up the top of a stepladder

Carla Auckland

Reacher and Grabber Pick-up Tool

about 1 year ago


Fantastic product. Strong. Picks up the tiniest item but also heavier items. Highly recommended.

Geoff Christchurch

Extende reach tool

about 1 year ago


Strong and reliable to pick up the smallest of items.

Deb Quinn Wellington

Great Little Reacher & Grabber Pick-Up Tool 820mm

about 1 year ago


Great little Grabber pick_UP Tool. All the one ones that I had previously from the hospital and mobility center ($20 - $25)the string always came loose so you couldn't pick anything up. This Grabber is fantastic!! I can pick my mobile phone up if I drop it and it's super comfortable. Great Price!

Polo Auckland

High Quality Product

over 2 years ago


This is the best reacher in the world it should come on the news. I would pay $1000 for this. That's how good it is. Whoever invented this is a genius!

Paulsey Canterbury

Reacher and grabber pick-up tool

over 2 years ago


very light and practical ...would recommend

BP Waikato

Reacher & Grabber Pick-Up Tool 820mm

over 2 years ago


Great product - makes it easy to pick up items off the floor or in the garden with no back strain. Robust but light and easy to use.

Hermy Auckland


over 2 years ago


Great value for money

Oldy Wellington

Reacher Tool

over 2 years ago


Good solid handy tool. Getting old and it helps. Grand kids have not broken it playing so reasonably well made.

Pinchbeck northland

my little gem

over 2 years ago


am in the system for double hip replacement ,find bending down to retrieve fallen objects painfull and frustrating. i bought this tool online because it appeared very simply put together /few moving parts, very little to go wrong. what i like most is pliable rubber around the jaws,makes them sensitive enough to pick up a safety pin, but strong enough to collect fallen lemons from the garden the trigger is nicely shaped to hang the tool on my walker without falling off. what i like least is the handle is not designed with a hook to hang the tool on a bench, door handle or wall hook.

Sue Manawatu

Sturdy and lightweight

over 2 years ago


Excellent purchase, well made , lightweight and sturdy Is going to be used on our 'plogging' sessions. (Picking up litter while jogging/walking). So it needed to be lightweight and able to handle the job. Very happy with purchase.

Lenovo Hawke's Bay

Reacher & Grabber Pick-up Tool

over 2 years ago


This Reacher & Grabber Pick-up tool is the best on the market, Great price to,Thank You Trade Tested

Jan Northland


over 2 years ago


Excellent especially for stuff fallen off the deck

Chris c Manawatu

Reacher & Grabber Pick-Up Tool

over 2 years ago


good tool easy to us has helped me out a lot

Crewe Auckland

Exactly right

over 2 years ago


Reacher & Grabber Pick-Up Tool does exactly what I expected to do. Excellent purchase

Shell Far North

Reacher grabber tool

over 2 years ago


Got it for grabbing things from under the couch. Could be longer but works great. :):)

Allen Auckland

Great service & tool.

over 2 years ago


So many are just poor quality. Used regularly for work picking up litter, rubbish, bottles etc. Up to half the price of exactly the same product packaged by major retailers.

Jamo Wellington


over 2 years ago


This was bought as a gift for a relative and they are extremely happy with it, thank you

Kathy Wellington

Excellent product

over 2 years ago


Excellent product, strong and well priced. Makes life easier as with a bad knee bending over to pick items up is hard work. Would totally recommend

Kathy Wellington

Reach and Grabber Pick up Tool

over 2 years ago


Strong and very easy to use. Would totally recommend.

Dave Bay of Plenty

Pick Up Tool

over 3 years ago


I brought this too give my students ideas on how to make their own. Great product well made.

Rosie Otago

reacher and grabber pick up tool

over 3 years ago


after having a hip replacment i found this tool fabulous especially aidin me in dressing as i was unable to bend over and put pants on .even though i am moving more freely now i still find it usefull i liked the design of the product and would reccomend to others

Janet Canterbury


over 3 years ago


Excellent product. Very well made. This is the third one I have bought. Very inexpensive. If you were to buy the same product somewhere else it would cost at least $20 more.

Bryce Manawatu

Grabber Tool

over 3 years ago


Awesome product, well made and as I have just broken a leg its been wonder for both in the house and workshop for picking up stuff, sliding back curtains etc. Arrived very quickly from a super company to deal with. Going to buy another to reside in the workshop.

Swamp Dog Waikato

Reacher & Grabber Pick-Up Tool 820mm

over 3 years ago


Great product - very quick delivery

Tijrad Northland

Reacher and Grabber Tool

over 3 years ago


Excellent tool. As described . Fast delivery.

Jo Mama Wellington

Happy days

over 3 years ago


Great product!

Greer Manurewa

Excellent deal

over 3 years ago


This is a very effective tool.

Junior Manukau

the best reacher grabber outhere

over 3 years ago


well this is the second reacher grabber we have brought in the last few months . they are so youseful we decided to both have one ,now we both know where they are . these are one of the best tool i have ever broughtthey even pick up crumbs if you want to. thanks so much for the fast service and delivery, all the best , Kevin.

Smartone Bay of Plenty

Reacher and Grabber

over 3 years ago


Great product,used by our staff to pick rubbish up from Parks and Reserves and from the roadside.

Melinda Auckland

Picker uper

over 3 years ago


This tool is amazing, I bought this for my elderly father. He does his garden alot and cant bend down as often. So this item is perfect, you can also adjust the fork end to suit

Mark Christchurch


over 3 years ago


Works as discribed perfectly.

Tracey Hamilton

Reacher/Grabber Pick Up Tool

over 3 years ago


Great product, does what I need it to do and well made. A good price too. Professional fast service which is what I like.

Keith Coromandel

Great tool

over 3 years ago


Bought 10 of these for a local volunteer rubbish collection group and only positive feedback so far. I find it really good for reaching into bushes and down banks. Surprisingly good at picking small bits of rubbish up.

Jono Hamilton

An easily picked up deal

over 3 years ago


Very reasonable price. Works a treat, still going strong. Quick delivery too, thanks Trade Tested!

Helz Kapiti

Reacher & Grabber Pick-Up Tool 820mm

over 3 years ago


Very happy with quality of the pick-up tool, not too flimsy so expect to be able to use it for a few years.

Horse Tauranga

Reacher & grabber pick-up tool

over 3 years ago


Great product,now have bought a total of five, one each for, upstairs, downstairs and the garden. the latest purchase as presents. highly recommended.

Cinders Auckland

Many uses - Great

over 3 years ago


This tool is so useful for reaching/grabbing things. From pulling curtains that are hard to reach to picking up items from high up to on the ground. Even picking up golf balls when playing mini golf and you have a sore back. It is one of the most useful items I have purchased and reasonably priced as well.

J Auckland

Fantastic product.

over 4 years ago


Works so well. Great for picking up very small items as well as larger ones.

Mommamurf Otematata

A good product.

over 4 years ago


We're very pleased with the grabber, it's light and easy to use, and allows for very precise picking-up of even very small objects. Very good for us older people who find bending difficult.

Limp leg Blenheim

Fabulous Product

over 4 years ago


This product is really good. I can pick up the smallest bit of fluff off the carpet. I would recommend this product.

Chris Auckland

Great product

over 4 years ago


Well designed, quality product. Has a natural, precise feel and the rubber inside of the claw makes for a sure grip.

Eva Te atatu peninsula


over 4 years ago


great product! 

Phil Canterbury

wonderful product

over 4 years ago


reacher and grabber is great to use and helps my back problems

Theprince Canterbury

very very handy with my crook back

over 4 years ago


excellent product,also,very sensitive,I actually picked up a pill that I dropped on the kitchen floor.

Brent Wellington

Great tool

over 4 years ago


I patiently waited for these to come back into stock so I could get another three for my elderly parents. They find them extremely useful around the house. I use mine for my Left Hand drive car and car park entry. Great tool.

Cujo Northland

Just perfect!

over 5 years ago


Getting older makes doing some things are little bit more difficult, so the grabber makes perfect sense and sits beside my lazy boy always ready to go into action and pick up the puzzle piece, the newspaper, even an empty cup should it fall to the floor (it should be empty immediately after hitting the carpet) it can be retrieved easily, however, the carpet needs a bit of attention then. All in all, a great little extra hand and will be back, as I have bought several items from this company, each being perfect for it's use and easy on the pocket as well. Will trade with again I have no doubts.

Mark Bay of Plenty

awesome device

over 5 years ago


got this tool after back surgery to assit with day to day things it has being a life saver very strong and easy to use.

Harry Tauranga

Fantastic device for an aging body

over 5 years ago


I have been using various pick up grabber tools for a couple of years due to serious back injury and surgery. This device is absolutely the best, brilliant design and will pick up virtually anything. Definitely a five star product in my book. Have no hesitation in highly recommending this product.

Lyran Trader Taranaki

Perfect for Function.

over 5 years ago


It worked so well, I had to order one for each of the family.

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